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Hey Mason!
I live in NJ...and of course the news yesterday was all about the truckers protesting fuel prices......and of course, i thought of you.

back in the early 70's, the independents also did this, again to protest fuel pricing. My dad was very involved in this (every night, got to say..."look! daddy's on tv!".

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I'm curious about this, too. Husband was an OTR driver for about 7 years and he tells me that the truckers are going to just stop today. Diesel is outrageous!
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I wouldn't compare what's going on now with the strikes of the 70s. This is a small scale protest intended to get the attention of the media, the public, and the government not a full out shutdown.

We don't want a repeat of the violence and hard feelings that happened in the 70s, we just want to make everyone aware of the fact that these outrageous fuel prices are putting truckers out of business and driving up the prices of everything everyone buys from bread and milk to clothing to new cars. Pretty much everything.

I hope it does some good but I honestly doubt it. I just don't see the government stepping up and helping us.

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I wish we had love buttons on KH like on Rav. I'd sure be sending Mason some love! While I go "ouch" every 7-10 days when I fill my tank ($60 this week!) I know it is nothing in comparison to what the truckers are having to pay several times a day. I wish there was a simple answer. Like maybe the oil companies not making BILLIONS of dollars while we suffer at the pumps.
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I was thinking of you, too, Mason, when I heard the news report. I don't know how you do it.
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I know Congress was less than pleased with the oil companies yesterday. It could get interesting if the anger factor heats up more.
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I saw the news about the congressional hearing. I actually laughed out loud when I heard oil companies say they had record profits this year because they have to import foreign oil. If they could pump more domestically, they wouldn't have to charge so much.

Okay...yeah. But the first thing you learn in Economics 101 is that PROFITS are the money left over AFTER all your costs are accounted for.

Record profits mean they have a high profit margin. While our cost is in part affected by their cost...if they set a high profit margin during an economic recession, it's pure greed, not any economic factor. I don't know how they think they can justify this. They are either extremely intelligent, wily people, who think they can get away with anything or they are extremely dumb.

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Originally Posted by msoebel View Post
Okay...yeah. But the first thing you learn in Economics 101 is that PROFITS are the money left over AFTER all your costs are accounted for.
Yes, but the second thing you learn, is that you maximize profits by charging whatever the market will bear. Until people as whole unified populace stop buying fuel at these prices, the fuel companies will have no reason to ever bring the price down. I understand that alot of people feel that they can't stop driving, but you would be amazed how hard we could hit the oil companies if everyone started carpooling, making 1 trip for errands a week instead of doing one errand everyday, riding bikes and taking public transportation.

In my area I hear all day about how expensive gas is, but the same people who are whining about it are the people who refuse to use one of the best public transportation systems in the country because it takes a little bit longer and is more inconvienient than getting in their Hummer and going where they wanna go.

I still own a car, but the change in gas prices over the last 3 years has not even registered on my radar because I drive on average 10 miles a week, that is when I run my errands. Other than that the only driving I do is to see my parents who live about 100 miles away once a month.

People refusing to change their habits for the reason of convenience is what is driving gas prices.
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When I still had to work, I tried to car pool with folks who lived in my area, no one would do it. Now that we don't work, our driving is limited to doctors appointments and church. Occasionally, we make a trip to see a friend, but my little Volvo gets 30 miles to the gallon, good investment!

BTW, Costco in my area has the best price on gas.

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Originally Posted by Banrion View Post
People refusing to change their habits for the reason of convenience is what is driving gas prices.
I agree 100%! No matter what price oil companies decide to sell their product, people buy it anyways. We have a responsibility in this too, no doubt about that. What I hope is that if that situation lasts, it will drive people to change their habits, and help the research for alternative energies.

This being said, there is a risk that the transition will be very hard on some industries. It's probably not a bad idea to provide some kind of help, to keep some jobs going.
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