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Julie: My love, you do not need to tell the children, at their tender age, that Unc has been in jail. A simple "he's away right now" will do. They are too young to process it, because then they would think of him as "bad" and that is not what he needs right now!

Today I felt better. I got up and went to the pharmacy to buy some SlimFast products. This butt WILL leave me, if I have to starve to do it! Today while I was at the pharmacy I talked to the pharmacist about withdrawal and he said what I am going through is "normal" and to not make any major decisions right now and be patient with myself, and to explain to hubby that he needs to be patient because the long term goal will be worth the short term suffering! Then I went to the hospital to have another x-ray of my knee because Dr. Dummy says he wants to compare it with the last one. At hospital they could not find the break until I mentioned Fibular Head (where the break is), then they found it, I think! I got back and took Boots for a walk around the block and at 11:30 a.m. I am totally bushed. I spent a lot of yesterday crying too, for heaven only knows what reason, but today I don't feel quite so blue. The sun is shining here which helps a lot, and knowing that the pharmacist says this is "normal" behaviour for withdrawal helps a lot too!
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Julie - prayers for your family.
Although I agree with Christine that you don't necessarily need to tell your kids that he has been in jail... Kids are pretty smart. My family has always made the effort to distinguish between "bad person" and "made bad choices." A family member who is in jail is more likely in the first column: this person is someone we love, but they are in jail because they've made a bad decision and broke the law, and we hope that they learn from their mistake. The point has always been stressed, also, that loving and supporting the person means that we want them to understand the consequences of their actions, rather than piling sympathy on them.
It can also be a point, for kids of a certain age, to make the point of the greater impact of that kind of decision: It doesn't impact only the person making the decision, it hurts the entire family, friends... and possibly strangers.

Christine - I really hope and pray that all of these symptoms go away soon. Take good care of yourself in the meantime and try to be patient.
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Hi Socksters,
Chris, we're ALL chatty on here. I miss those who aren't posting anymore! It's been fun to get to know y'all on here!

Emily, if we really talked about socks, starting a new KAL would be a good idea. But with so many posts NOT about socks, I say we keep on with this one. That way people can see the number of posts and kinda figure that we're not just a KAL. Too bad about the fabric. HOpe you find a green that goes perfectly with what you have!

Julie, Sounds like you're a good trainer for Pearl! Too bad about your brother. Christine and Emily had some good points about that. Tell him to drink some iced tea or coffee. They're diuretics that make ya have to go!

Christine, you're in my prayers. DO take the non-narcotic pain killers! It will help you deal with the emotions better, too. Being in pain makes your body and mind more tense. You don't need that. And don't push weight loss right now. It will happen as you feel better. One thing at a time, my friend!
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Gina: Summer is my time of the year to loose weight. I have to uncover myself more this year in the summer, and show all this overweightedness and so now that it is almost summer I intend to loose these hips and bum. If I could just get down that 20 lbs. I'd be happy. Nothing I own fits me. I've had to resort to stretch pants and long tops. I can't do this Gina, I HAVE to try to loose it, and besides the pain will be less with the weight lower. Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it!

Yesterday we went to my DD's house to celebrate my granddaughter's 6th birthday. She was so thrilled with her very own Nintendo DS in PINK!!! She is a happy child. LOL I've created a monster I think. The kids were fighting over the DS and the grandson has his own! Finally he settled down and started to show her how to use the toy, instead of them fighting over it. God help their mother, it will be fully charged this morning and movable from the spot she was playing yesterday!

I gained just under a pound at the birthday party yesterday so I have to go for a lovely walk today and try to get rid of this. Tomorrow we start our counselling sessions. We start with financial counselling Monday, we go for couples counselling on Tuesday and then I have trauma and addiction counselling on the 25th. Hopefully this will help us both. The accident and recovery have been an awful strain on both of us. Thankfully his company pays for all of this and so all we have to do is attend!
I love to give homemade gifts... which one of my kids do you want?

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Thanks guys, the kids know he made some bad decisions. Turns out the PO made that comment, eventhough he never got a urine sample, because Kevin told him that he might pee hot because his room mate had been using meth and thc. He went in again on Thurs (I think) and gave a clean sample. He keeps telling us he's clean, but being around it, even if he didn't do it, would make his urine hot. sigh.

My aunt from SC is in town (from last Fri) through the 26th and my sis will come in on Fri night and leave Sun. we're going to have so much fun. Today's going to be my day at home to get things done (like laundry and clean house) because I haven't been home much since my aunt came in. Sat all us girls will go to Santa Fe and have a 2 hour lunch with wine and shop and have a great time! It will be so much fun. And we'll take the train so we wont have to worry about driving. I'll be the dd anyway but that's because I dont handle alcohol, I can have 1/2 a glass of wine and I'm done.
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Dustina asked me to close this thread so a new uncluttered thread can be started. This one will still be available for read only if you need to find something.

New thread is here -

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

NEW! KH knitting video archive

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