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Well as for the slogan n motto: the slogan is Loch Sloidh (The Loch of the Host) and the motto is: This I'll defend!!

As for the cake, the lady called this morning and is sending a check, it should get to the bakery by Friday, I hope!!!
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Working the Gusset
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Ooh, that top is going to be gorgeous, Christine.......I am absolutely bonkers over purple right now, for some odd reason..............probably because I CAN'T get a good tone of i with koolaid dyeing !

I loved the looks of that scarf you made, Sue in Canada,........and ankle socks are so quick and rewarding.........those will be really pretty !

Sorry about the 'holey' misadventure, Alex/RoryGilmore ! I saw your new toy, the sewing machine in your flickr photos.......hope you have some fun adventures with IT !

I couldn't see the basset features on Whitlee.......looks very beagly.........I wonder if she's a 'singer'. I bet she's a sweetheart.

Thanks, Gina,.........I do come here for company, that's for sure !

I got to watch a 1 1/2 year old little boy for 4 hours today, and he was a sweetie. He got teary, wanting to go home, near the end, but then fell asleep for a nap. Oh, how I've missed the feel of a little one in my arms !

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Do you mean me dotty? Christine is The.Knitter, my name is Ann. I should probably put it in my signature!

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I don't really mind her awake periods. It kind of mirrors what my schedule was like before she was born. It's okay if she's awake and calm during that time, but the awake and crying is what's getting to us. We're just doing co-sleeping for now. She sleeps in the crib during the day, but I bring her into bed with us at night. I did it with my first two and after a few weeks we were able to go 100% to the crib. At least this time around, I have a husband that actually cares about his newborn and doesn't mind her in bed with us.

I'm thinking if it keeps up, I'm going to do my knitting around 3am or so.
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Knitgal Clan Lindsay is not a lesser known Clan at X-Marks it is a very popular tartan. Electric Scotland says " Clan Lindsay Society is one of the largest and most influential of the bodies which perpetuate the traditions of their name" Some site to read.

Those pancake sound great. Now if my DW gets up at 3:30am and starts I could get up 1/2 hour early and have breakfast tomorrow.

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Thanks. Now I'm craving pancakes!

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Evening All! I've been lurking here the last few days keeping up with everyone.
Julie-Thanks for posting a pic of Gina's shawl. I'm horrible about taking pics. I always think of it after I've given something away or sent it out. How are the kiddies? Did you get the appt for Caitlin? I hope you get some rest tonight!

Christine-Our vet told us that once a dog eats, his whole digestive systems starts moving. They're not like us, which moves along at a slower rate. We would feed Molly then take her right outside for a while.

Dustina-Whitlee is so cute! I can't even imagine what a puppy mill is like! 85 dogs? How sad! Sounds like she'll have a lot of love in your home! Glad Roo's top is cooperating!

Knitgal-Glad your getting your wisdom teeth out! I had mine out a few years back. It really wasn't too bad. They took 3 out. I wish now that I had it done earlier. Your DBF's sock is pretty and I like the color of the top!

Lieke-Pretty socks! Take care with your back

Tami-Yay for getting the cake done and that you heard back from them about payment! It's beautful!

Silegose- for winning the Sockamania yarn/pattern!!

caccun-Thanks for all the links! I'll have to spend some time searching around on them. My MIL is a Campbell...not sure if that's more Irish than Scottish. Glad the kilt hose are moving along.

Gina-Thanks for the recipe!. MyDH is at a meeting tonight, so my DDand I had pancakes for dinner! Not your recipe though, just the store bought bag mix.

Sue-What a pretty sock! The yarn you got from your swap fairy is gorgeous. It was worth waiting the extra weeks for your package when you get something nice like that! Your scarf looks great too!

Rory-Love your sock too and that you used your belly for the backdrop! I use ML for my socks and haven't had any hole problems. Is it with picking up the gusset stitches? I pick up 2 extra stitches near the instep and knit them together on the next round and that usually helps.

Dotty-The top is cute! I love the little flowers on it. Isn't it fun to have a liitle one around when you usually don't. My sister has a 9 & 5 yo and when I need a kid fix, I borrow them! The good thing is I can wind them up and send them home after!

Devon-The cat bed is great! Did PeaWee get a chance to try it out? It was warm here today, low 60's and it felt great! DH's socks look great!

Carey-Hopefully you'll get some "me" knitting in soon. Gina's shawl is fun to work on too.

Morning Jackie! and Hi to everyone else I may have missed.

I turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches yesterday on the simply cables. DD is still sick and coughing her brains out. She hasn't been this sick in a long time. I spent the day today at work interviewing for our receptionist position. I received about 80 resumes for a part time position. Kinda scarey that there are so many needing to pick up more hours of work or are out of work. I don't mind the interviewing part, but I hate telling people that they didn't get the job.

Catch you all later!

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Sue, I would LOVE to learn that style of knitting. I've tried to get it watching a short video of the Yarn Harlot, but it's just too fast. Do you know of a good tutorial (or do ya wanna make one?)
I'm wondering if it would be easier on my hands!
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Working the Gusset
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Oh, Ann/knitgal ! Yes, I did mean YOU ! I didn't even look at who posted the pictures,........for some reason, I assumed that Christine was making another pair of socks for her hubby ! I like that sock yarn for a man.

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Thanks Dotty. I have my hands full right now looking after the Little Mister and knitting some birthday presents for my DGD.

Little Mister had a stressful day today. "Mommy" went away for a few hours and "Daddy" was minding him. Daddy does things differently than I do. He will have to get used to both! He was glad to see me when I got home. Although I am more firm then my DH I also am more gentle if that makes sense to you. Also, I can't get him to eat today and he has the diarrhea again. He will drink the water but he won't touch the food. I've tried several times today but he just walks away from it and won't touch it. He is under the weather. He just lays in his cage and he is not moving around or crying. I think the worm meds they gave him are coming through again. He has gone "potty" outside a couple of times today but he has covered his crate several times. I am beside myself trying to figure out what is wrong. I sure hope he eats tomorrow or he is going to the vet.

MMMMMMM pancakes. Darn it, now I want some too!

You are fast Sue. I would still be gussetting.

My DGD is having her surgery tomorrow so I won't be here at all through the day. Please excuse the absenteeism (if that is a word). I will take Little Mister with me, but it means I won't be able to pick up Boots's stroller from the Pet Store until I get home because they are open until 7 p.m. I am so anxious to get that for him. I think we are going to have a great time going for walks with our stroller. When he gets tired he can ride in style!

I got a few rounds done on my Candy Cane Lacy Mock Cable sock today. I will take that with me to the hospital tomorrow so I will have something to do while we wait for my DGD to be finished her surgery. Never mind, I will take my DGD's sun top and start on that instead.
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