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Working the Gusset
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I'm with Cynamar, I need to join a knitpicks-a-holic group. I love their stuff. It's way inexpensive for the quality, and you absolutely cannot beat their customer service.
There is nothing wrong with knitting with inexpensive yarn, as long as you like it. I still use red heart and Caron's simply soft for stuff.
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Instepping Out
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I still use both. Just made a baby blanket from Red Heart Soft and love it! But when I go to the yarn shops I have no problem dropping $$ for nice yarn. Honestly, it depends on what I'm making and for whom. If it's for me or my daughter I don't mind spending the extra. If it's a gift for someone I know will love and treasure it, I don't mind spending more (which is becoming more and more the norm for me). There are still nice yarns available at the craft stores too, so you just have to find what works right for your particular project.

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I will admit to a love affair with Malabrigo and PureWool from my LYS. However, I do love my big craft stores for cotton. chenille, bamboo, etc...
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Instepping Out
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Fiber Fiend here!!! I knit for the Zen experience, which includes frogging and the frustration of learning and accomplishing new taskes. But the MOST ZEN experience of all is the feel of the fiber and the needles as you knit and cheap acrylic yarn just doesn't cut it.
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Turning the Heel
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I have used both expensive and inexpensive yarns. What I use depends on who I'm making something for or what I'm making.
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Becky Morgan
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I joined an online knitting group back at the dawn of the Net. They were raving, and I mean raving, about this certain brand of yarn, how wonderful it was, how worthless anything I made must be because I didn't use (name brand--I'm not going to here.) It was three or four times as expensive as anything I was using, so I waited until I had a special Christmas project, took part of the Christmas club many m,iles to a yarn shop, and bought some.
I don't mean I didn't like the feel, or the colorways were bad. I mean it fell apart while I was using it. It was loaded with knots, bumps and fuzz (and it was supposed to be smooth), it pilled while I was using it (and it was wool) and the project never got done because the yarn crumbled to bits. When I reported back to the forum about the wonderful Blank Extra Premium Incredibly Super Fantastic Yarn, they said they knew it fell apart, was hard to work with and crumbled...but wasn't knitting itself the whole aim of the project, and weren't those items meant to be disposable?

The brand did make it up to me in part by sending me coupons and patterns I could use with their other projects (since I did NOT want more of that yarn!) and I buy their other projects. The whole experience taught me never to pay full price for anything I can't put my hands on. (No yarn petting allowed at that shop; no wonder.) If I can find a partial ball of an expensive product and try it, that's fine, if the shop owner will let me touch it and/or handle an item made with it, that's good. No touch, no deal.

Right now I have a whole bag of different Patons products I bought while Big Lots had them for $1.00 a ball. I've also been making a lot of stuff from Lion Landscapes and Watercolors, which set me back $1.50 each. (I found out Watercolors doesn't felt for much. Oh, well, my purse is just a tad bigger than I meant it to be:D)
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Knit On!
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Yep. There's this yarn that has very pretty long color changes that everyone raves about. So I snuck about the LYS to see and touch it. EWWWW! It's rough, much scratchier than RH Super saver, not something I want to work with at all. Everyone who loves it says it softens up nicely after washing, then in the next breath talk about picking out twigs and brambles and `stuff' from it. No way am I paying $8 for 100some yards for that experience! I'll stick to the cheapo acrylic thank you.
sue- knitting heretic

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Working the Gusset
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Some cheap um inexpensive yarns I like. Others I don't. Ditto for the expensive ones. So I buy some of each, whatever fits my project and/or I fall in love with. In the end time will tell if I like working with the yarn or not. If I like it, I'll be willing to go back to it again later. There are some yarns where I'll put up with borderline-acceptable texture if the color works just right, too. Red Heart Soft is pretty nice and cheap. But I also like hand-dyed $30/hank yarns, too.
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Ribbing the Cuff
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Thanks abunch....
Gee, I guess I'm normal,or close to it..whatever that means in the knitting/yarn lovers world. I seem to gravatate to those beautifully colored hanks/skeins,and if I touch and like,I'm pretty much a gonner. I do agree totally with "shop with your local yarn shop" I've met the neatest women,and gotten all kinds of free help & advice,for that reason alone I feel it only right that I buy from them,which I do...alot. I am finding that it's not just the yarn but the tools as well..I have discovered the joy of using bamboo needles,and those fab one's on the circular that have the swivels on the base,my goodness are they wonderful to the touch,as well as limit frustration,with increased joy. You are all correct...I don't think I could work with anything that I just don't love to pick up,and look at..but I do need to find some use for a whole lot of CHENILLE (lion) that I bought on sale and was talked out of using for a sweater because of the bagging/stretching,so I went off into the world of Noro... love the colors. I agree too that if I'm making a sweater,I think I'll use the really good feelie's short,wear what feels good. Now, what to do with 10skeins of chenille?
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I find that I like the natural yarns silk , wool, cashmere some can be very costly but I buy what I like and can afford and go from's all about being happy with what you are doing and knitting really brings joy to me
She seeks out wool and linen with care and works with willing hands
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