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Casting On
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I am brand new to knitting... as in: I can only cast on--and that was after watching the long tail cast on video about a million times. Now? I'm stuck. Blah.

We moved to Spokane at the end of Oct, thanks to the Air Force

Anyways: I think I need to actually SEE in person how to move past a cast on, if anyone is in my area and is OK with meeting in a public place (I promise I'm not a serial killer!) to show me.. I would be forever grateful..
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Ribbing the Cuff
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WA resident
Hi everyone in WA! I live in Lake Stevens.
I don't have a favorite yarn, just use whatever works with whatever I am going to knit. Have been knitting lots of baby blankets. I just learned how to do double knitting, but am stuck on one particular pattern......double heart knit hotpad. Would u believe......I knitted one, but the second one just won't come out right!
Salmonmac has been helping me, but I'm still kind of lost! Anyway, I'll just keep trying!
I am on ravelry as lilbj. Love to see the patterns there.
I do crochet, learned that first. I've crocheted lots of tablecloths. Even crochet a portrait of Elvis!
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Knitting the Flap
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Hey there,

I don't live in Washington...but do visit regularly. I was there in January and will be back soon!! I am usually in Redmond.

There is a place here in Vancouver that has the oldest carding machine. It has beautiful wool. I have a picture someplace.
Here is the link....
Happy Wet and Wild Spring!
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Ribbing the Cuff
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Marysville here!
Hi folks, I too am a Washington State knitter, although the first 27 years of my life I lived and crocheted in Texas. I live pretty darn close to fact I picked 80+ pounds of berries top of Sunnyside hill. Ya know where that is...Dang new Walmart is gonna ruin my berry adventures.

1) What is your favorite yarn?

have to say it is classic Merino Patons cause the JoAnns used to be 5 mins from my house and that was best they had. But now that I can see well...I am going to Great Yarns in Everett! Yippee...I bought Dreamz interchangeable...all 3 sets this month along with several 40-47in 0,1,2,3 needles cause I am tired of not being able to find good wool socks to fit my adult son's. (the men in my family have unusually large ankles and calves) They can't find any hiking socks that are comfortable above their ankles.

2) What is your favorite thing to knit?

Hats, but I am gonna make socks my favorite as soon as I find the right pattern for my sons.

3) Who is your favorite designer?

Hatternique patterns...(can't find him any more but he made some great hats that my son likes with merchandized cotton...but I don't particularly like knitting with it...rather crochet this yarn.

4) Which knitting magazine is your favorite?

Don't have any knitting magazines.

5) Are you a Raveler yet?

Yes...Just joined. msneuropil

If not, are you on the waiting list?
If not, what are you waiting for?

6) How many years have you been knitting?

20+ years...but only rarely till the last 5 or 6 years

7) Do you crochet as well?

ABSOLUTELY...I started crocheting around 9 years old...but never had the money to put into more than 1 hook and some cheap yarn. Started in earnest in 1982 when I was on crutches AND 6 months pregnant. Crocheted the LARGEST out of shape bedspread while sitting for the next 3 months. It was ugly and was dragged around for over 10 years. I hated it, but my son loved it. I had no pattern, 1 hook and about 10 skeins of cheap yarn. (My hubby at the time thought it was irresponsible of me to spend money on crochet I did what I could with what I had). I might add here that HE had tools galore, radio controlled cars and planes...and he thought it was wasteful to spend money on a tool for me. He's my ex now...and I can now buy the tools I want.

8) Do you live in the Puget Sound area? East of the mts? The Coast? Southern?

I live on the edge of the Snohomish River as it enters Puget Sound, which is West of the Cascade Mountains. I see Mt. Pilchuck directly east of me.

9) What are your prime knitting hours?

Noonish...then a break to quilt or cook...then around 4 I go to bed and knit on and off till sleepy. I have CFIDS and Fibromyalgia so it all depends on how long I can see clearly and how long I can stand to be in a sitting position. I'm getting pretty good at knitting a lot of stockinette laying down.

10) What is your favorite knitting 'how to/help" book?

Knitting Answers AND Knitting Companion. It was not till I got those books that I finally figured out what I did to make those mistakes and what to do to fix the mistakes. Wonderful books for folks who don't know knitters in real life or how to even describe your mistakes.
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Working the Gusset
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hi all...

i'm (kris) 'topher and i'm new to it all, still. and needy. and opinionated (i like what i like, what can i say?)

1) What is your favorite yarn?
cheap and clean. so far, i prefer cottons and blends. full-on wool is not a good choice for me - too warm, and itchy. tho when i get to my first pair of socks that doesn't get frogged after an hour, i may have to revisit that and settle for a recycled/polyester/bamboo/fair-trade/shade-grown/gluten-free/baby-bjorn/5%-wool something or other.

2) What is your favorite thing to knit?
dishcloths (to pair up with also-new-to-it soapmaking) and cowls. my first project was supposed to be socks, in order to skip all that dishcloth and scarf learning nonsense. that didn't happen.

3) Who is your favorite designer?
anybody with clear/full directions and the ability to say 'seriously this is hard, don't even attempt if you're a newbie, go practice another scarf.' anybody who designs for men. actual things actual men would actually wear/use. knitted kilts and tea cozies don't count.

4) Which knitting magazine is your favorite?
no favorites, just skim whatever's new and interesting in the checkout line at joann's. learn more what to avoid than what to do.

5) Are you a Raveler yet?
yes, same screen name there. but it doesn't do much for me. very $$$- and designer-based and overwhelmingly feminine designs. still, it's a resource, sometimes.

6) How many years have you been knitting?
about 2 years off and on at this point.

7) Do you crochet as well?
ha, no, i'll stick with one of the dark arts at a time. also, until you get to the advanced skills, most of the patterns look "ages 5-10 loom knitting."

8) Do you live in the Puget Sound area? East of the mts? The Coast? Southern?
grew up an army brat, lived many places, but was lucky to stick mostly to western washington, where both parents and extended families are also from. puyallup, spanaway, all over seattle and kent. longest stretches have been various times on fort lewis, a 15ish year stretch in the olympia/lacey area, and current home in yakima since 2004.

9) What are your prime knitting hours?
usually night time, during netflix binge-watching, about 2-3x a week.

10) What is your favorite knitting 'how to/help" book?
actually one i just got from the local library last week - "circular knitting workshop: essential techniques to master knitting in the round" by margaret radcliffe. has info on all knitting levels, converting flat patterns to circular, patterns for bags, hats, shawls, socks, mittens, gloves and sweaters, and at 320 pages, most with full color pictures or illustrations, is incredibly helpful. might just have to buy it outright. honorable mention, solely because of the 'bootcut sweater', my own personal unicorn, is 'knitting with balls" by michael del vecchio.
still alive and kicking, still knitting... but 2015 was a very busy and tough year, so i'm not around as often as i was...
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