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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
Yea on the camera. When do we see pictures from it?
LOL as soon as I have time to load up the software and put photos on it. I love it already... although the quote of the night at the fair last night was, "Emily, if you don't put down the camera, I'm going to go get a stick."
I asked her what was going to be on it. I heard the chicken was good but corn dogs are more classic.
Originally Posted by knitgal View Post
Emily- Yay for the new camera! Go take some pictures and report back with them. Did I ever tell you my dad taught photography at the university level?
QOTD: On that note, what is everyone reading at the moment/read recently?
I don't remember you telling me that, but you may have. That's awesome. Bet you have some really good photos of you growing up that he took.
I just finished Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring. The Two Towers is my favorite of the trilogy, but my copy has gone missing so I have to locate it before I can read it. I know it is somewhere on my bookcase... but at the moment that is roughly comparable to someone walking into a poorly organized library, blindfolded and saying, "Somewhere in here they have the book I want" So before I find it I will probably re-read "The Ghost with the Trembling Wings" which is about searching for cryptozoological animals (ie bigfoot) and animals that are supposedly not extinct.
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still no kitty. My cousin said her kitty was missing for 2 weeks; then came back.
the older 2 have said repeatidly that he's dead & not comming home. Jacob asked this morning if we could og buy a new cat today. Daddy said no. not for a while.
Every time Katie goes out side she yells for "Yuttie" (Lucky) and if you ask her where he is she puts her arms up like "I dont know" so sad.
I'm thru the gusset decreases on the sock as of yesterday afternoon & hope to get more done today.
Headed to the shooting range to practice this morning with Dad and then this afternoon/evening we'll be at the drag strip.
talk toyou all later and happy

this shows the colors better than the previous photos
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Working the Gusset
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Julie, that's a nice sock.

Just dropped by quickly, actually have to do the dishes. Have been busy (again) and haven't been knitting a lot. Not even on the train. Decided I'd want to reread all my harry potter books and as the last two times, I'm totally hooked so I read on the train at the moment. I just started book 4 so not nearly halfway trough since the later books have way more pages. Well, going to help dbf with the dishes...happy knitting
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jberry16 (08-09-2009)
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Jullie those are nice socks - but don't they have a hole in the toe?

Lieke - talking books you can knit and read at the same time.

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jberry16 (08-09-2009)
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Good afternoon Socksters!!

Julie~Lookin' good....remember last Thanksgiving I was a complete mess with Gideon gone and then he showed up on the porch steps like he had never been away...our local radio station will run lost pet info maybe you could look into I would call the shelter and if you can check the shelter...they get so many animals he might get overlooked...I know our paper will allow free ads for lost pets to so you could try that or hang things up at the stores...I still think someone had Gideon but got tired of me knocking on all the doors daily and all that stuff

Lieke~I need to get some of my books out...usually in the summer I read more but haven't this year...

Chris~JD listens to them in the car but I haven't gotten used to the books on tape yet...I prolly should give it another try

Today started off gloomy and it couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to rain or not but it has since cleared up. Isaiah is playing with Jackson in the family room and then Roo and Haley are playing in her room. I'm enjoying the deck with the birds singing. I need to be starting that scarf! I did get a lot of weeds pulled so that's good

I hope you guys have a great day of knitting


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jberry16 (08-09-2009)
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Nice sock, Julie.. I hope you find your kitty!

As I type this we're waiting for a friend to drop off her Cockatiel. We often bird-sit for each other on vacations since their bird and one of ours were from the same clutch of eggs. So now we'll have 3 instead of 2 for a while!

I also got my long-overdue yarn shipment, and an explanation for why it took so long. For my shipping address I listed my home address . . . and the zip code for my office. Anyway.. I believe i mentioned earlier that folks on Ravelry have stated that the Patons Kroy now being made in Slovenia is not as good as what was formerly made in Turkey. The two skeins that came today were from Turkey. So I don't know if that means they are getting from both and it's random or what. At any rate, I can detect some difference in feel between the two, but it's not huge, and it could indeed be my imagination. We'll see what it's like knitting it. Of course the color is not quite the same from different dye lots, but the join should be inside the shoe!

Meanwhile I have done about 1 1/5 of ribbing on my Regia sock and I really like that yarn. It may become my go-to sock yarn, but I still have some Fortissima Socka and some Cascade Heritage to try out.
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jberry16 (08-09-2009)
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Hi everyone!

Just home tonight doing laundry. Worked 9-5 today and had dinner with my friend Laura. I am going to watch a movie and wind yarn and swatch for a sweater with the Scottish yarn. I am thinking of this one- what do you all think? Take a look at some of the completed ones rather than the model one- I like the ones people have made better. Looks sort of Scottish, don't you think?

Julie- I hope Lucky comes home. You never know with cats. My mom's cat was lost for over a year and she was so upset and certain he was killed somehow, but my brother was over at the house the other day and the cat sauntered up to him and lay down for a belly rub! He had a tag for the neighbours house on him, so they took him in. Have you asked around?

Steve- Strange about the Patons Kroy. I wonder if the stuff you got was just leftover from before they switched?

Lieke- I loved the HP books too. I should re-read them, but I have so many other books I want to read too. I like to re-read the books before I see the movies to get a refresher.

Dustina- Sounds like you're having a nice day. Hope you got started on your scarf! I have no problem starting new projects, it's the finishing that gets me!

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jberry16 (08-09-2009)
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Ann I like that pattern. I think it will look great!

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knitgal (08-08-2009)
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Hey guys thanks for all the concern about Lucky, I'm almost certain he's dead because of the cat/dog fight I heard. His other 2 'friends' (1 imparticular) keeps comming around the house like, Can Lucky come out to play? So sweet. Brian let one of them in the house tonight & he went around the entire house looking in all of Lucky's "spots." I really hate to say, but think that he was someone's dinner on Thurs. night.

Thanks for the compliments on the sock too, I got about 1.5" knit on them today at the track & hope to knit more later (tomorrow) it's now 11:25 and I'm ready to go to bed. Nothing exciting to report from the track...

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.
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Hi everyone:

I am sorry I have not read the posts today (you'll understand after you read my post) but I did see Ann's picture of her new socks and I think they are absolutely beautiful!

Well yesterday, our first official day of vacation started well. We slept in (a bit) and then got up and I fed Boots and took him out for his daily constitutional. We were planning on going to PetSmart to get him a new chew bone. Well DH locked us out of the house, because I was planning on putting Boots in the car and then going back in for my purse, but he closed the door with my purse (keys included) inside the apartment. We called the landlord from DH's cell phone and he brought keys, just not the one to our apartment, which he left at his house. We finally had to kick in the door to get inside. The landlord did the kicking. Then we had to pay $100 for a carpenter to come and replace the door frame we smashed so that we could get in.

It was an uneventful day other than that, but the evening was another story.

Later in the evening, I got really bad heartburn and then severe chest pains. I've had chest pain and heartburn before lately and so I did what I usually do, eat some bread with peanut butter on it, because that used to take the pain away. This time however, that did not work. I truly thought I was having a heart attack. At 10:30 last night I begged DH to take me to the ER. I told them at Triage that I was having severe chest pains! I was sat in a waiting room. I did not get into a room until 3 a.m. I was there until half an hour ago, when they finally let me come home. It was not a heart attack!!! Apparently I have a bleeding ulcer. I have no idea how I got that, but at least my heart is "healthy". I have to take pills for three weeks, twice daily, watch my diet (no alcohol or spicy foods), eat six small meals a day and stay stress free (hahaha)!

So I WILL survive! I have too much yarn that I want to knit into socks for DH to check out of this life at the tender age of 53. Besides, I want my birthday supper on Friday!!

We were supposed to go to Niagara Falls today but it is supposed to thunder storm, so we won't be going. We are still planning on going to the trailer on Monday.

I got no sleep last night at the hospital. In two of the rooms across from me there were an old man and a young man. They had gotten drunk and started to fight and stabbed each other. They were in side by side rooms with a police guard on each. The next room had a drunken man who had fallen and broken "many ribs", and they were putting him on life support because he was having trouble breathing on his own, so when the doctor finally came in to see me his first question was "have you been drinking tonight, do you drink?" When I said no he told me about the other patients and seemed relieved that I was a sober patient. The fuss and noise from the other patients and the pain in my chest made it impossible for me to sleep. The nice nurse brought me a "shooter" which consisted of 3 parts Milk of Magnesia and one part Lidocaine and she called it a Pink Lady, LOL. It numbed me all the way down, anywhere the Lidocaine touched. The heartburn went away! It was fantastic. Then they gave me two antacid pills to take and kicked me out with my script for some kind of PPI's.

Have a good Sunday, I am going to bed for a while.
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