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1st Leg of the Journey
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OH! MAI! GAWD! to all the students out there!
omg!!!! I haven't been on here for ages!!!
I learnt knitting last summer through this website..and was around here for a started!!! and I had a big list of things to knit before xmas...and since university started i didnt get to even TOUCH my needles!!!! OMG!! soo busy its so frustrating!

QUESTION: to all the university students out do you manage to keep up with both school and knitting?!?!

i havent been knitting for long and I'm def still a begginer...well maybe an advanced begginer? but's like I found my passion!! there are only two things I love that much! knitting and programming!
I think it's really amazing how I fell in love with knitting..usually I'm the kind of girl who gets bored of everything as soon as she gets the hold of it..with an attention spam of a! the kind who's walk out of the final exam early cause I got bored of it! but with knitting its just..i dunno..i have so much passion to it!!

and today I have a lil break since I had 2 midterms this I deserve the night off..
and I'm looking at my very very very begginer-like stash..consisting off a couple of cheap fugly acryilic yarn..tiny lil cotton skeins and 2 mystery skeins that was passed on to me from my mom..

...and this post is pointless but I'm just sooo excited that I got around to looking around here!(even if I'm not gonna knit tonight cause I don't have any good/enough yarn!)..

love you all even though I don't know you!!

addicted begginer!

Haley is knitting!

wide lil simple headband

skinny ribbed scarf

techniques learned:
the basics(knit, purl, cast on, bind off)
(that's it! )

ultimate goal:
make a pretty shrug!

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Turning the Heel
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heh, I would say in order to do both, you need to incorporate a little creative procrastination. Homework is all good and all, but if you don't take a little time to use your creativity, it will actually affect your schoolwork.

Wisdom is knowing what to do. Skill is how to do it. Virtue is getting it done.

That which does not kill you, isn't trying hard enough.
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1st Leg of the Journey
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Thanked 8 Times in 8 Posts problem is..with my undiagnosed A.D.D..i do a LOT of procrastination!!doing the most random things..which causes me to waste time in a very unproductive way..which makes me feel like i cant knit/do some kindda useful procrastination cuz i wasted all my time getting disctracted by shiny stuff and now i have to study!! hehe

alllll well..xmas break is almost here..and i can knit then! even though itll be too late to knit xmas presents..but HEY! i'll be knitting! which is all that matters!
addicted begginer!

Haley is knitting!

wide lil simple headband

skinny ribbed scarf

techniques learned:
the basics(knit, purl, cast on, bind off)
(that's it! )

ultimate goal:
make a pretty shrug!

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Knitting the Flap
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I'm in nursing school (graduation is in May) and I just didn't have time the first year....then month before last 3 things happened.

A classmate mentioned that after being in the gulf she had problems with stress, and the thing that helped her most was running--putting one foot down after the other, just her and the road in a nice steady rhythm that put her at peace with herself. Sorta like knitting, one stitch after the other in a nice rhythm.

Another classmate was due to have a baby early this month so of course a small baby blanket--newborn/car-seat sized--was called for.

Then I joined KH and discovered the knit alligator design at the top of the page. OK, I'm like, supercheap---and know a crotchet stitch to make the ribs and eyes and nostrils---and have 2 cute l'il gran'boys!!!!

So I've made a nice little pink and white knitted blanky (girl, 8 lb 15oz--and nicky is such a slender little thing!) and a pair of crotchety crocodile scarves for da boyz (complete with button eyes).......and have discovered along the way thatknitting is the perfect stressbuster for me! I DO have to set limits for myself: do one homework assignment, then break for TV/yarntime. but it helps to stave off burnout.

Note: KIP (knitting in public) has given me a few laughs. An instructor was blown away when he caught me in motorcycle leathers knitting in a hallway, and my English teacher not only interrupted class to hold up my croc scarf to show to everyone else---she announced that she has ways of coercing students who have things she covets!
"Happiness is a ball of yarn." ---{=^;^=}
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Knitting the Flap
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Try recording your notes.

Then you can listen and review your notes while knitting.

Or you can also record your lectures and listen MP3 style while you knit.

My son has ADD ish tendencies. I've found that if he can move and learn... he learns really well.

Knitting would allow you some movement and, if you can listen... you can do both!

Just a suggestion! I had my son while in Uni... and I have to say... nursing and caring for him while studying (I used Music stands to hold my texts)... That year I had a 3.75 GPA out of 4...
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Miss Moosey
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I knit while I read textbooks (they lie flat so I don't need to hold them open with my feet!).

If I'm knitting something too complex to knit and read at the same time, I promise myself: ten pages from now I will knit two rows, or something of the like.

And on really bad days I knit for a few minutes to wind down before I start on my work.

I don't think that I would survive college without knitting. It keeps me relaxed/sane .

Advice from a Moose: Think big * Spend time in the woods * Eat plenty of greens * Hold your head up high * Stay on track * Keep your nose clean * It's OK to be a little wild!
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Grafting the Toe
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I don't have much, if any, time to knit right now either. For a while there, I was knitting on Sundays and leaving the books alone, but the last couple have terms have been very difficult, so I've been using my Sundays to get classwork done.

I generally wait until between terms to knit. It's frustrating, but I really want to do well in my classes, so I sacrifice.

Hang in more month!!!
Nathalie - AuburnChick's Adventures

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. -- Isaac Asimov
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Casting On
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I'm a freshman in college this year, so besides trying to figure out what the heck I am supposed to be doing here, and getting into a routine, I also find it hard to find time to knit.I get up almost 2 hours before I have to be to class (thank God for 9:50 am classes!) that gives me time to get ready slowly and then have time for knitting a row or two on my prayer shawl.And if you have a favorite tv show, you can knit and watch tv at the same time.I've found that when ever I'm not doing homework,(which can seem to be most of the time!) I can knit, and even if its only 2 or 3 rows, its still progress!

Where are you going to school?What are you studying?

emmaknits on ravelry
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Ribbing the Cuff
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if you are a freshman or even second year, probably you have some classes which are not only mind-numbingly boring, but probably easy too. Just sit at the back and knit. If your prof is dull enough you can sit at the front and knit, no one will say anything.
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When I was in college (it's been a while) knitting wasn't at all the fashion. I used to knit between classes, waiting for class to begin, at lunch, and even during lectures (only those that I was tape reocrding and were in large halls with 100+ students - took several of those my fresh/soph years). I generally carried things that didn't require me looking at a pattern. I always good odd looks from people because here was this punked out chick wearing fishnet hose, black mini skirts, "Flashdance sweaters" and pumps (or boots) with spikey red hair and bright red lipstick knitting a soft white baby ensemble (for my aunt who was expecting). Man I wish I had a picture to prove to my kids how cool I was!
"The world now has the means to end extreme poverty, we pray we will have the will"

knitncook there, too!

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