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Funny stuff from your own kids
So I saw another post that mentioned something funny that a kid said. I was thinking, while I love those e-mails that pass around the internet, sometimes the things our own kids say are even funnier.

So post the funny things your kids said and did. I'll start.

This weekend Little jr. decided he wanted to make S'mores (he saw a box of graham crackers with a picture of them). Anywhoo, he wanted to make some for daddy and "the neighbor baby". I told him that we don't have marshmallows at home but one of these days we'd go get some. He wanted to know if tomorrow is "one of these days". I said "nope, we'll have to go some other time".

He looked at me (you could see the wheels turning in his head) and he says "Oh! I get it! marshmallows aren't in season, so we have to wait!" I was trying not to laugh, as was the guy behind the counter. I explained that marshmallows don't go in season. Only growing things go in season. To which he replied, "Oh, so you just don't want to get them?!?" I said, "You got it in one."

He then asked, "How do you know when things go in season? Do you get a chart when you turn 18? Or do you just start to learn that stuff?" I told him you just learn that stuff over the years.

He then announced that "Wow, there sure is a lot of stuff I still don't know" (he just turned 7 a week and a half ago). I told him there is still stuff that Daddy and I don't know. So the rest of the weekend when he would ask a question and Daddy or I would begin to answer, he would want us to qualify "Is that something you KNOW? Or are you just guessing?"

Gotta love 'em.
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Reminds me of when my daughter stated.. If you don't want me to know.. just tell me..

This was after my Mother & I would be talking in what we thought was a great cover, lol
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When my niece was about 5 her whole family was going to go camping for the first time. She was planning what she would bring and said something like, make sure you leave room for my vanity table. My sister said, you can't take that camping it's too big. And my neice said, well, I can't leave my beautification kit at home now can I.

They compromised with a small bag with her beautification supplies.

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Ah yes, DD was eight at the time. We decided it was time to introduce her to someplace other than McDonalds. So, off we went to a semi classy restaurant. The hostess had seated us... when a small voice announced

I think you had better count the silverware when we leave. My mother has this pattern at home and I KNOW she doesn`t have enough spoons because I keep hearing her say that. She has a big purse today, so you`d better count before we leave.

Well, needless to say I crawled out of the restaurant with a really red face.

But wait, that`s not all...

Her son, now 8, who was five at the time was being good. We again (don`t learn, do I) decided that it was time he learned to eat in a REAL restaurant. So Grampa and I took him to a nice little sit down place that we know. He was good for half the meal, then he got bored. He started throwing his french fries on the floor. Then he would climb down to pick them up. I was getting annoyed because each time he tried to get back up, he nearly pulled the table over. I told him to sit and be good or he would have to go and sit in the car. He kept acting up. I am a mean Gramma. Out to the car he went.

On the way home it was very silent in the car. Then a little voice in the back said

Gramma, is Grampa mad at me... to which I replied Why would he be mad at you and he responded with Cuz I made a hell of a mess of that restaurant!

Gotta love the young ones!
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Oh, I forgot. Little jr. this morning was washing his face. He dropped the wash cloth in the sink and I hear this cute little voice say "Damnit!"

I say "What did you say Little jr?" his response (before I'd even finished my question) "I didn't know it was a bad word!"

Uhhhhh, ok?!?
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It amazes me how children can say things that you think the would know nothing about. Children are just full of surprises.
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LOL-what a cutie!!

ETA-I just read *all* the stories-love it!!! Thanks everyone for sharing!

I have four kids, I should be able to think of something to add!! But I'm half asleep~ thanks for all the laughs~!
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Last night I was tucking my son in bed and he asked me to read him a book...Of course, I did, then he read it back to me (a really simple book with pictures of animals and the name of the animal on the page)...After that, he wanted me to sing him a song, so I told him I'd sing him one song then he had to go to sleep...So, I sing the song and he says, "thank you, mama." I said, "you're welcome" and then he says to me, "you can leave now." I could almost see him shooing me away as I walked out the door! Yeah, thanks for the dismissal, sir! HA
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Letah75, you reminded me of a similiar situation that my parents tell me about. I was really little, probably preschool age, and I was doing something and watching tv. Well, I messed up whatever I was doing and said damnit. My parents tell me that they were more surprised that I actually said it in context to be really mad at me.
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