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Originally Posted by Knitting_Guy View Post
The Easter Bunny isn't real???!!!!

I agree with Silver, if the kid is old enough to figure it out from a commercial they are old enough to know the truth!

My kids always knew that things like Santa, the Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bummy were fun "pretend" things.
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Jan in CA
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Originally Posted by Knitting_Guy View Post
The Easter Bunny isn't real???!!!!

Well, I think Walmart should be more sensitive to issues like that, but get up in arms over it is just silly.

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Originally Posted by Natrasha View Post
As a mom, I'm more offended by the commercial's implication that I need to provide my kids with "more" of Walmart's garbage.

I agree and I am thinking that perhaps the outraged mommies are masking the 'easter bunny rage' as general 'walmart rage'. I don't know though because these mommies might NEED to shop at WalMart.

I do agree with Silver and others though .. re: if they can understand the implications of the commercial, it's overdue ... :(

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I think that with all of the serious problems going on in the world today the Easter Bunny debacle simply doesn't rate.

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hocns (03-30-2008)
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Yeeesh! Get a grip mommies. Why not complain about the low wages of workers at Walmart instead. Priorities people!!!
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Denise in Michigan (03-20-2008)
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I agree with those of you who say that there is more to be angry at Wal-mart for than the Easter Bunny. If it takes a bunch of moms being angry because of Wal-mart "ruining the innocence of their children" to stop shopping at the "Evil Empire", that's fine with me.
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For the record, I believe in the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, & Santa Clause. They will always live in the heart of my childhood. What the commercial says.. So I can put more in the kids basket or something like that. When I was little, Mom & Dad gave me an Easter Basket, the Easter Bunny brought the eggs and a spring toy or so...

I am not surprised that some people are outraged. However, I am to the point of my life very little surprises me. If that is all they have to gripe about.. I wish I was them.. I have lots more to gripe about..
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I can understand why parents have been upset...Honestly, I'd rather have that talk with my kids than have a commercial ruin it for them...When I was a child I did believe in Santa and the Easter bunny and all that stuff, and, I remember so clearly the day I found out none of them were real (well, really just Santa, but, once that jig is up, well, ya just know all of them don't

Anyway, I was in elementary school, at the drinking fountain, and there was a girl behind me...I mentioned something about a present I got from Santa and she told me Santa wasn't real. I was a bit upset, but, let it roll off my back. However, it ended up really bugging me the more the day went on. I remember lying in bed that night, my mom tucking me in when I asked her if Santa was real. She simply said to me, "do you believe reindeer can fly?" I replied, "no, not really." She then asked me a couple more questions, letting me form my own opinion rather than coming right out and saying, well no, he's not real. I think it was easier for me that way, my mom allowing me to come to the realization on my own, but I'll never forget how sad it made me knowing that "magic" was forever gone.

I do agree though, there are so many other things to be outraged at Wal-Mart over, and, so many things going on in this world to be more passionate over. Who knows, maybe that was just the last straw (regarding Wal-Mart) for some of them.
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I always told my kids that there was an Easter Bunny but we bought the goodies to fill the baskets with the eggs. We didn't give gifts when they were young. We would color the eggs and then put them in a big bowl so the Easter Bunny could hide them.
I do have my grrrrs with WalMart, and so I only go there because there isn't much around where we live. If I had my way I wouldn't step in that store ever.
So let them scream about it but it is a little stupid, scream for the poor children that don't even get anything at Christmas or Easter or any other days.
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I was reading the blog with all the replies to this particular ad, and I just couldn't believe that with all of the crap in the world, this was the thing that mobilized these women to write letters!

One woman was outraged that her 10 year old son had caught it. It had taken her a lot of work to convince him that the Easter Bunny and Santa were real...because everyone else in his class at school kept making fun of him for still believing.

I get being upset that the "magic" was spoiled, but come on! How is that kid going to feel when he finds out the truth? That he was made fun of by everyone in his class because his mom and dad wanted him to be a little kid a little longer?

I think there are way more important things to be upset over...child trafficking in the sex industry in India, or children living in dumps in South America, kids dying of AIDS in Africa, or the orphanages in China. WRITE LETTERS BECAUSE YOU ARE OUTRAGED ABOUT THAT.

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