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Turning the Heel
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Morning to everyone!
Indygirl,Tangle and Allison~Beautiful socks!

Lieke~Glad you had a nice holiday!

Christine~Love your socks! Are you all dug out yet? Our snow finally stopped around 2pm yesterday.

knitgal~I was going to suggtest going up in needles sizes to get less stitches per inch too. Glad DBF made it home safe.

silegose~DH never asks what I spend on yarn or books because I don't even come close to what he spends on race car parts!

Dotty~Did you get to knit in the sunshine?

I turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches on the simple cables sock. Now to start the decreases. I finally finished the toes on my "continental" sock and CO for the second one on the ride into work this morning. It's a beautiful sunny day here, too bad it's only 8 degrees.
Have a great day everyone!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

On the needles: Not much
Finshed: Nothing lately
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Working the Gusset
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Oh man, I must just seem SO dim now! I can't believe I did it again. Of course I have to go UP a needle size, not down. What was I thinking? I'm not going to take all the blame though, my aunt has partially to blame as she was here the whole time I was swatching and agreed with me on having to go down needles sizes.....I want to go hide in shame!

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Instepping Out
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Don't hide in shame, we all have brain farts! Look at me yesterday with my yo's! I did it six times before I realized what I was doing wrong. Then it was my turn to hang my head in shame. Every day can't be a perfect day.
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knitgal (03-10-2008)
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sue in canada
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Good Morning everyone. I didn't get any knitting done yesterday as we had visitors. Did you see the icicle photos I posted on a separate thread? I thought they looked so pretty. The sun is shining again at the moment thank goodness. Today I am going to attempt to start sewing a rag quilt for my granddaughter. I haven't made one before so it will be interesting.
ahkatelier I love the rainbow socks.
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Good Morning Socksters!! (ok I posted this earlier but it didn't show up...thankfully I saved it lol)

Tami~ Whenever I make them I'm making the heel short row...prolly Sherman I'm liking that heel right now...

dotty~I wonder why they stopped making the Magic Stripes...I have never seen it in person...I hope you can find what you are you think maybe you could dye it the colors you need? ohh when it gets pretty here you guys will see me in the morning and that's it...I love to be outside

Silegose~ I think your book crosses out the wii games...only fair

Gina~ I'm trying to ignore the sales group on ravelry so I don't buy any more lol...I have to get my sock stash down...I'm back up to 38 pairs...was down to 30 went up to 39...used 1 for the skps

Indygirl~ohhh those are pretty!!

Knitgal~I can't wait to see the monkeys...I do that all the time with gauge...I always want it to be the opposite of what it is ...I'm glad he didn't drop the camera in the hole and was able to stay warm!! ... I had a friend up here tell me it wasn't fair cause if we did end up with some kind of disease in the whole country or trapped by another country (she likes to think this way) I would know what to do...I could just go back to WV and hide in the woods and wouldn't be found...My dad could hunt and make clothes from the animals and we just know how to survive and how it wouldn't be fair...cause I could knit the clothes and mom could quilt... I told her well if anything ever happens like that I will take you with me...

Jackie~ Sounds like a plan to me

Allison~ they look great!!

Lieke~I Hope you had a wonderful time and can't wait to see the picts

The.Knitter~Hope you are feeling better

Sue~Will check the thread out on the icicles...can't wait to see the rag quilt...I have one started that I didn't finish so I made it into a doll quilt

Knittable~JD was all excited the other day because he smelled a skunk...which to him means spring can't be to much farther...I loved that last night at 7:30 you could still see outside!!

Lisa~I can't wait to see your sock...stay warm!

We woke up this morning and school was on a 2hr delay...JD called me when he made it out of our road and told me I was going to have to give the car a lot of gas to get up around the curve and to the pavement part flat of the road to leads the highway...I told him I think we will just walk...he said can't to deep Isaiah would go to school with wet feet thankfully they cancelled school...I know now they lose a day of spring break but the curve I have to go around has one side of embankment the other side free and open...and well I'm to big of a chicken

JD doesn't care either if I went crazy and put us in debt cause of my need to buy yarn then he prolly would

I worked a bit on the bootie...I just have the sock cuff to finish up and then I'll have a pair...I just couldn't get into knitting yesterday

I hope you guys have a great day of knitting!!

A Mountaineer Knitter's Blog
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Ribbing the Cuff
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Hi Everyone!
This is for The.Knitter: (and anyone who might need a chuckle)

I didn't post pics of my socks yesterday because I stayed up late to finish the last sock. Note to self - don't repeat that mistake! I am definitely not a night-owl, and forgot to do another round of ankle pattern. Didn't notice it until just a few minutes ago, when I had happily woven in the tails and happily put the two together and went - (&&**$((%)!!! Oh well, the longer cuffed sock is the first sock, and I didn't really grasp the whole picot edge thing, but thought it passable. Now I think I'll frog back to the length of the second sock and re-do. I love this sock yarn, but don't really want to do two more different sized socks just to fix the problem! Please tell me this has happened to someone else? PS - Hope you are feeling better?
Lisa, used to get migraines, too. Now, I just get hot flashes I just saw that you are in central NY - so you're pretty close too - did you get a lot of ice this weekend too?
Dotty, I - it's only 4 stitches dropped, not 5. And after doing it so many times, I actually began to enjoy seeing the pattern emerge. And it looks like I'll get even more practice today (see above).
GJ, thanks for the heads up on the yarn sale! I already had some bids going on ebay, so had to pass. Will have some yarn porn to share soon, I hope!
Jackie, Singapore! That is so cool! Being on the beach sounds nice right now, looking out at our ice-covered trees, but the shopping paradise, Oooo-Nice!
Allison and Tangle - Great socks!
Glad to hear you had a good time, Lieke!
Knittable, we actually have the Canadian robins since two days ago. They are so brave to be so early. After this weekend, tho, I'm sure they're regretting it! We've gone through a record amount of oil sunflower seed this winter, but we also now have a small herd of piggy grey squirrells!
Dotty, what's your weather today? It must have felt so good to have it in the 60's. Spring and Fall are my mostest favoritest seasons...
Knitgal - see my pics from this morning before hanging your head
Have a great day knitting; hopefully will be able so model a complete, correct pair soon
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knitgal (03-10-2008)
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Instepping Out
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Originally Posted by Lisa1216 View Post

Christine~Love your socks! Are you all dug out yet? Our snow finally stopped around 2pm yesterday.
Thanks Lisa, I am pleased with them and DH LOVES them. Yes, even my snow drift from beside the car is now gone. All I have to do is clean off the car now. It still has two foot of snow on the roof of it. I had to do it in stages because the longer the snow sits the heavier it gets (and I am not getting any younger). Next week it is supposed to snow all week according to the long range weather forecast website. I have no idea where we will put all that snow on top of the other day's dumping.
I love to give homemade gifts... which one of my kids do you want?

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Instepping Out
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Devon: All I get when I click on that site is "album not found". Sorry! I am sure I would have been sympathetic except I can't see what I am to be sympathetic about. I now have 3/4" of ribbing OTN again and so far no laddering that I can see.

Happy Knitting everyone!
I love to give homemade gifts... which one of my kids do you want?

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Instepping Out
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Mornin everyone!
Knitgal: don't feel bad, I've done that same thing, that's why it's burned into my head.

Devon: your link doesn't open a picture.

To everyone who's gone to my blog and then tried to email me and weren't able to, sorry-I thought that's what it was for. My bad, I never got any emails. As for the swap thing I'll post about it today...I think sofar we only have 4 people interested & I think it will be more of a 'non knit' swap since we're all so busy anyway. I also won't be participating in it, just organizing it. (for those of you who don't know how to get to my blog, just click the kid's picture on my sig.)

I got another 2 rows or so done on my socks...Tami I agree with you I don't like gussets, take too long to knit

Hope everyone has a nice day...I'll check back in later.
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knitgal (03-10-2008)
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Instepping Out
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Holy cow, I can't keep up with you guys!

I LOVE all the socks posted, they are gorgeous! Are the noro socks as scratchy as the regular kureyon?

Welcome to the 'newbies' to the thread!

Julie, how I miss the days of nursing! I used to doze through it too. They grow up way too fast, don't they?

I started my simply cables yesterday, I think I got 13 rounds done. With any luck I'll manage to finish them before the end of the month! I finished the itty bitty baby socks, but no pictures yet.
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