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Do you have a Dyson?
I need some specifics...

Is it noisy, as in is it noisier than a regular vacuum? Does it have a knocking sound?

Is it hard to clean under furniture when not using the attachments? For instance, to get quick under a chair on the edges--not a deep clean all the way back or anything, kwim? Does the body of the vacuum bend down a bit to get under furniture?
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I have a Dyson Animal Vac (the purple one) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is quieter than my Kirby was. It does not "knock". As far as bending under furniture mine is a bit stiff, I use the wand.

The new Dyson "Ball Vac" looks WONDERFUL, and appears to be more flexible. I would love one. DH says I am obsessed with floor care products.
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We just got a Dyson and I LOVE it too (we also have the purple one). It is pretty effortless to use and I think it's actually a little quieter than a regular vacuum. The attachments are very easy to use and the stretchy hose is great for when you want to get under furniture or whatever. It's so easy to use that I was very skeptical that it was working, but we just had new carpets put into our house and you should have seen the stuff that the Dyson got out of the carpet- it's was shocking!

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We love it
We have a Dyson and we love it. I never hear any "knocking" sounds. It's not a silent one but the noise it makes is normal for a machine.
My son is being married this month and for their bridal shower we gave them one. They are THRILLED.
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Originally Posted by MamaMer View Post
I need some specifics...

Is it noisy, as in is it noisier than a regular vacuum? Does it have a knocking sound?

Is it hard to clean under furniture when not using the attachments? For instance, to get quick under a chair on the edges--not a deep clean all the way back or anything, kwim? Does the body of the vacuum bend down a bit to get under furniture?
Yep, just told a "great" Dyson story I took the "roller" out to get some hair (mine) and string (yarn) that was wrapped around it....2.5 hours later, (DH pondering "divorce"..cause I "broke a $500.00 VAC) 3 BROKEN NAILS, alot of anxiety (cause I COULD NOT GET THE ROLLER TO ROLL) have my neighbor come over and advise me that I had the "roller" button TURNED OFF I didn't know there was a "friggin" roller brush button.....that's why it make so much noise on my wood floors duh........yes it is quite the piece of machinery......happy to say..still married and had my nails fixed.......
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We have the Dyson Slim. I love it! And it doesn't give your home the 'just vaccumed" smell if you know what I mean. We have many pets so I used it often!

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I believe I have the purple one. Of course it hits the furniture after
the sweeper part goes under the furniture, but the whole thing will touch the floor, if you want it to. It's thick though. Won't go too far under. It is heavy. It has awesome suction power. We had a Kenmore and this Dyson blows it away as far as power. It doesn't knock. It has a regular vacuum sound. You can take off parts and clean it easily.
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we had one years ago which i thought was fantastic. Then we had a more recent model (we are still talking a few years old though) which i didnt like at all. I found it far too bulky - didnt get into small spacs or under furniture, hard to manouver especialy if i needed to vacume the stairs (i am only 5'1") and i didnt like the way the hose had the rigid tube section, again i found it awkward and bulky to use.

On the other hand i heard they have slimmed down a lot rcently, and i havnt found a vacume cleaner that can compare when it comes to suction and actual cleaning quality. It was comparably quiet too, i seem to recall.

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I haven't read the other responses because I was so anxious to tell you that YOU MUST BUY A DYSON. I love my dyson. I try to convert anyone who wants an excellent vacuum. I have the animal DC-15; my mother has the DC Slim Ball.
I don't find either noiser than other vacuums I've had. My DC-15 doesn't get under low furniture like my Kenmore cannister, but the kenmore sucked so bad (no pun intended!) and my Dyson so awesome that I really don't care. It hasn't been a problem moving furniture as needed, and have found that I get more carpet cleaner by moving it.
I don't use any of the attachments that came with mine. I haven't found a need to; I wish I knew this in advance because I would not have bought the DC 15 animal; its more expensive than the "regular" DC 15 even though its the exact same machine. You just pay extra for those attachments. Actually, wait...I have used the attachments when I have cleaned my car. they worked well for the cracks and crevices for the car.
When I first got my Dyson and used it for the first time I could not believe how clean my carpets looked. I was also amazed and disgusted with what was in the cannister with just one use. It made me wonder what my crappy Kenmore cannister (that died after 2 years) was doing when I turned it on. I also rarely needed to change bags on the Kenmore, which having seen what gets pulled out with the Dyson clearly showed how bad other vacuums are!
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I have the Dyson Animal (the purple one) >>
It has been worth every penny. It picks up EVERYTHING, it's not heavy, it's not noisy, and I'll never go back to anything else!

(I have 3 pets and they shed like mad!)

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