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Gina, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a bad day. I think you deserve some chocolat.

We had daylight saving last week, so no extra hour for me. I stayed up way to late yesterday. I couldn't decide between movies, so I watched Chicago and Moulin Rouge. I knitted quite a bit on the sleeves of Avast. I'm still trying to get it done before end of the year, which is quite an accomplishment for me. My cables and o's took me 11 months
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Good Morning Socksters!!

I really don't like it when we have to change our time back an hour. It gets dark so early and the evenings seem so long. I went to bed early last night the clock said a little before 11 and JD said ya know it's really not even 10 .

Gina~ I can't imagine when my 2 will be off and doing there own thing...I'm having trouble with the thought of Roo going to Kindergarten next year...

Jackie~I hope you guys have a great vacation!! The kids here get off 3 days for Thanksgiving (Nov.27th, 28th, and Dec.1rst) and then they go back to school till the 22nd of Dec and then have 2wks off for Christmas

Ann~I hope you guys have a great time knitting together!

Lieke~ You will make it!!

Karina~I'll look it up and see...I went out yesterday for a couple of things to our local Pharmacy and there was a lady there getting pictures developed...she had a canon so I asked her about it...she said it was over 3,000.00 eek I don't remeber what she said she lost me at the price . I did watch the US Dancing with the Stars...but this year it didn't hold my tells me that it's only available in the UK but I think we can hear the radio programs.

Carla~How are your windowpanes coming along? ...2yrs!! My mom's brother (only brother) doesn't call and doesn't come home...never know why...when mom calls him it's like oh has it been that long? He has never seen my kids...or me since 7th grade... My grandmother stays upset about has asked him if he is mad about something he says no just busy with work

Christine~I hope you are feeling better

jess~Congrats to your cousin

Julie~I'm sorry you forgot some questions but maybe you did GREAT on the rest of the test so it won't hurt to much

Hi everyone!!

I keep forgetting to post about this group in yahoo. I found it through ravelry lookin' at patterns. It's not really a KAL, you don't have to mail stuff off, or beat anyone, not time frame. They just post free patterns on Wed and Sat for holiday gifts. They are usually fast and simple gifts...they also have mystery gifts and shooting star (catch it when it comes up)...They have some good knitting and crochet patterns on there...Here is the link if you guys are interested in it...

Nothing much planned today but knitting more stockings...she needs them to her by Nov.30th. I think we have a 125 now...gotta get to 850.

I hope you all have a great day of knitting

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Gina- to you. I felt the same way last year when DD came home for the first time. She had a BF here at the time. Saw her for about an hour the whole 4 days she was home, except coming and going in the mornings and night. It's hard. Hang in there. DH said we worked hard for 18 years to give our children wings to fly on their own, now we have to sit back and watch as they use them. It's hard not being part of their day to day lives.

Jess- Sorry to hear about your friend Diane.

Julie-The kids are cute with all the pumpkins! Did they get a lot of candy trick or treating? Congrats on the chem grade. Keeping fingers crossed for the lab grade.

Christine-Glad you had a great time at the wedding! I'll go look for the thread.

Dustina-I have about 4 stockings done. I'm enjoying the quick knit. Sorry no help on the camera. I want a slim small one myself, but haven't been out looking for any yet.

Ann-Glad you had a good time at the wedding. Have fun at the SnB!

Jackie-Enjoy your holiday!

Going to my parents today for my Dad's birthday. I've been knitting a few of the mini stockings for the charity thread Dustina posted. They are really easy to do. Hope you all have a great Sunday!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

On the needles: Not much
Finshed: Nothing lately
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dustina thanks for the link to the yahoo group, just joined. there is a cute little dolls sweater I think I will do for Maisey. I started to make some stockings yesterday for the charity. now the kids have seen them, I have spent the morning making 3 for the kids. In a minute I will cast on another for the actual charity.
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thanks guys. I hope I did ok on the lab quiz-he doesn't explain anything as far as instructions on his quizes. Yesterday he gave us 1 math problem...that was it, no instruction or anything. Is he lazy or tough? All I know is I really need to study my notes today & do the exercises in the book.

We decided to split up kids & Mass times today, they're fighting in church & that's super distracting so Brian & Jacob went at 7 & I'll take Bailey @ 9, Katie will be asleep by then so she will miss church this week-but she's a baby so I suppose it doesn't reallly matter.

Yes the kids got candy & had fun yesterday. O I so wanna knit today & not do other things. (like homework)
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sue in canada
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Gina: Hope you are feeling better today. That is the way with children after they leave home, more interested in spending time with their friends on visits home. I have been there.

Knitgal: Have fun with your knitting group.

Dustina: Thanks for the info on the Yahoo group. I just joined.

Julie: Well done on your test results.

Jackie: Enjoy your vacation time.

Karina: I love watching Dancing with the Stars.

Lisa: Hi there.

Christine: How is the shoulder?

No knitting for me for the last few days, not so much computer either. I think Christine passed her bad shoulder to me over the net. I plan to visit her this week and I will give it back! Actually I think the problem is from an old injury, so I am trying to rest it for a few days. Doing more scrapbooking instead.
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chemical brains needed...
Jess (or anyone else) I'm hoping you can help me, I will also e-mail the teacher but wanted your help first in understanding this question...
Calculate the number of moles containing 6.75 x 10^24 formula units of manganese (II) sulfate.
ok so Mn is 54.94 & SO4 is a total of 96.07 for a grand total of 151.01 molar mass, right? Ok so then to set up the equation, this is where I'm stuck...would it be set up as...

6.75 x 10^24 x 1 mol/6.022 x 10^23 x 1mol/151.01 MnSO4

I keep re-arranging this darn equation & I have no clue what I'm doing besides confusing myself. I've looked through my notes & dont see a problem asking for the number of moles.

Thanks in advance.
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Julie - just wanted to let you know I'll help with your problem... I'm on my way to the greyhound shelter tho so I won't have time until later tonight.
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Thank you Jess...
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I saw something cute today that I thought perhaps some of you could relate to:

The 7 Dwarves of Menopause; Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful & Psycho!!

I have not gotten much knitting done this weekend. I have about an inch left to go on the back of my CPH but Mo and Jo have left me for the time being. I called and invited them back but they said they are too busy right now and will come back in a few days, maybe! Perhaps I bored them!!!
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