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Originally Posted by msmelody View Post
Does anyone consider the yarn for charity as part of their stash? I do not, but need to know if my thinking is off.
I have a rubbermaid container that has "ick" yarn in it. This is a combination of yarn that was "gifted" to me or that is left over from previous projects. Not enough to do a whole project with, but handy to have for when the kids need yarn for something. There is also some RHSS (which I'm not sure where I got it) and some Caron SS that I have from something else as well. I'll knit it up as I have time or just leave it. It is not going on my Ravelry stash and I am not going to inventory it. It's the other tub (and box, and bag, and basket) that I'm trying to reduce!
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msmelody, I think that if you don't consider it stash, then it's not stash. I am not counting my "ick" yarn on Ravelry, but I AM trying to use it up -- mostly to make room for more of the good stuff.

And I guess I can post this here too. I made these Simple Socks using some Knit Picks Bare Superwash from my stash.

Now if only I could keep from buying yarn. I just went out and purchased some wool for a Christmas present.Oh well. Since it's not yet 2008, maybe it doesn't count yet? Or, since I plan to use it within the next 2 weeks? Here's hoping.
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I like your socks. I have some KnitPicks bare superwash I am trying to get motivated to knit. When I do I want to tie-dye them afterwards. That's what I bought the bare for in the first place, to try my hand at hand-dyeing.
I really thought I'd have to wait til the new year to get started on many stashbuster projects too. I don't think I'll plan to start any new holiday projects at this time though.
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I haven't really bought any yarn in a year. My stash just never seems to get smaller! It's very odd. Like bunnies, yarn is. lol
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Originally Posted by msmelody View Post
Does anyone consider the yarn for charity as part of their stash? I do not, but need to know if my thinking is off.
I don't have any yarn designated for charity knitting, but I have lots of yarn that is designated for 'gift projects'. I count it in my stash. But, you should decide for yourself how to tally your charity yarn. There aren't any rules for this 2008 Year of the Stash. Whatever guidelines we want to set for ourselves is OK! I think you have a good head about it!

One thing I remember from last years Year of the Stash: some of the Stashies were donating some of their stash yarn to charity. For example: Certain Women's Shelters can use yarn. This yarn gives the women and children in the shelter something fun (and constructive) to do! Donating old needles would be nice, too. Even simple pattern flyers for blankets, shawls, scarves...easy stuff. It is worth calling and inquiring at your local women's shelter.

The Stashies counted this donated yarn as "used" and gave themselves credit for it. I think it was a very worthy use of Stash Yarn!
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The idea of donating stash yarn to women's shelters is a good one, another good idea is see if a women's prison is knitting or crocheting for shelters, like mine. If they are, they can use the yarn also.

As for my stash update, I have to send a money order for another ball of gold for my UFO Jayne hat (all the knitters who love Firefly know the Jayne hat). I'm also steadily plodding along on my prayer shawl on my needles. The Jiffy yarn I bought for the "Fast Finish Throw" I might use for something else or buy the rest of the yarn and needles to finish it.

Which leaves me the rest of the other Homespun skeins and the Plymouth Encore... Hmmm, anyone got any ideas, especially for the Encore? I got 6 skeins, 2 each of 3 different colors.

As for Ravelry, I'm patiently waiting for my invite, which should be any day. Found out I had 808 people in front of me...
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Love the socks! I really gotta get with it this year and learn to knit socks and learn to knit Entrelac anything!

Thanks for all the good tips, friends!

I guess I also left out all the 'odd ball yarns' and 'ick yarns' that I have stashed in a couple of boxes, now that you mention it! I,too, didn't include these yarns in my Ravelry Stash folder. Didn't even think about them!

This summer I used a lot of these yarns for a CRAZY QUILT afghan for my little granddaughter. Lots of bright solid colors, bright variegated colors and such! She loved it. Wish I had known about that log cabin technique before I labored on all those squares and the stitching them togther!
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I really love the log cabin pattern. It's changed a lot of my yarns from 'stash' to now usable. The Mason Dixon Knitting book is just full of ideas for projects like that.

My stash is going to grow, I found out. My friend is sending me her Mother's yarns. Her Mom died a few months ago, and she wants the yarn to go to someone who knew her. Since she had great taste in everything, I'm looking forward to getting them.If I can, the yarn will go towards a blanket or something that I can send back to the family.

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Count me in
I like your idea Although I'm not yet at a SABLE stage yet.

This year I decided to focus on charity knitting, so I could use up my stash which was mostly acrylic. I thought this was going to be my year of the stash.

Then, mid-year, feeling good at my decreasing stash, I learned from my 3 siblings in the U.S. that they were all coming over for the holidays to be with me and our 78-year-old mom, here in the Philippines.

Of course i was glad they were going to be here, but I was also glad that I had the chance to order lots of yarn and other stuff, and have my siblings bring them over (we don't get much knitting stuff here). That way I saved on international shipping costs plus, I got to order from stores that ship to the US only.

So... my stash has grown more than it has lessened. I already have about 20 balls of various yarns from and I'm expecting yarn CONES of tencel next week and whatever booty my sibs brought for me for the holidays

I have to expand my Yarn Jail though

My minimum target is to knit a few rows of whatever project I'm doing, every day.

I'm now on a yarn diet. I have enough yarn to keep me busy for quite a few years. I will do my best not to reach SABLE
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Originally Posted by BostonBecca View Post
I'm in for this year again. To answer your question from the 2007 stashie thread, environmentally conscious yarn is yarn that is dyed with natural dyes, harvested or raised without pesticides, and processed without harsh chemicals, at least in my opinion. There was a great article about this in Fall Interweav Knits I think. It was all about what is organic yarn. Since environmental concerns play a role in my other purchases, I thought they should play a role in my yarn purchases as well. Socially conscious yarns are those that support social causes I believe in, such as supporting local production of yarn and supporting women's collectives in developing countries that provide these women with a stable source of income to be able to support themselves and their children. Sometimes, those social values are contradictory local v. developing country support, but I think they are both important.
I also decided to do something like this, when I wanted to add to my stash this year.

I wanted yarns which were truly nature-friendly, e.g. processed in ways that used the least amount of chemicals, like tencel, or allowed the silkworm to live, such as in tussah silk.

I wasn't strict about the dyes used though.

For me, focusing on such criteria has helped me to limit my stash addition .... there aren't that many choices...but I'm glad they're available.
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