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I'm an RN and worked in pediatrics the last 5 years.

We would pierce babies' ears at 6mos and up. I never took part in it just because personally I have a problem with ear piercing at that age...but the docs say it's just fine, very little problems with infections, etc.

I can't imagine piercing my baby's ears at Walmart! Eeek!
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Most pediatricians actually recommend doing it before 6 months of age, as their earlobes are so thin they are very easy to pierce. Most of the babies don't even notice.
Hurts much less than doing it at 10 years of age, like we had to.
But I agree, a doctor or piercing professional, not WalMart for crying out loud!
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This is always a guaranteed hot subject on any mommy board!

I haven't pierced either girls' ears. I strongly dislike the idea of doing it as a baby. That I would be subjecting my child to unnecessary pain simply for my aesthetic pleasure just didn't sit well with me.
I like to leave the girls unadorned as long as possible. I enjoy their fresh, childlike faces, as yet unmarred by the world we're living in.

I'm going to let Becca be the guide, wait for her to show interest in it. I've already explained what they do and that's put her right off the idea! In a few years if she does desperately want it no matter what, we'll cross that bridge then.
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Mine were done the day I was born. Back then, what the doctor did was dip a thread in mercurochrome and put that in the piercing. They'd remove it at some check up.

It was such a natural part of our culture that it never really occured to me that a girl would get to choose to have it done when she was older.

I have two boys now and that's one issue I'm glad I don't have to deal with.
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dh and i decided that if we ever have a daughter she can have her ears pierced when she's old enough to take care of them herself. I have my ears done, had them done when i was 5 or 6... i had my ears pierced a second time as a teenager (twice actually) and had to take them out as they kept getting infected and hte skin would grow OVER the back of the earring. As it stands, i can't even wear most earrings because the metal irritates my skin (Even the whisper earrings.. i can't wear gold or silver either... i have to stick to surgical steel and even then i can only wear them for an hour, MAYBE 2 at the most)

especially in this day and age when there are magnetic earrings that can be used for pictures
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I couldn't see taking my baby to wal-mart either... I'm surprised they did it though...I've had mine pierced there before when my little girl was with me and when I asked about the piercings I was told first if it is for you ok...if it is for her we can't do it... ...

My little girl is almost 4 and she wants them pierced cause she sees mine... but she doesn't understand that it will hurt so we will wait for awhile...

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My grandmother took me to get my ears pierced when I was 5. She took my sister on her 5th birthday one year later.

My mom started talking about continuining the tradition with my dd, who is now 4. She wanted to be the one who takes her to get it done. It was supposed to be a big deal. Dd was all excited on her birthday this year, because she figured out it would only be one more year til she could wear earrings, too.

Then my mom chickened out. She said she didn't think she could actually be there when we had it done. So now I have a 4 year old who really wants to do it, was already told she was going to do it, and now I will have to take her.

If my mom hadn't made such a big deal out of it, she wouldn't even want it done! I certainly wouldn't have done it until she showed an interest in it. And now, since it's been promised, I have to. (We try to always keep our word to her).

Stupid grandmas. (said in the most loving, respectful way possible!)

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oh yes I'd be dragging my mom with me on that day...

mom says that my dad always said not until she is 18...when I was in kindergarten I crawled up on his lap one night with please daddy??? please??? mom said he looked at her and said you take her... Mom was like why me??? She took me and after they pierced the first I didn't want the 2nd one said it took some doing on getting me to let them finish

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I have pretty strong feeling about it...... I too believe it is a personal choice, one that should be made by the person who is having holes put in their ears. I think pierced ears are very attractive but I think to inflict that pain on an infant is child abuse.

As for it not hurting a child under 6 months, every baby I have ever seen having it done is screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At what ever age the child can understand that this will hurt and it's your choice, then I think is fine. But to put an infant through such pain unnecessarily is terrible
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Mine were done by my grandmother at the age of 5. Never had any problems, but my mother hated the fact that she was not there to share the experience with me. When I found out my first child was going to be a girl, my mother said "If you pierce her ears before she ask for it, I will kill you." I do not want to upset my mother, so we will wait. My DH is fine with that, because he thinks little girls with ear piercings do not look like little girls anymore.

We spend so much time trying to make the children grow up quickly, so I am going to let my DD stay little as long as possible.
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