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What was your first car?
So AuburnChicks birthday post got me thinking...what was your first car and was it bought for you or did you buy it?
My first car was given to me (at 18) by an elderly neighbor when her husband died and she didn't need 2 cars. They were like grandparents to me. She gave me the old K car that was lovely - baby blue, white, and wood veneer outside, with baby blue vinyl interior, 2 door and no "bells & whistles." Three best things about that car - lost weight driving it b/c I parked 3miles from my desitination to make sure nobody knew it was mine, dog vomit was easily washed out, anyone at college could drive it and I didn't worry if anything happened to it : )
That said, she (Suzie Podunk as my family named her) was an icon that I will never forget and you bet I said Thank you and smiled for all the pictures...sadly she was sold to the junk yard for $50 just 2 yrs later when her front end rusted out and would not pass inspection.
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Mine was a 1991 Dodge Spirit, silver, it had been my dad's company car from 1991-1994 at which point he bought it from the company for $400, and let it sit in the driveway until I turned 16 in 1998. The first time I started the car, I blew a squirrel's nest out of the muffler. I drove that car for about 2 years before I was involved in a very nasty 5 car pile up that totalled it.
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Oh, boy.........I'll show my age with this answer. My first car was a Nash Rambler and I paid for it myself.

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Oh, I love this thread!!! I feel for you on the K car!

I was 16, and my first car was a '72 Pinto. It had been in an unfortunate head on collision with a phone pole, so the front end was in awful shape. Other than that, it was in great condition. My dad helped me and with a couple of new parts and some junkyard finds, I, myself, replaced the front fenders, hood and grill. It was a real beauty! A red car with various primer grey parts! But, I loved it anyway! His name was Redford (red Ford), and my friends who didn't have cars of their own didn't mind his patwork paint job, either! Oh yeah, I never replaced the windshield, so it was cracked pretty bad. I think my Dad actually bought the car, but I paid for the parts. I remember how proud I was when I upgraded to (of all things) a Chevy Vega! Hey, at least it was all one color!
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Mine was a silver 1982 Plymouth Reliant. I paid for it myself, out of my savings. (that was when I had a savings.)

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LOL! Mine was a white, 1963 VW Bug! Loved that car.... thanks for bringing back these memories!!!
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My first car was a used 1986 two door Jeep Cherokee. My grandparents paid for it, but I had to work to help pay for the insurance. It was light silver on the exterior, which was good in Houston, but the interior was a hideous dark maroon vinyl. I will never forget the feeling of my skin sticking to the seat on a humid, 100 degree, summer day in Houston.

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OMG, isn't it the truth? My Plymouth had vinyl seats, too. Horrible to have in TX.

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Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew as steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
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My parents bought me a 1981 Ford Escort that gave me a ton of trouble and I only drove it for a couple of weeks (the engine died twice.) Then they got me a 1984 Ford Ranger that I drove until I graduated from high school.
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An '88 Mazda 323 (purchased when I was 16 1/2 in 1997). I bought it myself for $100 (I can't believe parents buy cars for their kids, seriously! Mine helped me with insurance during the school year so I could concentrate on school work and extracurriculars without having to work more than 20 hours a week...but I was on my own otherwise).

I loved that stupid little car . I could only fill the gas tank halfway for the first month or two until I replaced it (big hole near the top). I had to replace the alternator a few months in also (parts always paid for by me, but my dad did the labor for free so long as a suffered through a tutorial from him).

The three of us were also not permitted to get our licenses until we could prove to my dad that we could change a tire and drive a manual transmission. It could stall and lurch a million times, so long as we could actually get the car to go around the block, stop and start on a hill, and bring it back to the driveway.

It was a good solid car, got great gas mileage and carried my friends, my junk and me til the end of high school. I painted racing stripes on it for Senior Day When I left for college I sold it for $1 to another kid who'd just gotten his license.

I'm now on my 4th car (98 Saturn, woo! Finally a car born AFTER I got my license!) and it's the only car I've ever had to take out a loan for. But the loan is paid off and I'm driving this baby to the ground!

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