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i saw a story on the news the other day about a walmart employee who was in a terrible accident; her health insurance paid for her treatment--she's in a nursing home now--but walmart is suing the family to get that money BACK, because a clause in the agreement gives them the right to do so.

food for thought
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Wal mart has its own insurance. They finance it themselves. The insurance form they sign state if the insurance pay out money for medical insurance & the insured is reimbursed, then the insurance will be paid back.
When my brother was in a car accident, the same thing happened. However, my brother sued for medical costs to be reimbursed, and pain & suffering.
It is very sad the situation she is in. I do wish her lawyers had read the insurance form and sued similar.
I have good & bad feelings on Wal-mart, I do know it has changed significantly since Sam Walton died. It was much different in those day.
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I prefer Target for some stuff but Wal-Mart does generally have more variety and better prices. I lie them much better since the one by me has Lion Wool yarn now! Knitpicks is still a better bargain, though.

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well i have worked for walmart for 5 years..its the customers decision to shop one is making them come in and spend their money there..
I personally love that store..i shop there and sams club when i go grocery shopping..
i shopped at kroger one day and their prices are higher..
except whats in their ads but walmart price matches it all..
so personally i dont see anything wrong with walmart..its the customers choice on where to one is making them..its just a store..
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Yes, it is just a store, so why whenever anyone talks about it , why oh why has it become so "politically correct" to hate Walmart...If we really looked at how much that one store helps the the "little guy".. first by providing lots and lots of JOBS, nobody talks about it but UNEMPLOYMENT is at historic LOWS..that means everyone who wants a job can get one...providing jobs is the best defense we have against POVERTY...
Then it helps the "little guy", by providing goods and FOOD (that helps ELIMINATE HUNGER ) ..if you can buy more food for less, it helps more people eat!!! Don't we all SAY we want to help more families provide food for their families???

you can argue that the "quality" of the stuff is not good enough for YOU...well the hard facts are some of us may not be able to AFFORD the highest quality products..the way I see it, it gives EVERYONE the opportunity to own things that in the past were only available in "high end" stores..

Why would anyone want to deprive the "little guy" the chance to own the same products all of you do?

Sorry guys, I just get kinda passionate about our Capitalist Society.
It has become the BEST PATH TO PROSPERITY.. and I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot to try to tear down big Corporations..

None of them are perfect, but what makes them work is our dollars,
so we can "vote" where to spend our dollars only the ones that work for the most of us survive!!
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Has anyone noticed how much crime goes on in Wal Mart parking lots? There was a story about it on 60 minutes a while ago.
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In the last few months, there has been more mall shootings, kidnapping, etc. In Kansas it made national news. What happens in the parking lots of malls, stores, etc. is sad. There has been numerous kidnapping from Target stores as well. It seems as if criminals are more interested in what people buy or the $ they have before going in the stores, than the stores themselves.
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Walmart doesn't actually create very many jobs. The people who worked in the small local stores that are put out of business by Walmart end up working there. Walmart also twists local politician's arms to get all kinds of tax breaks so that citizens of the communities walmart comes to end up subsidizing that huge corporation.
From people I talk to who used to shop at Walmart say they are not cheaper on a lot of items. They use loss leaders and then price other stuff higher as do other stores.
It is everyones choice whether to shop there unless you live in one of the small towns that Walmart came to and drove local businesses under.
I just heard a news article on the radio today. The US is 2nd in prosperity and security in the world. So goes crony capitalism.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."--Margaret Mead
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Heated discussion! Wow.

I shop at Wal-Mart all the time; I almost never buy anything though.

That's the extent of my thoughts. (Deep, I know.)

I've heard all the talk and discussions, but personally I find that their products don't seem to be the quality that I want; I'd rather pay a little more and get a better product.

I still go, once in a while, and occasionally buy, but very very rarely. Especially now that we have a Target down the road.
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I really really hate Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, I live in an area where there is nothing else, especially when you are on the poor side of things, like me.

There is no Target, and the smaller "mom and pop, local stores" are an arm and a leg higher in cost than Wal-Mart. I'd love to support the smaller stores but on my limited budget, with two step kids and three cats it's just much cheaper to get things like clothing, shampoo, cat food etc at Wal-Mart.

The employees, at least in my neck of the woods are rude and very unhelpful. They just point if you ask them where something is and don't even try to help you. When I worked retail, if it wasn't my department I always said "well I don't know where that is but let's see if we can find someone to help you." and then did just that. That's part of being in retail.

so yes I shop there, and no i really don't like it.

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