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mine was a 1991 Geo Storm, new, I was age 20 1/2, and I bought it with my then fiancee.

my stepson is about a year away from his learner's permit, but we have no plans right now to get him a car.

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I was 26 and married with two children when I bought my very first car. It was a battle ship green Pontiac Parisienne four door. I learned to drive on a standard but this was an automatic transmission. It was a huge old clunker that cost me $200. I drove it until it literally would not drive one more inch. All the idiot lights came on the dashboard and I had to push it down the street and into the driveway. I loved that car because I paid for it myself and it was totally mine and paid for when I drove it into the driveway. I have pictures of my second child sitting on the hood of that car when she was two. It paid for itself many times over in the years I owned it.
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My first car was a shared car with my parents, a huge '74 Olds cutlass surpreme when I got my license. First thing my father taught me when I got my license was 1) how to change a flat and 2) how to change the oil.

Then when my kid brother got a car they got an 88 corrolla for us to share. As for my very own car it was a manual transmission' 99 Acura Integra, called "Silver Bullet" by DH, that I paid for, even the insurance and gas. He still stills in my garage this day. We may have to trade him in soon ... as it's only a coupe. Hard to get two toddlers in and out that car. That's why we have Pathfinder now. Told DH, there is no way I am driving a minivan when we found out we were expecting our first child

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It is so fun to hear about everyone's stories!!

HamaLee - my Dad made me prove I could change a tire, too! I remember I couldn't turn the lug wrench, so he got me this long iron pipe, so I could slip it over the end of the wrench, then stand on it to break them loose! I carried that pipe everywhere! I also had to do my own oil changes. I loved it, too!

My husband would say now days I don't know where to put gas in the car, let alone oil or changing tires!
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What a fun thread!

My first car was a brand new 1977 Chevrolet Camaro. Boy, was I ever proud of that car. I went to work when I was 14 years old and started saving for it. I wasn't allowed to buy a car until I was 17, so I had a few years to save for it.

My mother didn't actually buy the car for me, she loaned me the rest of the money needed to purchase it and I had to pay her back each week. She kept my balance in a little book and I thought I was just "something else" by paying this car off. LOL!

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My first car was a white 1984 Pontiac Sunbird that I bought off of my Dad's mechanic friend. So it was in Great condition, it only had 50,00 miles because it was his winter car (he had a corvette). I paid $1600 for it. I paid for the insurance. I shared it with my twin who didn't get her license till 6 months later. I bought in in 1994. Once my twin started driving it as well I had her help me with the insurance and gas.

I had gotten my license at 16 1/2. I was allowed borrow my father's car (he drove a company car) to drive my little brother to his practices and to drive myself for the 6 months between having my license and buying my car.
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My FIRST car, purchased for $350.00 in 1970 was a 1964 Ford Galaxy 500 convertible, maroon with a black rag top.

I loved that car

Oh the stories I COULD (but won't) tell about that car.
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This is a fun thread. I am going to have to take you back before most of y'all were born. My first husband & I bought a 1947 Plymouth in 1957 when we got married. It is the car I used to learn to drive. It had a huge steering wheel and of course standard shift. There was a place on the dash near the steering wheel to put a key and turn it. But that did not start the engine. There was a button next to the key slot that had to be pushed to start the engine. The two back doors opened from front to back. Very convient to get little ones into the back seat but you had to make sure the doors were closed tightly because if one came open while you were driving you would lose the door and the kids too. lol I don't remember what we paid for it but it could not have been more that $100.00.
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I inherited my Mom's 1985 burnt orange Cavalier when I was 16. Okay, I actually begged for that car. I loved it! Mom went out and bought herself a new one. I guess that's a pretty fair deal. I drove that car through my first couple years of college, except for one summer when I drove my brother's '68 Mustang before he turned 16. It was our Pepaw's mustang. Ah. Good memories!!!

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