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Yes the Walmart workers tend to be clueless.
But I like the company. They try to sell American when they can, I remember when they changed from Mexican made cast iron to Lodge cast iron.

I don't like how they try to strong arm some companies into their prices.
I don't like how they try to get merchandisers to dress up like Walmart employees (which is when I stopped merchandising). I don't like their morning employee chants (but the employees are free to not work there).

I don't like their no-gun sales policy but I understand that was more of a financial decision than a political one like K-Mart. Plus I imagine with some of the idiots telling me how to fill out the forms incorrectly they also had quite a risk of legal issues with selling guns.
I can't stand that they shut down the hunting equipment a month after they start selling it (but I like getting the clearance items) and treat archery like it is only about hunting instead of a year round sport.
I'm pretty sure a lot of that is the specific manager because she also doesn't sell duck hunting stuff when we are a flyway and one a couple miles away does sell duck stuff.

I was very happy when we got a Super Walmart. Their vegetables are much better and so are their prices.
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For me, it depends on the store. Typically, the Super Walmarts are nicer and cleaner. We have one of each where I live, and I would prefer to shop at the Super Walmart, but the regular one is closer to my house.

My mom has worked for Walmart for years. They do not always treat their employees very well, so it is a roller coaster for them. Good managers get moved around a lot. Retail is a tough business.

Personall, I like shopping at Target best. The aisles are wider, everything is much, much cleaner, and the employees look more professional. BUT, Target doesn't have a craft section, so no yarn there. That's the downside.
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I've never been in a Walmart and hopefully never will be it is a deeply unethical place on both local and international levels.

I refer you to this documentary:
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My family almost never ever shops at Walmart. In fact, I think there's only one thing my dad regularly buys from there, and that's a type of dishwasher soap they have. And, he buys like four boxes at a time, so he maybe goes three times a year. My family's all about Target. It is a nicer store, and the quality is better.

At school though, there's a Walmart in walking distance, however now that I have my car with me, I usually go to the Target, which is about a 5-10 minute drive. If I don't have to go to Walmart, I won't. It really is an awful business. The cheap prices may be good in the short run for some families, but they really hurt our economy. Especially with them making so many of their products oversees and forcing American factories and businesses to close. Plus, like everyone said, they have a really bad record for how they treat employees. Ugh, I think Walmart's disgusting.
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Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post

Personall, I like shopping at Target best. The aisles are wider, everything is much, much cleaner, and the employees look more professional. BUT, Target doesn't have a craft section, so no yarn there. That's the downside.
I have been working at Target since january and i LOVE it. Its the best job i have ever had (in my five short years of working )

they are incredible about the way they treat us employees. They really embrace that ideology that every employee counts, we cant get the job done without everyone including the cart attendant.
managers recognize people on a daily basis, and every friday there is something fun for the employees like a cookies or a game. tomorrow is the easter egg hunt and i cant wait :P it has totally changed the way i look at the company because i never really used to shop there

sorry for going ot, lol but i couldnt resist :P
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Lets see my re-in with walmart is taking back some dividers for silver ware. My husband bought them and were the wrong size. UGH men anyways it was around Christmas time and personal things got in the way of me bringing them back.
The minute I brought them into returns I knew there was going to be trouble. The woman gave me a look of I was trying to bring back something already usedI just looked at her and the fighting began. With out giving me a second look she call another woman to look at them. Yup they looked dirty to her also. I just looked at her and said "if you think I used them I am sorry but that is the way my dh bought them. Then she says we do not sell dirty items! Then she said it was past the three months wrong again ladies. I guess they can't read it was only one month. I took them home, no way was I going to be insulted by people who do not know me.
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I don't shop at Wal-Mart. I have never really been keen about the store anyway, but shopped there because of the lower prices. After seeing the Wal-Mart Movie and reading The Wal-Mart Effect I can honestly say I will never shop there again, for a multitude of reasons.

On a side note, at the end of my street there was a regular Wal-Mart, but the new Super Wal-Mart was being built across the street. Now the new one has opened, creating a new red light and TONS of new traffic, while the old blue store sits there like an eye-sore.

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I don't shop there at all. Around here, the stores are dirty, disheveled and disorganized. The employees are just plain mean, and the clientele are even worse. The product quality is lower than other discount chain stores. Shopping at Wal-mart is a chore, while visiting my local Target or Kohl's is fun.
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I agree with all of the 'cons' written. We had a brand new Walmart open in a previous neighborhood. Six months later, it was such a mess one could not walk up and down an aisle without encountering rude employees who never think of moving their stocking cart. In other words, the store appeared to be old in a few months and dirty. I will take Target any day of the week, they are well-stocked, wide aisles and very clean with efficient checkout also. Walmart seems to come in, run out the friendly and helpful 'mom and pop' stores and all you are left with is junk and rudeness. Nope, no more Walmart in my future.
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I only go to Wal-Mart for certain things, like soap, deoderant, and razor blades. I rarely buy clothes there and I will not buy meat, produce, dairy products, or electronics there because the quality is so poor. I would rather go somewhere else and pay a few dollars more for something of better quality that will last longer and have people assist me that have some knowledge of the product they are selling. Sometimes you get someone that actually knows the product they are selling, but those people don't stay at Wal-Mart for very long.

Sure, the low prices are great, but are you really saving money when it falls apart in a few months and you have to go and replace it?
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