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I am 68 and "retired" from a hectic career 1.5 years ago. I left everything and moved in with my DD to take care of my then 9-year-old granddaughter.

Trying to adjust to not being in charge was difficult. Rather than end up as live-in help, I escaped to my hobbies.

I have knit for years and years, but not very well. I saw a picture of one of Alan Dart's Gnomes and just had to do one. That got me started it.

I wanted to knit all the time. It doesn't get that cold here in San Antonio and, if it does, it doesn't last long. Needing an outlet for my efforts, I found a wonderful group called BlueBonnet Babies. Most of the members crochet (it hurts my hands too much for me to do it all the time) and we make blankets, hats, booties, etc for the local hospitals and for Fort Sam Houston.

In order to meet the self-imposed requirements I bought a low-end knitting machine. I can crank out the stockingette stitch items then finish them up with handknitting or crocheting.

This Christmas I was able to knit something for everybody in the family and they actually liked them!

My DGD loves to give her friends things I have made. She isn't quite ready to start knitting yet, but I do see it coming.
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I learned to cross-stitch when I was a kid, and I always wanted to knit and crochet. My mom crochets, but she never taught me.

Well, cross-stitching and kids don't mix very well. So I found this place, and figured out knitting. At first though, the kids still wanted to help me too much with knitting, so I didn't make anything at first other than a really lopsided washcloth since I didn't, at that time, quite get how to keep from accidentally increasing or decreasing. So for about a year after the washcloth I didn't knit.

I just picked it back up after last Thanksgiving, and the kids are old enough now that they leave my WIP alone.

But I haven't answered your question...what has it done for me? It gives me something productive to do, and is a good outlet for the desire to create something.
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I'm much the same as many of the knitters on here - I'm dealing with an anxiety disorder. Knitting keeps me centered and calm and lets me experiment with new stuff without feeling like 'everyone' will know if I fail. It gives me something to be 'good at' - with one sister who paints and dances and sings, and one who dances and acts and sings, it helps to feel I stand out within the family. It's also a connection to my grandmother, who taught me on boxing day 2005. She's passed away now, but I always think of her when I pick up the needles.
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I am 57 and learned to knit as a child but never kept up with it. I would always get frustrated because I was taught on aluminum needles and would drop stitches and become so discouraged that I wouldn't pick them up again. I've always been creative bound between tole painting, cross stitch, crocheting and cake decorating but have always felt bad because I just could never get the hang of completing a knitting project. I'm an avid reader and about two years ago I started a series of books by Debbie Macomber the first one was the Shop on Blossom Street I believe and it was such a good book and they made knitting sound like such a relaxing and enjoyable hobby that I decided I was going to give it a shot again. So for the last couple years I have tried and tried again and was the hardest critic to myself and then I found this site. Watched video's over and over and managed to teach myself the continental method as I only knew the English method before and was never pleased with the tension I was getting. Since learning continental I have finally felt good about how my knitting looks and have actually looked forward to sitting and working on a project when I come home from work. Now I'm juggling 5 great hobbies lol but love each and every one of them. In the last three weeks I have made three scarfs for my daughters three kids and they all love them and won't go out without them on. Someday I hope to be able to master making them a sweater while they are still young.
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I also find knitting a great stress reliever; especially after a long day at work, where you can finish something, but there's always more waiting to be done. Then, you come home and do a little housework, but there's always more waiting to be done.

I love that there is an actual feeling of accomplishment at the end of a project. It's esteem-boosting, and it makes me want to do more projects. Thus we have the Circle of Life:Knitting Style!

Like Knit4Fun was saying, I also find that there is a feeling of connectedness. Meeting a fellow knitter is like running into an old friend you haven't seen in ages.
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Originally Posted by jodstr2 View Post
knitting calms me and fulfills my need to have a creative outlet. I sit here at work and look forward to perhaps having an hour or so of knitting in the evening. I grew up in a musical and visual art household and was always encouraged to express myself through those mediums. for a period of over 10 years starting in my early 20s I didn't do any art as a hobby - either because of lack of money, lack of time, or depression - or all 3 combined. I didn't start knitting until I was a month shy of 34 years old, but I'm so glad I did! I love color and texture and it still amazes me that a little string can turn into something fun/useful/interesting.
Gee, I have little to add as all the posts above as they all pretty much sum up how I feel about starting up knitting again, after more years than I care to remember. My only regret: I ever gave it up! Of course, the house is a lot dustier, messier, dinners more simple (thank goodness for frozen foods), but sitting quietly in MY knitting corner, in the sunlit kitchen (glass roof over part of it), I find peace and enjoyment of creating something from scratch. I have sewn, quite well if I do say so myself, for many years but knitting is just different. More calming to me anyway. Thankfully, this came back into my life and I intend, as long as I can see, move the old hands, to continue clicking away.
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I tell you.......Knitting brings PEACE into my life......About a week after 9-11 happened , I really started to knit. It helped me with the pain, anger, fear, stress.........It let me escape from reality and TV and goes to a nice place for awhile......Now I am in love with it and its my special time for just ME!
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I am a relatively new knitter. I took up knitting 3 months ago, and for about a month and a half, I just toyed with the yarn and needles. I found this site while playing with purposely-dropped-stitches through a Google search. I just wanted to Google, "knit", because I was obsessed. Addicted. Whatever you want to call it.

My schoolmate taught me. she taught me "wrong" and instead of the right needle in back, she puts it in front. I bought books and went online to find resources. I taught myself to purl, cable, make bobbles, and do everything. Except the knit stitch. Thank you, Bee!

After a month and a half, I got bored out my mind making ipod covers. Bleh! I never want to make short, teeny-weeny scarves and fold them over any more! I decided to look in the "Whatcha Knittin'?" section of this site. I found some interesting patterns. i got Cat Bordhi's book, "Socks Soar On Two Circular Needles" for Christmas. I was so addicted that I took it really far. I bought yarn almost once a week and never went any where without a projects. I admit it. I am a lazy, caffine-OBSESSED, addicted knitter.

This January, I realzed all the good things I could be knitting. I got DPN's and worsted weight yarn. I went to Silver's site and taught myself to knit socks. Now I am sock obsessed. I recently just decided to CO for my first sweater.

Thank you for listening to my ramble. LOL
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I am a mother of 2 teenage children and from 1995 to 2004 was a single mother. I am not technically out of single motherdom yet, but my DBF is so wonderful and so involved with the kids lives - going to parent teacher conferences, plays, taking them back to school shopping, etc - that it feels like I'm a little less "single"

Anyway, I suffer terribly from anxiety and have been known to be way over protective. If my children didn't call me when they got home from school and I couldn't get a hold of them I would immediately assume the worse. I literally have cried myself silly believing that one of the other one was seriously injured or worse just because I couldn't get a hold of them for a few hours. What ifs were driving me nuts!!!!!

I think some of it came from guilt because I couldn't be a stay at home mom for them and I didn't provide them with a good dad. I began to realize lately that my constant worry was making me sick. I had gastrointestinal problems, chest pains, fatigue and many other issues. I also realized that being out with my DBF and freaking out about the kids was going to put a kabosh on a good thing real quick! Thank God he's a patient saint of a man . .. lol

I did 2 things to help me calm down. I bought a watch with 3 alarms. When those alarms go off I re-evaluate my emotional thermometer at that moment, stop whatever I'm doing unless its dangerous to do so and just breathe a few times. I also started knitting. Its unbelievable how much different I feel in just a short amount of time. I've been knitting since November and I'm addicted. I'm calmer, I'm healthier and I'm happier - and so are my kids and DBF. My 17 yo DD even got to go out on a date without my hovering over her beforehand and when she was 10 minutes late . . . . I didn't call her cell phone
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