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Casting On
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I am a poor knitter
I'm pretty down on myself these days due to knitting. I want to know more and unfortunately my LYS has class when I cannot attend. I'm a manager in a business with a ton of stress. Knitting knocks me out of it.
I can't knit a sweater. I can't knit socks. I can't knit...anything but scarves. I log long to do Faire Isle. I want to know every Aran pattern there is.
How do I get better without classes or friends? I'm the only knitter in the bunch! I love it - if you could recommend something - please tell me!
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Instepping Out
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Have you looked in "The Knitters Near You" section to see if there is anyone near you? You don't say where you are located, but if you find someone, anyone on the board, you can contact them via PM, this is a friendly group.

Also, your LYS might have groups not posted that you could join if you ask, or the Y in your area.

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Working the Gusset
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I do lace, colourwork, there is nothing that I think I couldn't knit if I wanted to, and I learned it all from information on the Internet, there are lots of tutorials with photos etc. which tell you everything you need to know!
My first stranded colourwork pattern was Eunny's Endpaper Mitts, adorable and fast and great, free pattern on her blog, with a post called Tips and Tricks giving tips for beginners to colourwork, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn (although it is easier if you can knit with left and right hands). Either way you will pick it up very fast!
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Knitting the Flap
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try the videos on here. That's where I learned a lot of what I know. It just takes a lot of practice.
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Knitting the Flap
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I used to think that i'd never make anything but scarves!!! Then for some reason - I can't remember why - I decided I wanted to learn to make socks. I used Silver's sock tutorial just to have a go and see if I could do it and I just finished my first sock. I understood most of the instructions and the ones that I didn't I searched the forum here and looked at the videos until it made sense.

My advice would be to just choose something you want to learn and have a go at it, there are loads of tutorials on the internet and if you can't find what you want generally someone on here can answer your questions or give you a link to something they found useful.

Good luck with whatever you decide to make and happy knitting


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Working the Gusset
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Anything, anything you want to learn to knit .... someone here will walk you through it !!!! I learned to knit and purl at a class at Joanns.... every thing else I know, I learned here at KH. Either through the videos, help from someone here on the forum or direction to a book or website from someone at KH. I have sat in front of my computer watching Amy over and over till I get it! It takes practice, practice, practice. After three years I can now "read" my knitting, fix mistakes and figure out almost any pattern.
Give yourself time, you will be able to do it too!
I also belong to a wonderful knitting guild ... google knitting guild and your city ..
An easy way to do some "fancy" two color knitting ... sort of a fake faire isle is moasic knitting. You knit two rows with one color and two rows with the second color using slip stitches.

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First of all, keep in mind that most of us have to go through a certain amount of what I call "idiot knitting" before we get reasonably good. I don't know how much you've knit, but a friend of mine got stressed out because her knitting, after about five rows, wasn't as good as mine. So your scarves etc are doing you some good.

A lot of magazines list their patterns by difficulty. Maybe find a pattern that you like, and then try it.

Probably the people at your LYS will help you, especially if you purchase your yarn there. When you run into a problem, take it in to them and ask for help with that specific problem. They will not likely give you one on one knitting lessons for free on a walk-in basis, but surely they will help with a problem, even if you come in with a different one every week.

I re-taught myself to knit after I moved to a small town and needed something to do. My mother had taught me, years before, to knit and purl, but nothing else. Luckily I found Barbara Walker's "Learn to knit Afghan book", and worked my way through every pattern that I liked. That was in 1981. These days we have access to online videos etc, some of them on this site. Have fun!
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Working the Gusset
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People have given you some great ideas! I remember when I picked back up knitting and could only remember knit and purl (this was about 18 years ago) I bought a booklet on Nifty Dishcloths or something like that. Small unintimidating projects that used inexpensive cotton yarn and medium sized needles. The front of the booklet had all the pictures for all the "fancy" stitches. That's how I realized that almost every stitch is based off a knit or a purl. After I made every washcloth in the booklet I delved into hats, baby sweaters and scarves (see I did it backwards LOL!) I only picked up socks about 4 years ago. I think that the reason I didn't do them is because my mom never knit socks and said they were "too complicated." Hog wash! It's just a different way to manipulate the stitches and dpn's are a breeze once you start working with them!

Another idea is to find a SnB near you. I go to one that meets at my local Barnes and Noble every other week. Very laid back and quite a few beginner knitters. We all help each other. I'm died and determined to teach one lady how to cast on if it is the last thing I do! :-) She can knit, but she's learning. Her first project was actually a fluffy set of arm warmers. I challenge you to find a pattern of a "something" that is Aran or Fair Isle and just do it! Fair Isle is mostly just knitting and changing colors as you go. We'll walk you through it!
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knitncook there, too!

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Casting On
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Sure you can!!
There's a famous saying: If you think you can't, or if you think you can't, you're right. Thinking about what you "can't" do will never get you anywhere except depressed.

My grandmother taught me to knit a hundred years ago....but all I knew was the knit stitch. That is to say, I didn't know how to cast on, I didn't know how to purl, and I didn't know how to cast off! BUT it was something to build on. I had knit several scarfs with her help (meaning she cast on, I knit garter stitch, and she cast off!)

At the age of 54, last Thanksgiving, my daughter was away at college, and I had a 4-day weekend and too much time on my hands. I got a copy of the Klutz book for kids and a pair of size 8 needles. I followed the instructions, and after several tries, I had stitches on the needles all by myself, and I had even accomplished stockinette stitch!!

Then I discovered all the great helps on the internet. Since then, with no lessons from anyone, I have made 3 1/2 pairs of socks (one of them wompy, but it fits...) 2 pairs of mittens, 2 hats, a vest, 3 scarfs, 2 pairs of Fetching fingerless gloves, a baby sweater, and various other odds and ends. In January, I intend to cast-on my first full-size sweater.

If I, and a million other women and many thousands of children, can do this, so can you.
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1st Leg of the Journey
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Aliquis- I just wanted to say I was in the same boat as you about a year mom had been bugging me for ages to knit her a hat but I was completely ignorant of how to do it... I finally went on line and googled "knitting hat pattern" and found such a plethora of information, good information, that now I'm pretty sure I could knit anything...It won't be good on the first try but the second, third, etc will get better and soon you'll wonder why you ever thought knitting was hard.

Don't give up...just practice! BTW, I learned with no help outside this and other websites..none of my friends knit and I've never taken a class. Granted, I'm no master but now I have the confidence to try any pattern that I can afford the yarn for!
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