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What an interesting thread! When I posted I was mostly thinking of my own experiences and I didn't even think of any cultural reasons. If it is a cultural tradition, that's one thing, but I don't see the point of it on little girls for other reasons. This is just another reason why little girls are growing up too quickly. On another thread we discussed how bad it is that little girls can't be little girls anymore and how they're dressing "skanky" for Halloween. Well this is just another reason why. When they're allowed to do "grown up" things too early they want to be grown up, hence acting and dressing older. Little girls should be little girls and any body modification (because that's what it is) should wait until they're ready to make the decision themselves in a mature way.

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I'm Dominican and its a cultural thing as well to have your ears pierced as a baby. but my mother took me and my sister to the DOCTOR!!!! not freaking cheap *** walmart. what is strange is that walmart pierced the baby with that gun. I used to work at limited too and was licenesed to pierce ears and we were not allowed to pierce ears of children under the age of (I think it was 3 Its been awhile) because in Maryland by law they had to get them pierced by a doctor.
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Cultural differences for sure! My grandfather (from conservative Dutch upbringing) made it clear to his DDs that if they got their ears pierced, he would pierce their nose. My dad thought that sounded like a good guideline. So when my mom got hers pierced at 40 (I don't know what her sisters did) we all quickly fell in line and got ours done, too. I was 18 or 19 and I still remember how the piercing smarted.
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My DIL works at Wal-Mart and says they are not supposed to pierce if they are under 5, but she says she's seen them do it anyway.
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My daughter had her ears pierced (at the doctor's office )as a gift from her godmother (from Argentina) for her baptism.
My own mother wouldn't let me get mine done until I was 13 (and then I got them doubled pierced (early 70's).
I didn't get my sons circumsized because I felt it was unneeded pain for an infant.

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Thanks for all of your opinions & stories...I had no idea

I mentioned this to my coworkers today and the guy that sits behind me said that his SIL had his niece's ears pierced because she was tired of everyone telling her what a cute little BOY she had....I'm thinking a pink headband or a pink bow & some double-sided tape would have gotten the same affect, but, to each her

This has been quite educational for me. I wasn't even aware that ear piercing was performed in the Doctor's Office. My Mom did my first set (using a needle, a cork, and an ice cube around 1979) ...and my second set was done at Claire's in the Mall.

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I had my DD ears pierced at 8 months old by a doctor. It was done with some kind of device that hold the earring in one half and the back in the other. It is pinched through the ear. The first one was easy but she knew what was going to happen by the time the second one was done. She cried but not even as long as she would have when she had been given a shot. I would never have my ears pierced at WalMart. Yuch.
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I had my daughter's ears pierced when she was two.

Like dreamsherl they used a similar device, only they used two. And they timed them to be done at exactly the same time. It was at the local salon but I checked around all over town carefully before choosing where we went to have them pierced.

She got mad, but because it was once... after a few seconds the shock wore off... I could tell she felt the burning sensation but that wore off quickly too!

I did it because I knew they would heal really well and really quickly. And they did. I also figured, that if she didn't want them later on... no worries.

I had mine done when I was ten. I was told by my parents not until later, but Grandma knew better!

And I was plagued with infections and metal issues, until I wore 22 karat gold earings for about 3 years.

I just wanted her to not have to go through that!

As for... looking like an adult... absolutely not! I keep her in small sleepers and occasionally, for a really, really special event, she can wear some of my fancy earings!

To me... its the whole picture that counts. Earings, or clothing, in of themselves may or may not be tacky/adult/skanky.... It is the appearance combined with the presentation.

And I am sad to say, but even my sheltered daughter picked up the "Britney hip" thingy by the time she was three... and we were very sheltered back then (no t.v., country living... single car that Dh had...)
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Originally Posted by mullerslanefarm View Post
My daughter had her ears pierced (at the doctor's office )as a gift from her godmother (from Argentina) for her baptism.
My own mother wouldn't let me get mine done until I was 13 (and then I got them doubled pierced (early 70's).
I didn't get my sons circumsized because I felt it was unneeded pain for an infant.
THANK YOU! I was waiting for THAT to finally come up. Not being a girl or having a daughter (perhaps someday?) I didnt want to have to be the one to bring it up (it's a kind of taboo subject) as a similar situation. But it IS very similar and I would just like to bring up a second quote from earlier in this thread

Originally Posted by Mommy22alyns View Post
This is always a guaranteed hot subject on any mommy board!

I haven't pierced either girls' ears. I strongly dislike the idea of doing it as a baby. That I would be subjecting my child to unnecessary pain simply for my aesthetic pleasure just didn't sit well with me.
yup, that says it all, and it expresses my opinion on both subjects.
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I think doing it when they're infants seems kind of...well, mean. But then again, I'm not a fan of anything that causes a child unnecessary pain (for example, I don't believe in circumcision). Giving them a shot because it will help them is one thing...piercing the ears? Not so much..

I think it should be a person's choice whether or not to have their ears pierced, because once those holes are healed, they don't go away. What if the child doesn't ever want to have pierced ears?

I'm not saying it's going to traumatize the child or make them hate their parents, I just think it should be a choice.

However, all parents raise their children differently, and it is, ultimately, their decision. I don't have kids, and, well, there is a good chance that I may never due to medical conditions, but I do respect a parents rights to raise their children as they see fit as long as they're not abusing their child, so like I said, it's not my place.

Edit: I just noticed that someone a couple posts above mine mentioned the circumcision thing, too. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks along those lines, hehe.
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