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I have been watching this thread and very much hope that you are able to get a copy of all of your medical records as they are YOURS and have every right to have them. Reading all the stories here makes me glad that before we moved from CA to NJ, I asked for and received a complete copy of my family's medical records before we left, me and the kids are all boring patients for the most part buy hubby is a type 2 diabetic and those records were very much needed. Now when when we did find new doctors, I gave those records to them and asked that they make a copy and give them right back which they are did. All those records are here in my house and if we need to change doctors, I will do that again along with the new records.

Good luck and do not give up! Maybe talk to your new doctor, letting him/her know what the old doctor is doing and how it is affecting you, they might be able to assist you. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by jamiejeans View Post
As a nurse, I can tell you that even though every patient has a right to their medical records, there are certain procedures by law that must be followed. The law I refer to is HIPAA....the privacy act that mandates that all medical info about a patient be protected, and certain procedures must be in place with written proof of that such precautions were taken. That being said, it doesn't take that much effort to follow this. A patient must sign for release of the records, and usually the office/medical records dept needs about a week or so to release them.
Yep, I did this. Actually I sent the release form on February 25th, so they've had more than enough time to get this figured out and to send the correct ones. But apparently the people at my doctors office like to play the "let's be as difficult as possible" game with me. So yes, I am going to go to my appt on Tuesday and if he needs to see them, then they'll have to fight with them to get the films. I refuse to put myself through anymore of this crap. I had to talk to 7 different depts to figure out where they were and no one, and I mean no one knew where my files were. I was like a hampster on a wheel and that's unacceptable.

Wish us luck!
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I would advise you to simply go there and announce that you are there for your records. You would be surprised how effective this is. Its the advice that I give to my clients when I have been stalled to the nth degree by a doctor's office. The last thing a doctor or his office manager wants is to have a waiting room full of people know the problems you've had in simply getting a copy of your records. BTW, I would recommend that you ask to see the doctor directly when you are there. If he or she isn't there, ask for the office manager.
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The original records are actually the property of the doctor or hospital that took them in the first place. You've a right to a copy of them. And as you've signed a release, you should have them. The other doctor may have a better chance at getting them though. I'm going through the same thing right now, trying to get my previous c-section records from archives. Maybe my case is different, because they're military records, but it says clearly on the letter sent with them that the originals are government property and I can only get a copy.

Hope everything works out for you.
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