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Hate WalMart, but have found myself buying stuff there because it's open 24 hours and I will often get off work when other grocery stores are closed.

"Mal-Mart by the LatinoComedyProject" via YouTube
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Hehe, I liked that video, Diana, especially the "Pride of Idaho" flan.

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I didn't read anything except the subject line:

What are your thoughts on Wal-Mart?

I am posting my answer purely based on the question:
I think Wal-mart is a cancer on the face of Mother Earth.

No need to go into my reasons. If you agree with me, you already know why Wal-Mart is cancerous.

If you don't agree with me, you won't care about my reasons anyway.

Didn't post to cause any offense to any of our dear KH knitters.
So let's allow the love to continue flowing!
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Artlady, I love your reply! Wal-mart is one of the leading instigators in the modern "throw away society" There is a wonderful 20-ish minute movie at Story of Stuff. It's very educational in the way in which we use "stuff."

I haven't shopped at Wal-mart in over 3 years. I stockpile groceries by what is on sale, so my actual grocery prices are less than at Wal-mart and I'm getting better meat (actual butcher who will custom cut meat for me and split packages) and produce. The butcher and most of the cashiers know me by name or call me the "Bag lady" (because I bring my own reusable bags). The store is always clean and the employees friendly. Most of the employees have been there for the 3 years I have been shopping there and like working there. The store is also active with the "Abled Adults" program that gives jobs to adults with special needs.

There is another website Wake Up Walmart which has a lot of statistics on how bad Wal-mart is for our society and environment. The biggest impact that Wal-mart has had is on our society is the mentality that we deserve to have things at a lower cost no matter what the impact is on other people, cultures or the environment.
"The world now has the means to end extreme poverty, we pray we will have the will"

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Chicagoland Wal-Marts...
Are a big issue here. We finally got one in the city limits, and there is talk of trying to build one on the south side. It's a fight because of our mayor's attempt at an ordinance to get higher wages for folks working in "Big Box" stores like Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, etc...

I don't know honestly. I'm a loyal Target gal and the only time I'm in a Wal-mart is when I've visiting family in Alabama. I guess their prices are great but unless they really cut them to compete in areas where Target and Sam's have a strong presence I see them dying out in cities where's there's already established super center's for one stop shopping and retreating to the suburbs where folks are more than likely to need a Wal-Mart than folks in the city proper.

And by need a Wal-Mart I'm envisioning the family with 2 kids and up, etc that need to stock up on staple goods that likely are cheaper at Wal-Mart than Target.

I'm not too invested in it as long as it doesn't become another retail carcass on the block.
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is Wal-Mart in bulk
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Well said, ArtLady!!! Well said!

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Generally, I like Walmart a lot! I've gotten some great bargains there over the years...for example my heavy duty Rival mixer which is the same as the Kenwood that the Chef's catalog was asking $300+, I got for $75.00, also my Toastmaster Bread Maker's Hearth oven and bread maker, and just recently a really nice 500 watt GE food processor for $15. I'm not too thrilled with their recent remodeling, but bargains can still be found.
I was in a Walmart near Egg Harbor, NJ this summer and it's not nearly as nice as our super center...was very disappointing...more like the one the super center replaced locally. My brother tells me that the one in Mays Landing is about the same as the one near Egg Harbor. So you can't really compare the NJ Walmarts to the ones in other states. All the ones I've been in in the south...South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida have been comparable to our local super center.

BTW, we have TWO super centers in Winchester and another opening in Front Royal soon.
Some employees are better than others...not much different than any other large store.
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Never been in one, don't plan on ever shopping there. I don't shop a lot anyway and I haven't liked Walmart since the news program I saw over 15 years ago about them advertising Made in America items and it turns out they were made overseas.
I just don't often need cheap junk and when I do I go to the dollar store or Goodwill.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."--Margaret Mead
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I'm all for reducing poverty, hunger and inflation in the world..

- Provides employment to 1.9 million people; the best defence against poverty is a job.

- Creates thousands of job opportunities for people in developing countries like China and India; this keeps hunger at bay in many households.

- Doles out hundreds of millions of dollars each year in dividends that help fund the retirement of millions of people; the company had sales in excess of $348 billion and a net profit of $11.3 billion in 2007.

- Sells food, clothing and other necessities to Canadians, Americans and others at prices that are 15 to 25 per cent below what other supermarkets charge; this helps millions of low-income families stretch their dollars.

- Pushes the inflation rate down and helps keep interest rates low; this comes in handy for millions of families when borrowing to buy a house or household appliances.

- Disburses $415 million in cash and in-kind merchandise annually to 100,000 charitable organizations around the world.

- Pursues environmental sustainability; sells more organic produce than most retailers; works with the Clinton Foundation to lower prices on sustainable technologies such as energy-efficient lighting and building materials; has opened the first in a series of high-efficiency stores that will use 20 per cent less energy than a typical Wal-Mart. And its proposed Vancouver store is more environmentally friendly than any building in the Lower Mainland."


"Improving business productivity is the sure-fire way of increasing living standards. Ask any economist of repute.

While Wal-Mart's primary intent is not to do all the aforementioned social good, what it has done and is doing is raising the living standards of millions of families around the world."

My favorite part!...

"There is not much evidence that Wal-Mart puts mom-and-pop operations out of business. In fact, studies demonstrate that if shopowners adapt to the ever-changing retail market, they can thrive after Wal-Mart comes to their town."

The left has their awards for achievement... we need the Capitalist Golden Globe awards. Too bad its the people that do not get rewards everyday that deserve them.

Like Adam Smith said:

"It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest."

Wal-Mart for Nobel Peace Prize!

What do you think?

Posted by The Public Choice Capitalist at 12:18 AM
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