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Have you ever been given a hand-knitted gift?
I knit for others all the time. I never realized it more than this year- when, I had actually started taking some photos of items that I had knitted and almost everything was 'gifted' to someone 'other than myself.' So, I'm going to try to make more of an effort to knit for myself this year.

Now, to answer the question myself. About 3 years ago, I was living in Italy and I befriended the lady who owned the hotel that I stayed in when I first moved there. She knew how to knit- even though all she knitted were baby booties and hats.

I knitted her a pair of slippers and she loved them so much that I taught her how to knit the simple knitted slippers and she ended up knitting them for everyone in her family.

Later she told me that if I brought her the yarn, that she'd knit me a hat. So, I did. I treasure that hat- even though I think that I look 'stupid' in hats.. (some people do you know).. I still love that it was knitted for me by someone.

I think that most knitters might be in my boat- knitting for others- but, rarely getting a knitted gift in return.. I've known how to knit since 1987.. and this was my first knitted gift from anyone.

So, tell me.. has anyone ever knitted you anything?
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*It's all about: The Life and adventues of an American living overseas who finds time to knit every now and then.
Updated almost daily.. honest!
I'm moving to Germany this summer! My name on Ravelry is: iwouldratherknit

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Um, that would be a big "no". I've never received anything knitted for me. To be honest, I'm the only one on either my or my husband's side of the family that does knit (although I know at least one of his SIL's does know how to knit, as we took the "Learn to Knit" class together)....but they do other craft-y things.
As a kid, my mom sewed most of my clothes, and she was quite good at it, but I think she's kind of lost interest in that (I think some of the fine work is too much of a strain on her eyes). She knows how to crochet, but hasn't done it in years. I've knit her some scarves for the winter over the last few years, and she loves them. On my hubby's side, I've knit scarves, headband/earwarmers, lapghans, and this year I'm going to knit dishcloths. And, as usual, neither he nor I will get anything in return. We are the only childless couple, and somewhere along the line someone decided that we only are to buy for the we end up buying for our 4 neices, 2 grand nieces, and 4 kids that we seldom see - step-grand nieces and we get to spend on others, but are kind of out in the cold ourselves. Still, I knit little things for my SILs and make grape jelly and give that to my BILs. I guess I just like to give stuff. LOL!!!
But, a thank you note from the kids or parents would sure be nice......we don't even get that. I just don't understand people sometimes.
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That's sort of what happened in my family miccisue. I'm only 21 and I haven't been considered a child since I was....13 or 14? I think it's "selective buying", or just buying for the people you feel like buying for. Not really in the festive spirit in my opinion, but nothing you can do about that!
I have received a couple of knitted gifts from my Aunt, who taught me to knit. She has knit me a pair of socks and a hand towel as a house warming gift. Also, she's giving me tons of yarn and needles while I was (am) learning.

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actually yes....

my maternal grandmother and aunt always shop and make things for craft fairs..... my grandmother always got us hat and mitten sets (that i always wore around her... seldomly wore them to school because i have always hated wearing hats and mittens.. i'm a gloves type of person but i sucked it up for her).

when my first son was born my grandmother had someone make some sweater sets (they were girly... we'd thought he was going to be a girl) and i told her thank you and then just left them put away (advantage to living over 300 miles away!). She also had a couple of afghans done for him when she found out he was a boy (she asked about the sweater sets, i told her that i had put them away because who knew, next time it might be a girl!). My aunt made him a quilt (precious moments, i don't care for precious moments but that's besides the point) and a wall hanging (again precious moments) with his birth stats on it... i hung up the wall hanging (next to his cookie monster poster LOL) and used the quilt when we were in the car, at MIL's, etc... he still has it and uses it periodically.

when my second son was born, a bunch of the ladies on the crochet list i belonged to put together a gift box and in it was a set (bonnet, sweater, booties) in red and white. While i didn't overly care for the white I still posted pictures of him wearing it and thanked them profusely because they didn't HAVE to do anything, they WANTED to do it and WANTED to make him something to wear (I still have the set saved with his outfit home from the hospital... it came in handy when we went to MIL's as her house was usually chilly!).

My adopted mom (my best girlfriend really, she informed me i was her daughter, she adopts a few of us and spoils us rotten) made me a gorgous purple velvety Pagan Dress with green and gold trim... i absolutely love it (to the point that as i lose weight, i ask her to take it in for me whenever she says she's just going to make me a new one, i love it THAT MUCH). I also wear (on a daily basis) the two beaded bracelets she made as well as an amber bracelet and 2 amber necklaces that the lady of our tribe made (one necklace was given as a gift, the other my adoptive mom traded an embroidered shirt for at the last gathering because she wanted to give me something nice). This is also the woman that I'm making the socks for (and the lady of the tribe is the one i made the afghan for.. she has also asked me to run an embroidery workshop at the next gathering! I'm wicked nervous!).

I see it as it doesn't matter if I like it or not, they were trying to do something nice for me. Thank them, wear it around them, use it, whatever... then when they're not around I can put it away. They never need to know i'm anything but grateful for their time and effort.
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appologies for the book
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We used to get a lot of handmade items from my wonderful Mother in Law, but alas, she now resides in an Alzheimer's unit and doesn't even remember who we are.

My mother knit me a cardigan once, I was in grade school, hated it so bad that I 'lost' it.

We have friends now who will send us homemade things that are just lovely. We really appreciate the effort and love that go into them.

"All good things and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights who cannot change."
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Sort of. My aunt got me a sweater that was knitted by someone else. It was red and chenille and I loved it.

My BIL's mom crochets and sews. She made two blankets for my DS1 and crocheted one for DS2. My oldest absolutely loves the blankets. He's just about 9 and still sleeps with them on his bed (he won't let me put them away! I'm worried there won't be much of them left soon).
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No, but my aunt crocheted a beautiful blanket for my daughter and my cousin made a quilt for her. Those are the only two baby blankets that I still have (she's 13 now). This was long before I was a knitter, but even then, I truly appreciated the thought that goes into a handmade gift.
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All the talk of blankets makes me think of the afghan I made when I first learned to crochet. I was in high school, and a friend was crocheting and tried to teach me how. I got the basics of it, but was slower than a 7 year itch. Anyway, I slaved over this ripple afghan for weeks.
Well, that's been over 30 years ago, and my mom still has the blanket. She calls it her "magic afghan" because all she has to do is sit in her recliner, throw the afghan over herself, and she falls asleep. LOL!! (Oh yeah, it's made out of good old Red Heart yarn, too....the more it's washed the softer it has gotten)
As for the crocheting, I've pretty much given it up. When we were in college, the same friend who taught me wanted me to sign up for a non-credit class to learn the finer points of crocheting so I did. We went to one class, the instructor told us what we should be doing, and then let us start. She's walking around the room watching everyone and giving them tips, etc., and then she gets to me. She stops dead in her tracks, tells me to stop, and then says "OK, now start again". I comply, only to have her yell "you're not crocheting, you're knitting!!!!!!!!!!! That's not the way you do it!!!!!" I didn't have the left hand holding the yarn thing going - I was throwing it like you do when you knit (no wonder I was so slow!!!!). When we showed up for class the next week the teacher wasn't there, nor was she the next week. We got our tuition back for the class, but I've often wondered if I drove her to a breakdown or something.
I continued to crochet some after that, but after hubby and I got married (and after he had gotten switched to 2nd shift which left me at home in the evenings by myself) the LYS had a beginning knitter's class, so I took it. I'm a slow knitter, too, but it's still faster for me than crocheting, so I've been a knitter ever since.
Well, that was certainly a lot of rambling, wasn't it? LOL!!
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No, I never have.
I really don't have any friends or family members that knit, so it looks like I won't be getting any either.
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