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Working the Gusset
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I've been taking the wrong meds
Oops is right, but I know a LOT of people who wish the Drs would prescribe that for every ailment they ever have. Glad you started the Big guns as soon as we helped you notice the error of your ways


Moist heat is good if you have a middle, inner ear infection, but VERY not good if you have the kind of infection that needs ear drops (outer ear canal infection, swimmers ear)

What I have on hand is;
Salt water to gargle (always) or snuff (if needed) whenever we are fighting off any sore throat or nasal thing.
Ear oil with Garlic and Mullen's oil (I have a second one with a little teeny bit of tea tree oil in it but that is only for certain times)
and Drying drops made of 1:1 Rubbing Alcohol and White Vinegar

Once a month we put a single drop of ear oil in each ear (when the phone bill comes) to keep ear wax to a minimum (not the one with TTO in it)

If its the kind of ear infection that has muffled sound big time we do the ear oil. First dose is with the TTO, then at least 2 more doses that day (4 drops, let it sit for 5 min, then the same to the other ear) then Drops done like this, 3x a day, with the normal oil until the ear feels better, then 2 more days

If its a swimmers ear or a chance for a swimmers ear, we do the drying drops 3-5 drops, 4x day

These are my versions of the home remedies i do with myself and my Children, and with a Drs OK, with the kids I work with at Summer camp. I am not a Doctor and do not play one on TV or anywhere else. *disclaimer over* If these do not work I always go in to see the Dr, I also call the Dr to tell them when i think we are dealing with a potential problem, so they know when the symptoms start, so they know how long the condition has been growing.

I also do not have insurance, so i feel your pain on the financial front, I need to get some before this cervical thing get to TOO scary for me.
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Working the Gusset
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Doublereeder2 said "So take a wet washcloth and put it in the microwave for a moment. Stick your head on it and it should (I hope) help."

Rorshach replied "As far as the microwave thing, I'm not gonna stick my head in the microwave, got enough of a tan, thanks "

I worded that poorly - I meant stick your head on the warm washcloth..... Nothin' wrong with a tan, tho.

Hope you are already feeling better.

Aw, gee - c'mon and see:
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Turning the Heel
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hehe, I knew what you meant, but I decided to take the funny slant :D And yes, I'm feeling a little better, the pressure is slowly receding off my right ear.

Wisdom is knowing what to do. Skill is how to do it. Virtue is getting it done.

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