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Jackie Lim
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While trying to get the correct guage for the Top Down Garter Yoke, i didn't have 16" interchangable circular needle (Just bourght the Harmony Wood Inter knitting set thru online spree recently, with 24" and 32" length only), that KP Harmony doesnt come with a 16" length Interchangable circular needle . Cant do the gauge today

Dear Ann - you are in my thought We are here

Gina - Welcome back fro your camping trip. Bet u had good time with yr family.

Julie - Dont be too harsh on yourself U did a good job.

Welcome to my blog

FOs - In my blog
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jberry16 (03-23-2009)


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Jackie, just use the longer needle and pull part of the cord out, like for magic loop. I do it all the time!

Julie, Don't worry too much about the grade. Just learn all you can. In the end, they'll still call you nurse!

Ann, you're still in my prayers!
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Julie, I think Gina is right on with her advice, so I won't repeat it. You're doing great!

Ann, I hope you can feel all of our prayers coming your way.

Gina, welcome back from camping! Sounds lovely, I wish I could get out and do more of that. I took the kids out for a picnic at the park on Friday, we had a nice time.

Jackie, now is a great time to learn magic loop!

Well, this is what I did this weekend:

That picture shows the color really well. This one doesn't show the color well at all, but it's a good close-up of the cable:

It's the coronet cabled hat from Knitty, and the yarn is Berocco sox metallic, knit for my friend Adriana.
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jberry16 (03-23-2009)
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Working the Gusset
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Thank you for the thoughts and prayers everyone. It's been a rough few days, but I am getting through. My brother and I have spent the last couple days planning the funeral and it is just so exhausting. There are so many decisions to make and we are just not in the right mind frame to make them. Today is the first day I don't have to rush off and meet with anyone to talk about the funeral. Tomorrow is the visitation and wednesday is the funeral, so after that I am hoping to relax and deal with it in my own time.
If you would like to read the obituary, it can be seen here:

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Thanks for that information Ann. You are doing a great job and I am sure the service you have chosen will be perfect for your mother. You will be able to relax and reflect after it is all over. Remember to cherish the good memories because they will keep your Mom close to your heart in the days and years to come. Know that we will all be with you (in spirit) over the next few days, and if you close your eyes you will feel the many hugs from your knitting family at KH.
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Carey that hat is beautiful!

Ann I agree with what Christine said.

thanks y'all, never thought about it that way; they'll stil call me 'nurse' even if my grades weren't A's.

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Abbily (03-23-2009)
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sue in canada
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Ann, I add my thoughts and wishes to everything Christine has said. I could not have said it better. Take care of yourself.
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Carey, I like that hat.

Ann, I agree with everyone else.

Well, I don't know what I did, but I've got a sore neck-muscle. I'm keeping it warm (with a nice and soft handknitted scarf, which I wear day and night) and I'm taking painkillers to get the pain down in order to be able to move again. I found out knitting relieves the pain, so that's great. Working behind my pc isn't to good for my neck, but I need to do that as well, because I need to finish my paper. I'll go to university tomorrow to work on it and if the pain's to much, I'll go home to knit. I think that's the best I can do at the moment. I'm done with the back of Montera and working on the right front now. I hope to cast on for the sleeves this week.

As you could've read in my blog, I casted on for some socks. I'm making up the pattern, I want a lace pattern spiralling around my leg. I'll show you pics when you can see the pattern decently.
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Abbily (03-23-2009)
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Ann Christine is right again!

Lieke if your neck is hurting make sure your monitor is high enough that you look straight at it, not downward. Take a kitchen timer with you and set it for 15-20 minutes. Each time it goes off get out of your chair stretch your neck and arms.

Julie - I have met a number of straight "A" people I wouldn't trust to dig a hole to plant a tree, much less give me medicine. Too many of them "know" but do not understand what is going on. Those things that you must know to do your job you will learn and remember. By the way I hurt and have a temperature or is it I hurt because by bourbon is warm, I forget.

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Oh Ann, my heart just dropped when I read your post.

I am truly sorry for your loss...words just can't describe it.

Thanks so much for letting us know.
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