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Most Embarrassing Thing You've Done To Your Child and/or Your Parent Did To You
A conversation with my daughter prompted the topic for this thread...

This morning, my daughter and I were having a conversation (yes, it was actually civil, for a change). Somehow, we got started talking about parents and embarrasing things they do.

Anyhow, she told me that the most embarrassing thing I've done to her was when I barked at her from the sideline at one of her soccer games this summer. I guess I was a little enthusiastic since it was one of her first games back since having knee surgery. History of the barking: One of her teammates from a different team has this dad who is hilarious...redneck and all (you know...I'm from the south). He barks at the girls, and it is so funny. When I mentioned that to her this morning, she said, "Well, you aren't Mr. So-and-so. It's not funny when you do it." One of her teammates brought it up this weekend when they were playing (I wasn't there). My daughter said she told her friend that I don't do that anymore...she had "taken care of it."

Now, I have three stories about my mom.

My mom is French-Canadian, and although she's lived in America for a long time, she still thinks French, which was a double curse as a teenager.

One summer, we went to France to visit family. The French say, "Voila" for different things. She came home saying that...ALL THE TIME! In front of friends, oy! It must have taken her a year or more to get that word out of her vocabulary. I mean, people in south Alabama do not go around saying "Voila."

Now, second story...We were at Six Flags one time, and we were on the raft ride where you get all wet. She decided that she didn't feel like getting wet, so she pulled out her the middle of the ride, and opened it!!!!! I was mortified! People who were not on the ride were pointing at us. In my effort to grab the umbrella (and stop the madness), I pushed her, and she nearly poked out my step-dad's eye. Oh my goodness!!!

Third story: Mom seemed unable to control her bodily functions (or chose not to...more likely) when out in public, so she would poot in stores while we were shopping. Not cool, mom. Needless to say, I don't enjoy shopping to this day.

So, share you stories!!! Give me a laugh! I need it...I'm working on two very long papers for school.
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I have two....

When I was about 14, I would say, I was walking through the mall with my mom. I saw a group of "cool kids" and decided that I no longer wanted to be seen with my mom. When I "strayed", she caught up to me and BIT me on my shoulder right in front of those kids.....sigh.....I wanted to die!

When I was in jr high, my dad was the local fire chief. My dad had a full-size pick-up with lights & siren, a roll bar....the whole 9yds....but the cincher was the noise maker that he had on his exhaust. Um, you can only imagine how mortified I was when I missed the bus and he had to take me to school and drop me off when the rest of the kids were getting off the bus......AND HE REVVED HIS ENGINE! OMG! I still feel the pain and that was at least 25 years ago. I never missed the bus again!

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My dad has something about waving his hands while driving, trying to dance or something. He does that when he's driving me somewhere (rarely now, since i moved out more than 3 years ago), just to show that he's glad to see me. He does something similar to this smiley:, just without the shouting thing. That being not enough probably to embarrass me in public, he does that to my DH too, just to show how much he missed him too and he does that on traffic lights. YES, with everyone staring who's driving that slow Subaru while waving his hands around.
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I have alot of them, but none of them are really funny.
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when I was a teen, just *having* parents was embarassing... lol... I remember my Dad would make anyone who came to pick me up for something come inside the house and meet him. no just pulling up in the driveway and beeping the horn. Boy or girl, date or shopping trip. if it was a boy, he'd be sooooo gruff and mean I'd just want to DIE! LOL- I'm so glad now that he did that stuff. I always knew it was because he loved me, but at the time.....
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Since I NEVER embarrass my children I don't have any of those stories to tell
But, one time when I was about 6 or 7 my mom got mad at me and whooped my behind with a belt. It was one of those long skinny things with holes all the way down. I don't really remember the spnking itself, but do remember a little while later when my pants had slid down a little, there was a welt on my upper butt. Mom, seeing it went almost into hysterics and yanked my pants down. I had criss-crossing welts with perfect little round marks in the middle all over my behind. So Mom being Mom, crying hyterically, called her friends, she called my grandparents, she called the neighbors she knew...... they all came over to "take a look" at what she had done to her baby. I wouldn't have minded her just telling them, but everytime someone walked through the door, she'd yank my pants down and show them. All of them hugging HER up and telling her it would be okay....
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My dad is red/green color blind. Now that in itself is not embarassing, but when he wears maroon pants brown socks and a black shirt (swearing the whole time all three items are the same color black) and you are a teenager its embarassing enough. To top it off, when you try to say something to him (in front of your friends) like, "Hey dad, I keep telling you those pant are maroon, why do you wear them?" and his response (in front of your friends) is, "Is that why I keep having to dig them out of the garbage can? Are you or your mother throwing them away?" Man oh man I wanted to die because my friends new my dad when dumpster diving for his pants (multiple times).

Ok, BF would kill me if he knew I was posting this. The other day he picked up Little Jr. for the weekend. They stopped at McDonald's on the way home. Apparently all of the McNuggets weren't eaten and still in the box, which in turn was in the bag (along with the toy from the happy meal). I guess BF wasn't paying attention and threw the bag away in the house garbage. Well a few hours later he wanted the McNuggets, and searched and searched the house for the bag. What lead him to look in the garbage I don't know, but he found them and since they were in a box in a bag he decided they must still be good. So he commenced eating them. Little Jr. stood there with his mouth hanging open, and with all his 6 year old disgust said at the top of his lungs, "EEEEWWWWW Daddy!!!! You're eating GARBAGE!" Well BF swore both Little Jr. and myself to secrecy, but Little Jr. apparently couldn't keep this to himself. So sure enough we went to my friend's house the next day and Little Jr. mentioned, "Daddy ate McGarbage yesterday! It was gross!" BF was embarrased.

I took my friend's daughter (3 yrs old) to Michaels for some yarn shopping. Now her Mommy had just gotten a....ehem....enhancement. Now myself, I am in NO need of enhancement. So we're yarn shopping, the one day that Michael's is packed and for some reason every man in town is shopping there (this was before BF was in the picture). Anywoo, my friends daughter says (of course loud enough to sound like she'd highjacked the PA system), "Is this the store where Mommies buy BOOBS?!?!?!?!?!" So of course everyone looks at me, I turn red like a crimson tide and stammer "No honey, this is a craft store, we buy projects here." She responds with "Well I want to go to the BOOB store so that I can look like a big girl like YOU!"

Another time I was holding her (she was about 2yrs at this time) and we were again in an abnormally busy store where about every man in town was standing right in front of me. She all of a sudden puts her hand on my breast and says in that loud squeeky little girl voice eyes wide "WOW auntie, you got BIIIIIG ONES!" yeah, needless to say, we quickly left the store, as 4 or 5 guys were laughing so hard they had tears coming out of their eyes, and another guy was saying "Amen sister". AAARRRRGGHHH!

Oh I have soooo many more.
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I don't have kids but my best friend has three boys. A couple of years ago we all went to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays game (baseball), it's an indoor stadium. About half way through, the middle boy aged 5 has to go to the bathroom, Les (her hubby) takes him and all is good except when they were coming down the stadium stairs back to our seats. Matt (5 year old) yells at the top of his lungs in the middle of the game "I have diarrhea!!!!!!!". I swear at that point all noise ceased and we were now in the spotlight. Les and Matt made it back to our seats and we just sat there facing ahead afraid to laugh. Les decides we should bail out of that section because people are laughing at us and we all decide at the count of three we are leaving and moving to another area. We get up and start to move when someone in back of us yells "you can run but you can't hide, we'll still see you over there!!!" An entire section of fans started laughing at us.
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What a great thread!!!!

My story encorporates my parents and brothers. When I met DH and knew he was "the one", he came to visit for a weekend (he lived in another state) to meet my family. He had met my parents, but not my older brothers and their wives. We're all from the south and they're a little, um, redneck, but not in an extreme way. We went to my oldest brothers house for a bbq, we're hanging out on the back porch talking and having some drinks, no big deal. Then my bro decides to put on some music. He brings out his boombox thingy and puts in a cd of Rodney Carrington's "Ti**ies and Beer". Thankfully, DH thought it was funny.

THEN - yes, it gets worse. After a few more drinks my bros start to get a little more crazy. They brought out this fake, um, male anatomy that was HUGE! And it looked so REAL! (It was part of a Halloween costume from years ago - long story) No big deal, right? Well one of my bros put it in his pants and it was hanging out through his zipper, which was actually funny. But since this is the first time DH is meeting my family, I am completely mortified. The bad part was that my bros told my parents they were going to do all of this to try to embarass me. So, I'm left in the dark about all of this until it actually happens. Needless to say, I was extremely ticked. At least now we can laugh about it - and me and DH got married, so I'm glad he stuck around!

Oh, and about the fake male anatomy? My two nieces and nephew got a hold of it and kept running around for the rest of the night hitting each other with it.

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Love that thread!

When I wanted to introduce my boyfriend to my parents, it was a bit complicated. My family is French-speaking, and at the time my "anglo" boyfriend couldn't speak French very well. So instead of a long dinner thing at my parents' house, I decided to go for a brunch on a Sunday morning in a restaurant.

The restaurant we were going to was literally 5 minutes away from my appartment by walk. But my mom hates to walk. So she begs my dad to take the car. Ok... so we take the car, get to the restaurant and of course, no parking spot... the only parking we found was... in my street, we could almost see my house. I could see my boyfriend desperately trying not to laugh. And my dad of course is like "haha look we're almost back to your place". My mom, who has NO idea of where she is, says "Oh yeah? that's where you live? Wow it's very close!" My boyfriend still laughs at that one.
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