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Sweater Chicken
Am I the only one who is a SWEATER CHICKEN???

My first project of making a sweater was a UGH! It was so Ugly that I can not even take a picture of it, afraid the camera might bust.

I made the BIG SACK SWEATER from Stitch and Bitch Knitter's hand book.

The back was about and inch shorter than the front with a bit of extra long sleeves to drag on the ground. Plus whoever dare to put this sweater on for kicks and giggles would feel like they just got the worst chemical peel on their face from the neckline being way to small for any normal head.

Second project was a child's sweater, everything was great(or so I thought) the chemical peel was eliminated but we added the skill of not having the sweater fit any part of the head. Just able to crown and we can call that sweater done.

My poor nephew was just screaming as his mother was trying to get it on his head. After awhile we were on the floor laughing so hard as I am ONE OF THOSE AUNTS WHO KNIT!!!

I so want to try again, but I am so chicken as I have wasted 2 projects and I would like to get serious and feel like I am going to start wasting money on yarn.

If you have any suggestions please help me.... or at least my nephew.
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Kinda funny stories...Sorry they've not turned out like you imagined. I did a sweater with a hood for my first. I used size 35 needles and triple stranded Lion's Brand Thick and Quick. So I was able to learn techniques, see fast results--that sort of thing. It was in the Knit.1 Fall 2007 magazine.

What about something like the Surprise Baby Jacket (Zimmerman)? Won't have to worry about the sweater giving baby birth (crowning! LOL!) and it's pretty straight forward....


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i am a sweater chicken, but i have casted on one......ahhhh! im scared that im going to mess up really bad and i will end up frogging the whole thing. that would not be good. plus, i am using Plymouth Encore Colorspun in colorway 029, Baby Pink. where can i get some of it? i am 150 yards short! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!
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Make a cardigan! No problem getting stuck on head!

There are lots of EASY sweaters to make. Try one of those.

It sounds like there may be an issue with you do a swatch first? Do you check your gauge throughout?

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I'm not alone! I've been knitting for several years now and until I started the hooded baby cardigan I'm working on now, I hadn't touched a sweater pattern since my very first project. It was hideous!

My first project was a sweater for myself. I was all excited to be knitting and the pattern seemed easy enough. It turned out similar to yours. The proportions were all off and I was somewhere between laughing and crying every time I looked at it.

The hooded cardigan sweater was in the latest issue of Creative Knitting. It kind of built up my confidence again... so much so that I purchased a basic V-neck sweater pattern from KnitPicks and I'm giving it another go. I guess we have to just keep plugging along and hope we can learn from (and laugh at) our mistakes.
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When I first read the title of this thread...I thought it was about making a sweater for a chicken!!
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I was expecting to find a post about some sort of knitted chicken!!!

However, yes, I'm right there with ya! I am growing a great desire to knit a sweater, but the cost is killing me (I regularly shop for clothes at Wal-Mart and even knowing it will be a cool project to knit and give me hours of hobby time, I'm just not sure I want to pay for that much yarn for one thing--maybe a kid sweater first).

And then I'm just scared of it being too complex or not getting measurements right, etc.

But still...I'm thinking maybe before the year is out I might tackle one and see how it does! Maybe...
Lisa R.

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No need to feel the efforts were a waste of the yarn and money. If you like the yarn, unravel it and try the sweater again, this time checking to make sure you have gauge. Many times the probelems with tight neck openings is binding off too tightly; use a needle 2 sizes bigger and that generally helps you get it over the head.
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Here is my recommendation for a FIRST SWEATER:
1) a pullover
2) drop shoulders
3) solid color, no intarsia work, unless you are already an expert
4) no cabling, unless you are already a cable expert

No tweaking the pattern. If it asks for the sweater to be knit in 4 pieces (BACK, FRONT, & TWO SLEEVES) it. No knitting of the back and front "in the round". No knitting the sleeves "in the round". Follow directions to the T. Learn how to mattress seam.

Suzeeq was right about casting off the neck with larger needles! I second her on that one! If you are using OPTIONS, all you have to do is unscrew the smaller right hand needle, and screw on one right hand tip that is two sizes larger. You can leave the knitting left hand needle on the original needle.

I make notes down to this day.
For example...when the directions for the front say: continue until the pieces is 17" from the cast on, and then begin the armhole shaping..." I write down how many exact rows that 17" occurs on!
Then, when I go to knit the Back...I knit the same number of rows before starting the armhole shaping.

To prevent having to count endless rows over and over...I thread a little piece of red thread at the top of every 10th row...the red thread just spans about 5 stitches. This acts as a row marker for me.

I leave those little red threads in place on all pieces until just before blocking.

I also make notes in a notebook for EVERY PATTERN til this day.
I write out the directions in My Knitting Language. I make sure that I understand what every step is asking me to do before ever casting on for the first piece.

Here is an example of one of my pages! I think it was for the Central Park Hoodie, a fairly easy pattern but as I said, I always make a notebook to be sure I have things straight in my head!
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Thank you to all who have commented and shared their stories. For me, being a knitter of only a year and a bit, these stories encourage and help me will all that I want to accomplish.

I feel we need to share failures to help with the successes we are so close to complete.

Keep sharing your scary stories for the experienced knitters to share their successes and how they got there!!!!
Kryssie ...
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