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Cats and ramen noodles
Does anyone else's cat go absolutely wiggy over the smell of ramen noodles? My cat is nuts with this smell, she can be sleeping in another room, smell the noodles and instantly starts acting like someone slipped her some acid. If I'm eating them she bites my hand, rubs her teeth on me and rolls around on the table. I don't get it, it's like the smell is 100% worse than catnip to her. Otherwise she's a normal cat, whip out the ramen and watch out she's rabid!

PS. Yes, I eat ramen noodles, they're cheap and easy.
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That's so funny... makes me want to go buy some ramen noodles and start a science project.
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my cat goes nuts for olives
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Mine love cheezits and potato chips... go figure...

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I ramen noodles, with some butter...Yummy! My cat goes crazy over anything being cooked in the kitchen. He tried and loved oatmeal (not cooked), rice (not cooked). I guess cats are like people, we all have our crazy food. I love beef tongue and gefilte fish and holodez (russian cold meat appetizer).
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My older cat goes nuts for milk or tuna.

my little cats goes absolutely apesh*% for baked hot cheetos. Like she knows the bag when we bring it home from the store and will take it out when we put the bags down and rip the bag open and start feeding herself until she starts tearing up because they are hot. f we are eating it. She is all up in our face meowing, pawing the chips out of our hands to eat it. if we are taking to long to give it to her, she just sticks her head in the bag. Its hilarious. we have to put the bag in the same cabinet as we put her cat food and her treats. If she escapes outside I actually use the cheetos instead of treats to call her back in. they work better.

She also likes baked skinless buffalo wings. goes nuts for those. curry, rice, fries, anything salty, almonds, baked turkey, mashed potatoes. basically all people food. loves spanish food. its hilarious. its turned into what won't she eat game, but baked hot cheetos are her absolute favorite. its like catnip for her.

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LOL! The only time I use Ramen Noodles is in an Asain Chicken Salad, so I get a lot of interest, but I thought it was the chicken. It might be the noodles! I'll have to experiment next time to find out!

That is so funny!
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My cat goes crazy for BBQ chips and harvest cheddar Sunchips. She also LOVES spaghetti sauce.

It's so weird what makes these cats go nuts!
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That is funny! I have a cat who is crazy for yogurt. I try to be silent opening the container but even if he is in another room he will sense the yogurt and come beg.
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Originally Posted by Lucy78green View Post
my cat goes nuts for olives
Mine too! He gets all
The little one gets rabid over banana's. You may as well have a catnip and tuna popsicle in your hand.
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