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Warning for male knitters- ladies problem.Feeling better!
I know many physical problems have been discussed here, so i feel more comfortable asking you, girls, than people IRL . I've stopped taking my birth control pills after a few good years in hope that it will help me with my vestibulitis (i've already tried the exercise - biofeedback and other ways). I made some research and found out many women who stopped the pills, within a few months were back to normal. Besides, I got tired of this rutine of taking chemicals every day and making my system work differently from what the nature intended. Don't get me wrong, i'm still voting for safe birth control and not the day counting systems. My question is this - it's been about 14-16 days from the first day of my period and i'm getting this annoying pain in my lower stomach, especially when standing and walking. I'm also extremely nervous and rather hysterical this past 2 days. Is this ovulating as i never remembered it? Any thoughts are welcome
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It does sound like least the pain part, but it shouldn't continue for long. I don't think this usually lasts long though so if it's too long I'd call a doctor.

Hope you feel better!

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Could be ovulating, but if it continues past a few days I'd see a Dr. just to be sure.
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Definitely could be ovulation. Also, I took the pill for about 3 years, then when I got off it took my body literally 6 months or more to get back to normal. My cycles were all wonky, weird cramping, hair falling out, etc etc.
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I've been on the pill for more than 10 years now, but for what I can remember it can be ovulation. If you didn't use to have these symptoms before you started the pill, maybe it's just a matter of adaptation.

Btw, I know vestibulitis can be really bad. I had it twice after getting infections, and it wasn't fun. But in my case it was pretty minor and it went away, so I was very lucky. I hope stopping the pill will help!
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I agree that it sounds like ovulation. I get cramps mid month too that usually lasts a day, sometimes two. My ovulation cramps are worse than my period cramps!

I would imagine that since you're body is trying to get back to normal, your symptoms are going to be weird for a while. You haven't ovulated since before you started taking the pill, so it makes sense that the first one is going to be difficult.

Still, wouldn't hurt talking to your doctor.

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Personally never had ovulation pains or much in the way of PMS at all so my thought is could this be something unrelated to stopping the pill and your cycle? Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon.
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KnittingNat (11-30-2007)
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*hugs* Hope things get better soon. I just went ON the pill not long ago for medical stuff... I wonder if getting off it is gonna be worse? Though I don't plan on that for a good long time...
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The last cycle I remember having (the one that resulted in this alien creature in my belly) I had ovulation pains that lasted about 2-3 days. It was mainly a stabbing / pulling type pain rather than a full on cramp. I was pretty weepy too, but at the time, I was preparing to leave DH in Canada so I could go face a court hearing with my ex husband.

Hope everything goes well, and check with a doctor if the pains don't go away soon.
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I had my girls in the 80's. I have not used birth control since - and originally I was put on it for medical reasons.

If you are going off - which is probably a good idea from what you said, KnittingNat, ask your doctor for information on how to read your cycles.

I know some people hoot this, but by watching my temp and reading my cycles every month for the last 20 years, I have managed NOT to get pregnant. I am not now, and never have been, "regular".

I know, and so does my hubby, when I am most fertile. Although you can conceive anytime, your chances at the "other times" of the month are greatly reduced, and simple safeguards are enough to protect you.

You and your doctor know you best, and talking this out will probably help you a lot.


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