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Who will you NOT knit for?
Since many of us are doing holiday knitting.. it got me to thinking. Knitting someone a gift.. is an investment of time- much less $ spent on the yarn/s.

AND, it seems that those that 'don't knit' (generally) don't really realize the cost or time involved in a knitted gift.
So, have you had an experience in an unappreciated knitted gift and as a result- you decided not to knit for that person again?
I haven't had any 'horrible, rude, etc.' experiences.. however, I did handknit a lovely soft Italian mohair scarf in a lace stitch.. and mailed it off in honor of someone's milestone birthday.
This person doesn't knit- nor does anyone in their immediate famliy- and I'm sure that this is the first hand-knitted gift that they had ever received. I included a ball band of the fiber, told her that I had purchased the yarn when I had lived in Italy, explained that it was 'handknit' and how to care for it. I also wrote a nice card and told her that for 'special' birthdays.. someone deserved something as special as they were. (THIS person is much older than I am.)
I NEVER HEARD ONE WORD.. not a thank you.. not a mention of it. They don't live where I do- so, I wouldn't just run into them to jog their memory or to see them actually wearing it/etc.
I'm not just saying it-- but, it was a lovely scarf.
SO, do you have any stories?
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Handknit or not, lovely or not, the bottom issue here is rudeness. It is wrong for your friend to not acknowledge your gift.
Or: possibly it never arrived. It is OK to send a follow-up note or e-mail asking if it did arrive. If it did, the person will probably slap her forehead (assuming she's a good person who just forgot to send you the thank-you); if it never arrived, you'll be sad to know you lost the scarf but can keep the friend.
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One of the gals that worked for me was at a birthday party for the 1 year old daughter for another person that works for me. I had made the little girl a beautiful poncho as a birthday gift. I used Shaeffer Elaine yarn to make the poncho and it was really pretty. One the other gal saw it she asked me how much I would charge to make 2 more her her little girls. I told her that the yarn cost about $25.00 but I would not charge her for my time - she just needed to buy the yarn. She said that they had little girl's ponchos at Old Navy for $9.99 - I told her to buy it at Old Navy.

Every year at Christmas I knit scarves or something for a lot of the people that report to me, but since then, I usually get her a bottle of wine or something - I will not knit for her.

I have my "knitworthy" list so unless I know that someone really appreciates hand knit items, I will not spend the money or my time knitting for them. Some people love it and some people just don't appreciate it, so rather than letting my feelings get hurt, I do not knit for them.

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I have a friend who made a beautiful sweater for her MIL for her 70th birthday-- who is a bit difficult to begin with. The woman opened the package in front of anyone and kind of shrugged and said, "it's not really my color". My friend's SIL said, "ah, Mom, I think she MADE that", and the MIL said, "oh, well, could you do it again in another color for me?" It's not just knitting that she won't do for her anymore.
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I refuse to knit for people who treat store bought stuff shabbily. If they are not willing to take care of the things they buy themselves, then how can I be sure they will take care of the things I make for them.
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My policy is that I only knit for people who ask me to. Right now I'm going bonkers making cell phone cozies because people keep seeing them and wanting one. When someone asks, I am so flattered I can't say no. And, because they are anxiously awaiting their gift, I'm assured my knitting to going to someone who appreciates it!
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Becky Morgan
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Most of my husband's family despises anything homemade. He used to try to sneak my yarn into the trash when I wasn't looking (and used half a ball of silk yarn to tie up garbage bags...) so you get the idea. I did make my niece and her daughters Mobius shawls this year. We don't exchange presents, but we do send each other neat little things when we find them.
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My grandmother or anyone on that side of the family. The last time I knit something for one of them (my cousin who had a baby and made her matching baby socks and hats that were just OH so cute) all I heard was, "You know it is Granny's job to make those things. Why did you go and take away Granny's special thing?" (My grandmother crochets with RHSS, although before she had arthritis she did fine thread lace crocheting) They equate anything made with yarn to something Granny does and I suppose only Granny can make anything with yarn.

I also hesitate to make things for my mom because she is very critical of my knitting. She will find every flaw I make before she compliments me. :( I also have several friends I would never knit for because they just wouldn't get it. Other friends I *love* to knit for because they totally get it and appreciate it. And then I have my one friend who I just find patterns for because she knits (and spins and weaves) herself.
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Originally Posted by Sharly View Post
My policy is that I only knit for people who ask me to. Right now I'm going bonkers making cell phone cozies because people keep seeing them and wanting one. When someone asks, I am so flattered I can't say no. And, because they are anxiously awaiting their gift, I'm assured my knitting to going to someone who appreciates it!
That is a very good guideline. I wanted to knit something for my brother and asked him if he would like a scarf and pretty much said, "well, that would be nice of you but I would never wear it." Be safe and ask the person first! As much as people love giving a surprise gift, the receivers often don't know how to react!

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yesterday a guy in class saw me knitting my scarf and asked how much I'd charge for a custom knit job. Then he told me about a scarf his mom had made for his roommate, which had the roommate's nickname stitched into it. The roommate took one look and said "I don't wear scarves." and didn't take it. So rude!
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