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I agree with the others - just give the kitty time to get used to you and to the surroundings. My cats stayed at my parents house for about 6 weeks when I was moving once. I visited on the weekends, but I know my Walter spent a good deal of time hiding behind the bookcases.

I front-declawed my older cat and swore I'd never do it again. I clip Walter's claws (he's only patient enough for me to do 2 paws at a sitting) and I also got him a BIG sturdy scratching post, and I praise him a lot when he uses it. (Look for a sisal rope scratching post that it at least 36" tall - cats like to stretch when they scratch. If you get one with good structure, you can replace the rope when it wears out. They have it at Lowes.) I don't have problems with him using the furniture instead, though he will occasionally accidentally claw me or the other cat (when they're "playing"). This is pretty close to the one I got for Walter:
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I've used softpaws!!! they're great... as long as you have someone help you put them on!!!! After a few months the kittens started chewing them off, so I stopped using them, but they helped save some furniture when they were still in the "jump and dangle" stage.

I have 4 cats, and all 4 have front and back declawed. They do not go outside for *any* reason, ever.
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Thanks for all the good encouragement. Simon really made progress yesterday, Monday. He likes the bathroom. I went in hourly to visit and talk to him and if I sat on the floor he would come right up to me and purr and rub up against me. He seemed lonely yet perfectly content to stay in there alone. He likes to have his ears and chin scratched, he rolls on to his back to have his tummy rubbed. He would pace around the bathroom in circles and then come back to me. He would then retreat to his corner and then I would leave. If we sit on the floor and are quiet he responds like this to all of us as long as it is one person at a time. Since I've spent the most time with him he is less startled by my movements when I'm doing other things near him. He is eating and drinking much better.

The bathroom opens up into the bedroom. So today I have left the B.R. door open! "Oh my" Simon Says. He has retreated to behind the toilet where he can't see the door way. His hiding is more relaxed and he doesn't squeeze himself up tight in a corner any more. He did approach the door when I sat with him for awhile. Then he watched me straighten up the room. But when I left to do something down the hall he went back behind the toilet. When I'm not in the room I'm leaving the bedroom door shut so if he should decide to venture out he will feel a bit more secure. He also is very concerned about the sound of our parrot whistling and talking. He lives down the hall and Simon hasn't explored that far. But his ears twitch when he hears him and I can see he is wondering what that sound is.

He is a beautiful sweet kitty and I think he will like to snuggle once he is comfortable here. I want to take a picture of him but will wait till I can get one of him when he is not in the bathroom!
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Becky Morgan
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Soft Paws work, and unless you have an immune deficiency or something similar, you won't always have to use them, only until they forget they can shred anything. When you give them a clawing post (bought, or just a honking big hunk of firewood with the bark on...makes an amazing mess, but they love it!) they'll tackle that instead of most other stuff. For furniture you don't want clawed, rub a little matching spice into the fabric--cinnamon for brown, red pepper, etc.--anything harmless but annoying so that if they do haul back on the fabric and let it fly, they get a faceful of sneeze. I've never had one grab treated furniture a second time, and it makes the house smell good.

Another thing that can help, although it'll set you back twenty or thirty dollars, is a can of Feliway spray. It's synthetic cheek marking scent, and it signals the cat to relax and consider himself among friends. Our vet always sprays the carrier with it when we take any of ours home from surgery, etc. and they'll argue over who gets to sleep in the carrier that night!
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Feliway! I've never heard of it, I wish I had known about it for one of my previous cats. I wonder if it would calm down my new little fraidy cat? I will definitely try it to keep the new kitten from scratching.

Anyway, my Simon was checking out the bedroom today and I got a few nice pics, so attached is a photo of this cat that I've been talking about.
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Working the Gusset
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What a handsome cat! The name Simon suits him. Glad to see he is coming out of his shell a bit. He'll be taking over the house any day now!
You did a good thing taking him in. I can't imaging why his original owners would favor one pet over the others like that!

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Oh he is so pretty!! I am so glad you took him in. i can't imagine choosing one pet over the other. so strange. My first cat hid from me for a week but would sleep with me but as soon as I woke up back to hiding he would go. then all of sudden he was all over me. no idea what i did. I got my second cat when my first cat passed away. my second cat fell asleep on my lap when i took her out of the box. and my third cat chased my second cat around. so she felt right at home immediately. but i think it was more that she was a kitten and she wanted my older cat to be her mom.
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Aww, he's gorgeous!
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What a sweet face!
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Wanda Witch
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What a darling and sweet face. He is lucky to have you in his life now. Before long he will no doubt be the king of the manor.
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