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However, began an afghan, bulky-as-all-get-out yarn (using two at the same time) and just did not feel 'right' using the continental - so back to the throwing. I think it is the size needle, 17, along with the bulky yarn giving me the problem with the continental.
Yeah, I would think heavy yarn and large needles would be more difficult continental. I wonder.... do most contis use thin yarn and small needles more than english knitters do?
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I learned English first, then Continental, then Irish Cottage (YarnHarlot's method) and I'm sticking with the Irish Cottage since it feels the most natural and doesn't cause hand pain (Continental purl hurt my index finger from pivoting so much)
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I only started knitting 6 weeks ago. The dvd I got shows both, but I only use English. I tried to do continential but it just wasn't happenin'.

I'm going to stick to english..Good luck
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Originally Posted by redheadrachel View Post
Still, I would give it a fair chance before deciding you definitely like one better than the other. I tried knitting Continental for like, just a couple rounds of something and was like Nope, don't like it, it's slow. But I was just not used to it. I forced myself to make a pair of socks in conti just so I would really give it a fair shot, and I ended up loving it way more.
Anything is going to feel awkward when you're doing it for the first time. I'd say the same thing to people who knit English. Might as well give it a shot, you might like it. If not, then just use English.
I just wanted to "pile on" here--it's always worthwhile giving things enough time to really see.

I was learning entrelac, and was taught to knit backwards, so as not to constantly be turning to purl--tried it, and thought it was ridiculously slow. So, I kept turning and turning my scarf while the rest of my class learned to do it backwards. Finally, when the scarf got to a certain bulkiness, the turning really was I decided to practice for an entire pattern repeat. Bottom line...I got the hang of it and it was a really great skill to learn. I love it now.

By the same token, I gave dpns a short trial and wasn't too sure about them. Recently, I had opportunity to really use them again, and decided, in fact, I was right--I'd much rather use two circs. But I *can* use dpns, and I *know* rather than assume that dpns aren't my favorite.

I haven't made any decision on magic loop yet because I only tried it for a short time (couple of rows). One day, I'll give it a go for real and see.

BTW---<said with sheepish grin>I haven't actually learned continental yet, so I may need to take my own advice and give it a go!
Lisa R.

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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You don't have to learn continental if you're doing okay english style. One isn't better than another, just different, and you should use whatever's more comfortable for you.
Exactly. I started continental and then went to english because it was faster and easier for me. I do use both hands when stranding though and it works fine for that.

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

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When I originally taught myself to knit I used the English method. That said, I didn't knit very long (only one project) and when I picked it back up twenty something years later and a couple weeks ago Continental feels more comfortable. I will also offer that I've yet to find a way to hold the yarn that feels comfortable so I hold it in my palm and throw it over the needle similarly to the way that it is done in English.

I wonder if Continental feels more natural to me because I've crocheted for my whole life.
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I like continental, was english knitter before as well, and at first it was awkward as well to me, but learned continental and now I'm happy I did. It flows more quickly for me.
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I started out with Continental and have recently been teaching
myself English to use with two color knitting. I can not for the life
of me figure out purling with the English method but doesn't really
matter! Just echoing what everyone else is saying...need to
give it a bit of time and practice and just use whatever method you
feel most comfortable with!

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I can not for the life
of me figure out purling with the English method but doesn't really
I taught myself continental purling, because I was not happy to have to switch back to english knitting when doing something that involved knitting and purling.
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It's really just a matter of comfort and preference. I was happy with English until I noticed my right wrist getting REALLY sore from it, so I tried to learn Continental. It was kind of hard for me since it didn't feel right to hold the working yarn wrapped around my finger the way the videos all I kept playing around until I found a hold that kept my yarn tension even. What I do now that is super easy and comfortable (for me anyway) is to wrap the working yarn around my left middle finger at the knuckle (instead of all the way up by your hand) and then wrap it over the second finger again by the knuckle. Hope that makes sense.

Really, just do whatever you enjoy most and gives you the most comfort. It's all good!
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