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gotta knit
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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Kind of two questions going in this is where is inappropriate and the other is where it might be difficult to knit effectively. I think you're really asking about the second one, right?
Yes Jan, thanks for clarifying. I think I was referring more to places that interfere with our effective knitting. Maybe my bottle of painkillers should have included a 'no posting' warning?

I would like to think most of us have enough decency to not knit in situations demanding respect for others, and where it might look like we're not giving them our full attention.
Permission to knit at your funeral sounds like something you need to broadcast Renee. I would generally think of a funeral home as somewhere inappropriate, along with church and formal public performances. Waiting for appts, at the airport, etc. is usually fine, a productive alternative to reading a magazine (or so I thought ). I often knit while a passenger in a moving vehicle, but knitting when visiting with a friend really depends on the situation and the person.
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Yes, now that you mention reading, I would think the general rule of etiquette would be if it's ok to read, it's ok to knit.
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  • At a job interview (well maybe that's OK if it's for a job at a LYS)
  • While piloting an airliner in for a landing
  • During intimate moments with your spouse
  • During the chainsaw-juggling routine you do for the circus
  • While shaving
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Turning the Heel
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knitting places
I tend to knit when waiting for appointments and children you are waiting for at the doctors or dentist. I do it in front of the tv and a bus trip I took with my husband and he slept. All my knitting friends will be welcome to knit at my funeral if they want to. I think a knitting wake is as good as an Irish wake!
I don't knit at the theater, movies or out to dinner as I prefer the conversation to clicking needles. Flying an airplane on auto pilot might be challenging. Sky diving might pose a problem but different,lol.
Common sense dictates you think about where you are and should you be doing it!
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Turning the Heel
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i knit all over the place.... in front of hte tv and computer, waiting for my kids to get out of school, sometimes if i've had to stop for a train crossing, when we go out to eat at a fast food place and dh and I are letting the kids play on the play place stuff.... at my IL's (esp when my MIL is going on about some rash to do with her skin condition!)
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I would strongly recommend not knitting during a trial - especially in France. The wrong person might be beheaded.

Well, maybe you could on Bastille Day.
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Working the Gusset
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I knit in waiting rooms. I might knit in a coffee shop while alone but THAT never happens!

I wouldn't knit in place where your attention should be elsewhere like a lecture. I toyed with taking my knitting to a continung ed seminar but thought I would be distracted and distracting.

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Casting On
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You would think the waiting room for jury duty would be a good place to knit.. but it isn't! In my county they don't allow sharp objects (like knitting needles) through security.
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Knitting while seeing a professional play? In the front row? With metal needes... I agree with you all, no way.

But I have to say that there is one kind of live performance where I always bring my knitting and it saves my sanity. I'm talking about children's recitals. You know, the kind where 200 children are in the production, and your child or children are on stage for about a total of five minutes, and you have to sit through the rest of the two-hour show smiling bravely while everyone else's offspring mangle music charmingly? And you have to do that about eight to ten times a year? And you have to clap with enthusiasm and tell your kids how much you enjoyed being there? Knitting saves me.
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I'm thinking that knitting while on the toilet is a no-no...especially if it's gift knitting...

Knitting while driving (I've seen it done - along with eating a full bowl of cereal; shaving with a real razor and cream; doing the entire multi-step makeup routine; eating fried chicken; etc.)

That's all I can think of for now...
Just one more row...

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