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JessicaR (04-19-2008)


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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by JessicaR View Post
Hey y'all, haven't been on in forever! We recently got a 3rd dog, yes I know, we're insane! I'm going to be putting in an invisible fence. For the cost we could cover a lot more area vs. chain link. I was wondering if anyone personally has one and if they would recommend that brand. I'm getting a lot of conflicting reviews on-line. Thought I'd trust you gals/guys more
we have a radio fence..bought at Home Depot $300.. you put flags around the yard to mark the line the dogs are not to cross. and train them each day leading them to the flags and saying NO!...after a week yoiu remove everyother flag repeat the command.... the signal from their special collar will beep when they get too close to the line..if they get closer they get a slight shock.. our BIG dogs never got past the ...beeps..the high pitch hurts their ears.. the best thing about the radio signal fence you do not dig up the yard and you bring it home plug it in....
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Originally Posted by CountryKitty View Post
One of my neighbors has 2 huge white Great Pyrenees dogs in an invisible fence--I wondered if a long-haired dog would be insulated against the shock of the collar and be able to get out, but neither dog has ever left the yard.

I wouldn't count on it to keep a determined animal in if he's used to roaming. My BIL had a neighbor who put one in to keep his roaming German Shepherd at home. After a few days the dog tested the perimeter...walking up to where the line was buried and backing off...all along the perimeter. The he backed up, ran like the devil, took a hard shock as he crossed the wire and kept going.

Personally, I prefer an above-ground fence to keep the coyotes out...mangy, cat-eating, *&%$#@s!
I share your preference although our neighbor has one for her 2 scotties and it works well. Invisible fences don't protect the dogs from other roaming dogs or from dogknappers. I heard on Warren Eckstein's program that dogknapping is on the increase.
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I know some people (in real life and I recall a few KHers as well) who are quite happy with their wireless containment systems. Advantages include: easy set up, no underground wire to potentially be chewed up by dogs/critters, you can bring it with you anywhere and adjust the range, etc. The wireless systems can also be set up to deliver stepped shocks the entire time the dog is out of range; so instead of the dog having to brace one shock and then off to freedom, it gets continuous warnings the entire time it's not within the pre-set range. When trained with the flags and warning beeps etc, this encourages the dog to come home! Good luck!

PS--You look AMAZING! Great job keeping up with the healthy lifestyle.

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JessicaR (04-20-2008)
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AWWWW thanks! I stalled for a bit but never put weight back on. Now that it's nicer out I'm moving more, which I think everyone is!
We're all adults here. Wait, when did that happen?!?! And how do we get it to stop?!
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Just my experience, but I hated the thing.

I had a shaggy dog (who has now past *sniff*) and every time a cat past by he'd run straight through the invisible fence. And when he was done playing (and I do mean playing, he loved all animals) with the cat he was stuck outside the fence.

Then the second dog, short hair, got shocked once and would never go out of the house again if she had that collar on.

The batteries were expensive and had to be changed often.

It was more bother than it was worth in my opinion. I'd prefer a traditional fence. Sorry, I don't remember the brand anymore.
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If you have a scardy cat dog then invisible fencing can be hard - our older dog hears the beep and sits down and won't move. Now when we put the collar on him (we are still working on training the hard headed puppy) he looks so pathetic it breaks my heart. I honestly don't use the system - training the dogs is not nearly as easy as the video makes it look.
Fact is I am a worry wart and will not leave the dogs alone on the collars. I want a traditional fence that will allow me to put them out while I mop up muddy paw prints etc.
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When we had our beagle, we installed in a Pet Safe Radio Fence. We had to bury a wire about an inch in the ground around the area we wanted covered, and our dog wore a collar. We paid at the time 250. for it and it was worth it. We must have used it 5 years or more, no problems. (Installation wasn't bad, I actually did it in a day) You do have to train the dog after you have it in, and they have to learn the warning sounds, to know if they go further they will feel it.
It was not mean, (my husband actually tried the different settings on himself). If you know anything about a beagle they are roamers. And we live in the woods, so she would take off alot and not safe for her. So the fence was great. We really never left her unattended, the fence is not a baby sitter. And we didn't use the fence after 8:00 at night, because even if she knew she would get shocked, if a deer or rabbit came out, she would go for it. So we watched that, dogs will be dogs.
The funny thing is after we got another dog a lab, the lab never needed the fence but the beagle still did, and the lab was smart enough to know if she wanted to steal something away from the beagle, she could and just go lay beyond the point the beagle could go because of the fence.
The fences are good ideas, they protect you dogs, but you still need to watch them. Good luck with your decision.
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I have an Invisible Fence brand invisible fence for my beagle and it works great. All of the people that I have talked to that have had problems with their fences always tried some other brand. Everyone that I know that has used Invisible Fence has had a perfect experience.

Not that IF is the only good brand; I'm going by my limited experience. I also think that the training, which is included in the cost of the installation, is a big part of it. At least, for the people I've talked to. :D

I have the fence because my dog couldn't seem to understand boundaries without it. I understand that it doesn't protect him from other animals that may wander into the yard, but that was not my reason for it. It is one of the things that is considered a "con" with invisible fences. Another con is the expense; it has to be turned on in order to work (consuming electricity) and the batteries in the collar need to be replaced about 4 times a year. A physical fence does not have that ongoing expense, although it does need to be maintained and kept up, which is a different sort of expense.

Interestingly, I let the battery die once and the dog ended up going out of the yard. Apparently he really does pay attention to the warnings his collar gives to him! I'm back on the automatic battery renewal plan.

"Pros" include not having to work around it when mowing the lawn and doing other landscaping chores, not having to worry about it getting destroyed in bad weather, and not having to conform to a homeowner's agreement for placement and design. My installer also said that it was less expensive to install than some type of privacy fence.

For us this fence was the perfect choice and I highly recommend it!
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When i was scrolling down, I thought the title of this thread read "in ground pet feces" and I couldn't help but wonder what brought about a thread about feces
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