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Turning the Heel
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So when do you decide that you and a pattern aren't clicking?
I am making the champagne wrap from elann. I decided I didn't like the sort of yarn that they were using so I went with Andean silk. I actually have the yarn for two of these. I am only on row 13 of the first one and I just not getting into it. They are for Christmas and I don't know if it is the color of the one for my mom (black) or the pattern but I am having to force myself to work on it? Should I just soldier on or can someone think of another wrap that might be more fun and uses 990 yds of andean silk? Should I go with a feather fan?

Here is the pattern I am trying? Do you think it is just too hard for me?
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Knitting the Flap
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I don't know about you, but when just starting, EVERY pattern/project is fun to knit!

And always there comes a point about half-way through where it gets ho-hum, same-old-thing. That's when I put on an interesting movie and work away. I try not to start a new project until the current one is done.

BTW, that's a LOVELY stole! Really striking - I hope that you can finish it. It'll be a treasure for years to come.


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Instepping Out
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I'm making a sweater for my DH and it's SO BORING! I just finished the back so I have the front, both sleeves and the neck to do yet. I have a pair of socks OTN so when I get too bored with the sweater, I at least have a change of pace.
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Ribbing the Cuff
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Very tricky one this.
I have to say that I really like that bit when you start something and it seems so hard to follow - there you are pouring over the pattern, saying it out loud (as if that helps), scrunching up your face, writing down things to help you, cursing, ignoring all the things you should be doing and not moving for so long your legs go to sleep. Hopefully it gets easier - and you are not frowning so much and when you are saying skpo 1, C4, k2 - you are nodding along with yourself and there is a bit of momentum. You can hold the work out in front of you, tilt your head about and say - oh that's good. You get excited - and eventually it gets finished.

Its the bit where you are holding it out in front of you and saying oh god this is boring - and there is miles of it left - and I'm not sure about the colour - that you know it will end up in the NTBCWTINWITS
(never to be completed while there is new wool in the shops) box. If you have reached that stage - my advice is stop now.
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Knitting the Flap
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That is something that changes with every project? Yes/No?

For example... the scarf I am working on... I was simply not getting the pattern... not one bit... After 4 frogs and over 31 repeats of the 8 row pattern... I finally got it and it is flying off the needles.

I did over 15 inches last night! But the thing is... if I wasn't so determined to have *that* particular scarf... I'd have thrown the whole project in the garbage given my thoughts before it clicked!
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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It's very pretty!!
I'm like this with shawls and baby afghans... I get to a point where it just doesn't seem to be getting any longer... this is when I don't work on anything else and like stated before I put in a movie and just work away on it...If I didn't like the item though I wouldn't continue although I think this in a black would be stunning... I just made a black shawl and I do think they tend to drag on or something...looking at black all the time but it's very nice when finished...

I never really give up on a pattern though...that is when my stubborn side kicks in and I hear myself saying "you will not beat me" ...however, my mom thinks this is crazy cause knitting should be relaxing and if she and the pattern are not getting along then she just moves on to the next project....

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Knitting the Flap
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Well, my take on something like that is stop, frog, find a different pattern and try again. Knitting is supposed to be about enjoying it and the only time I would soldier on is if I was kniting the stockinette body of a gorgeous sweater.

I was working on the Vine Stitch Wrap from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Shawls earlier this year and it went fairly quickly. Haven't finished it yet, turns out I won't be giving it to my mom until next year so it's on the backburner while I work on other things.

And I love the fan and feather. Can't beat it for a simple yet very pretty shawl.

Good luck!

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Knitting the Flap
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I guess I am different. Once I get the pattern, if the yarn and pattern, and the fabric are not telling me to knit, I frog. This is usually 5 to 10 inches into the work, so it is not like I am giving up early, but I have to have an overwhelming desire to knit it for me to continue. I refuse to knit something that does not "speak" to me. I have to want to knit to continue. To many things to knit to work on a project that makes me miserable.
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Instepping Out
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Since a lot of knitting, for me, is about the process, to make myself better at it, I just soldier on. I may put it down for a day and do a dishcloth, because sooner or later I'll have an 'aha' moment and the problem will clear up.

The wrap you are knitting is truly beautiful!

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Knitting the Flap
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When do I totally give up?

When I have frogged so many times, that the very idea of starting again is of no interest. Sometimes the pattern is just too hard to follow, and sometimes it simply isn't working up for me like it was supposed to.

Then I usually search for another pattern and usually I'll start with a fresh ball of yarn, even if I am using the same yarn for the new pattern.

It isn't the stitches that bore me - at least not yet.
But I have found working with the same color/colors too long a stretch, I tend to make careless mistakes. So now I change which project I am working on - and make sure I change yarn color - before I slip into that danger zone.

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