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Buyer beware
I went to my knitting group tonight, and brought up the thread on here about discountedbrandnameyarns and how some sites may not be a safe as you think. A woman there said that she just ordered from there and that there was something mislabeled and that they refused to take it back. Two other women said that they had had similar problems with that site. One had ordered yarn which looked incredibly different in person (as opposed to the photo on the site) and that their policy is to never take back merchandise, no matter what the reason. The other said that she ordered some and it was fine until she got to the middle of the skein, where it was discolored and a mess of knots and that they wouldn't take it back. So I guess if you're willing to take the risk, then go ahead and buy from them. But just know that if you have a problem, you are completely stuck. And their yarn is discounted but not cheap!-- just because it's not $35, you're still paying $25! Personally, not worth it to me, from the sound of it.
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I have bought LOTS of yarn from DBNY and never had any difficulty. I have found their shipping to be very fast (usually within a week my order is received). I think their prices are amazingly low. I use a lot of Lambs pride Bulky and it is 50% less there than anywhere else.

If you go to their web site and read the "Terms & Conditions" you will see that they clearly state "all sales are final".

I have bought yarn from them that is sold as "seconds" but never had a problem with the quality. If you purchase a brand name yarn from them and there is a problem with the yarn itself isn't that the fault of the company that makes the yarn?

They are not a "BIG" yarn company they are , I believe, two people who started selling yarn on ebay and decided to go into business. They do not have a huge staff and are not always really fast about getting back with emails.

In this day and age using a credit or debit card is equally risky whether you are shopping on line or in a store. It's up to the consumer to investigate terms and conditions of the card they are using and to make sure they are protected in the event of fraud.

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I just had a problem with them too regarding mislabeled yarn. It was on the site AND on the label as 90 yards per skein but it was, in fact, only 42 yards per skein.

I received the yarn on a Friday and on Monday the yardage on site was changed to 42 yards. The skeins were mislabled and it took them a bit of time to realize that.

However, they were wonderful about it. They sent me more skeins so I could finish the project I started and complete 2 more I had on mind at no cost.

I am happy with them for the most part. This was the only glitch and it obviously wasn't their fault.

Plus, every time I order from them the yarn comes the very next day!


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Yes, it does say that all sales are final. But how many people reading that would think that they were going to get a bum deal? It's just not good business. Rules are rules, but losing customers is losing customers. If I had paid $50 for 2 skeins of yarn and found something was wrong with them, I would think that the company would take care of that, and according to the women in my knitting group, that did not happen for 3 out of 3 people-- and it occured to me afterwards, not 1 person there had purchased from them and had a good experience! Of course, it's a very small sampling, but still. I'm glad other people have had a good experience with this company, but as for me, I will never order from them!
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I have had wonderful service from them. I have had two glitches- one, they sent the wrong color lamb's pride yarn; two- it was the wrong product completely. Both times I called and they were very apologetic and VERY quick to fix the problem. They paid for my shipping to send back the wrong color of the lamb's pride, and on the other one they just let me keep the wrong product and sent me the right one as well. I have ordered from them a number of other times and gotten exactly what I ordered, and it's always very fast.

Just wanted to post a positive experience.
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Well, if you are not happy with them you shouldn't do business with them.
There are many of us here who have had great experience with them.
But you need to keep in mind, they are not a "company". They are a couple women selling brand name yarns that have been discontinued by the manufacturer so quality issues fall back on the the maker of the yarn.
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I, too, have used them several times and have had no problems with them, as a matter of fact, placed an order with them yesterday.
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Is there somthing funky with that site? When I try to go there to check it out all I get is a search page, not an actual store site.

ETA: Never mind. I got it. I was typing in "" Shouldn't be an "S" at the end.
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Here is the link. A number of people including myself gets the name wrong.
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I've always had a good experience with them. but like anything, it can take just one bad time to ruin it for you forever. I will never work with a certain phone company again, but other people love them. It's all in your experiences.
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