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Ever had a bad feeling about your LYS?
Hola knitters & crocheters!

It's been a while since I've popped my head into the forum due to school, our office relocating and not having time to knit because of that silly thing called life keeping me insanely busy.

If anyone remembers that WIP I posted of a baby blanket in Schachenmayr Nomottoa Boston Multi color, I had to get the rest of the yarn for it this weekend. I went to my LYS and I just didn't feel welcomed there. I don't know but I felt like there was no interest in helping me out, just pay and leave. I want to send a note to let her know how I felt in her store, but don't want to be a total b***h either.

The woman before me was greeted much more warmly, and was chatted up but with me I felt like I was in the way or something.
Have any of you ever felt that way about a yarn store in your area? I'm now thinking of trying to find yarn shops near my job or doing online shopping instead.

Comments, suggestions?
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Yes, there is a yarn shop very close to me where I have always felt unwelcome. The owners like to sit in the back and knit and chat with their friends, and I always feel as if I have interrupted a private party. So I stopped shopping there. I now buy online, or at other shops when I'm in the neighborhood. It's a shame, too, because it's so close to my house and they have a large selection of great yarns. But it's not worth the bad feeling I have when I leave.

I hope you can find a shop where you feel valued as a customer!
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thats a shame. I don't understand why people open shops if they are going to have a bad attitude toward their customers. The only yarn shop near me is a market stall, their selection isn't wonderful but some times they get some little surprises in and they get some locally spun yarn into which is nice. However every timei go to look i feel like they can't wait to get rid of me or as if they think i am just there to cause trouble.

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Ooh, exactly how I've felt and as a newbie a little welcome and warmth and interest would have been nice. The two good shops we have seem more like private clubs. And the prices! Recently I called one of the shops looking for some specific yarns. They didn't have everything I needed so I checked on ebay and found all of it for half they lys price, including shipping! I do want to support local business but combine high prices with unfriendliness and the choice isn't difficult.
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I am really lucky that I have a lot of LYS near me. Most of them are wonderful and go out of their way to help you but there is one that I used to go to that I will never walk into again. You fell like you are interrupting a private party everytime you go in. The owners are amazing knitters and they have a fantastic selection of yarn but they seem to only want to help the people that have been coming in for years. I have not been back in a couple of years, but I know from some of the local knitters that things have not changes. I will no longer spend my hard earned money on people that do not value me as a customer. There are way to many options. YOu would think they most LYS would get that, but it still suprises me how rude some of them can be. If I ever treated my customers that way I would not have a job.

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Same thing happened to me, which is sad because here in North Texas we don't have many shops to choose from.
There is a particular one here that is very "clique-y". They have a large farm table set up in the middle of the store. I went to take a seat and the woman next to me says, "Sorry, that seat is taken and so are the other ones." What is this, junior high? And that has happened more than once with different ladies. And the women who work there don't seem too much nicer.

So, I don't spend my money there anymore.

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YUP - there are 2 yarn shops in town and both of them are very standoffish (is that a word?) and when I asked one of them to order some yarn for me (they stock it, but only has 2 skeins and I needed 4) she said - well, they didn't remember ever seeing me in there before and she tends to reserve those favors for customers she recognizes from taking her classes and spending $$$ there ! Her classes are wonderful and all offered during the day on weekdays when all us poor schmuks that work cannot attend. If I am nearby I now go in just to touch all her yarn and in general be in her way. Never spend ANY money there. My absolute favorite LYS went out of business so I stocked up when she closed and I LOVE my mothers LYS in NY so I stock up while visiting.
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Oh my gosh, YES!! I went to a lovely little store and was going to buy yarn to make a doggie sweater. I had purchsed some straight needles and realized I couldn't work them after trying on one row. I wanted to exchange them for a circular set. She said, did you use them? I said, yes, I did one small row and realized they are too long for my arms, I need a circular pair and I'd like to exchange them, (the circulars are way more expensive). She says, well, then they're used, I can't take them back. Sure, I understand that if the packaging is not intact but it was! If I wasn't honest she wouldn't have known the difference. Then the woman asked what I was making. I told her I knit dog sweaters, mine is outside. She just stated flat out, "I don't like dogs". Well, I LOVE dogs, I sell sweaters for them. So, you totally lose! I won't go in there ever again. I didn't buy the circulars from her or the $100 worth of yarn I'd piled up on her counter. I just took my straight needles back and walked out. Loser.
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Unfortunately, neither of the LYS near my house have made me feel welcome. Before I actually started to knit, but was thinking about taking classes I went to a yarn store near the music store my son was taking guitar lessons at and I just loved the way the lady made me feel there. She was so helpful; however, by the time I decided to go back and actually learn to knit the store had gone out of business

There are a few near my work that I plan to try though.

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I'm quite lucky as there are several LYS near me, or at least within a 30 minutes drive. One in particular has a very cold atmosphere. The lady behind the counter actually seemed surprised when I walked in, as if I should've knocked or something. Its too bad because the store is very well laid out, lovely yarns and generally well stocked. But as the shop feels more like a funeral home, minus the smiles and well wishes, I won't be returning there either. When will small businesses learn that happy customers are repeat customers. Not to mention, we are the cheapest form of advertising.
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