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Grafting the Toe
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Mistakes happen. Fixing mistakes is probably one of the hardest things to learn. You've only been knitting for 6 months, it takes time to learn and develop skills. Relax and give yourself time. The more you enjoy it the better you learn.

I've only been knitting for a little under a year and a half and am far from being expert at knitting. I learn a little bit more every project. Some mistakes I can fix, some I can't. I just accept that and do the best I can. Heck, some mistakes I just let go and move on because odds are high that nobody but me will even notice them anyway.

The lifeline suggestion is an excellent one and can save you a lot of frogging.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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Perfection is overrated. Knitting is meant to relieve stress, not cause it. Relax and enjoy it.

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It will took me awhile to figure it out...I finally sit down one day and followed a stitch...I see how it looked already knitted the path it took...and it kinda clicked then as to how the st worked and how to fix it...

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Knitting the Flap
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Unraveling is the only method I use to fix mistakes because the other's are a little to advanced for me.

The most important thing i've learned about unraveling is when your doing it don't unravel the last stitch. Go up to the last stitch. THEN what you have to do is start inserting your needle into the loops.


What I learned is, when i'm unraveling I use a small needle to put the stitches/loops back on. I routinely use 9.0mm size needles so I break out my very thin needle and thats what I put the stitches on. This PREVENTS stretching of that row, which is what I always had and it drove me nuts PLUS it's much much easier to put the stitches on a thin needle so you don't loose the loops. If you do use your regular needle to put the loops on you might pull on it so hard that the next stitch "loops" comes out.

I keep the stitches on that thin needle (left hand) and in my right hand use the 9.0 mm needle. It won't change the size of your stitches because they're going ONTO the 9.0mm needle. Then when your done with that row just put the thin needle down and continue the project.
continuing on....When you have ALL but the last loop on the needle, insert the needle into the stitch/loop coming from that LAST STITCH that you haven't unraveled yet. If you need to know where that is, just look at where your yarn is coming from, pull it, and you will see it. Insert your needle into that stitch and pull on your yarn. Now your unraveling is complete. If you don't do that step and you unraveling the ENTIRE row you will notice when you put all the stitches/loops back on the needle your yarn will be at the 2nd stitch not at the beginning of the needle/row. IF THAT DOES HAPPEN you can just slip the stitch to the right needle and continue knitting it.

It can be a hassle to do this twice in a row.

I hope that helps......I hope it makes sense

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Grafting the Toe
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You said you had read about how to fix mistakes and been shown how. Have you been really taught how? I have a friend who is a great knitter but she would show me how to do something and that isn't enough. I need to be walked through it slowly and I have to do whatever it is while the helper watches my every move to see if I do it right. AND I need to do it more than once. I'm a slow learner. LOL But I can get it if someone really teaches me how.

If you have such a helper make a small swatch or several with mistakes in them and get them to watch you as you try to fix them and correct you if you start to do something wrong. Fix the same type of mistake several times under close supervision and see if that doesn't help. It is a hard thing to learn, but you will be so happy when you get it. Don't give up, get better help. :-)
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I have the same suggestion as Merigold -- take regular old worsted wool yarn. Grab your favorite fix it book. Start knitting swatches and intentionally make mistakes and learn how to fix each one.

Actually, I may just do the same
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