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If this happened to you...
what would you want to have happen?

You knit up a garment with a hand dyed yarn. When you wash said garment, the dye releases leaving you with a "bleached out" garment instead of the bright colors you picked.

What do you want the response from the dyer to be?
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hmmm, I have never dyed yarn before...but I use to dye nylon string to make macrame belts back in the 70's.
If one of my customers told me her/his belt had lost all it's color, I would tell them to send it back to me and I would replace it with the same thing or send their money back.
I think the dyer should send you new yarn and a note of apology.

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Actually, I am the dyer. And the problem with sending out new yarn is that I don't know *why* the dye released, and I don't want to send out a skein that's going to do the same thing.

So should I offer to buy her a new skein of someone else's yarn? I am trying to figure out why the dye released, but until I do, I can't promise it won't happen again...
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Perhaps you should consult with the dye manufacturer.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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no, I don't think you should offer someone else's yarn, because if there is a problem with THAT, then you are really in a pickle.
Can you just ask him/her what they would like you to do?
Or, I guess I would ask if they minded if you tried to find the cause and try again.
Hopefully, they are nice and don't give you a hard time about what seems like a very honest mistake.

Or, maybe offer to give thier money back plus $10.00 so they can order yarn somewhere else and they won't have to pay shipping (sort of little compensation for their inconvience?)

Good Luck and let us know what happens!

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dye gone
How about you ask them to return the yarn and try dying it again after consulting the dye manufacturer. I've died clothes maybe you can dye a finish knitted object.
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I'm so sorry that you had that happen to you!!! I make a jewelry line and I got a bad chunk of solder a while back and these necklaces I make all fell apart!!! People had paid over $1000 for these pieces and they were so upset and I felt miserable!!! It just makes you wonder if everything you have made in the past will come back to bite you!!! I feel your pain!

I was able to take the bad necklaces back and replace them with new ones and I added to them so they were nicer and I wrote a note saying how sorry I was. Obviously, you didn't do this on purpose!! I like the idea about re-dying the sweater. If that isn't possible maybe you should ask if the customer can wait to get new yarn from YOU until you figure out what went wrong.

I hope it all gets resolved!!
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I would offer the customer a refund or an exchange for a new batch of yarn, although i would explain to them that if they wish to exchange then it may take a little extra time for the following reasons. I would also apologise to the customer that it has happened and for the inconvenience. I would also ask the customer as politely as possible, if they could explain the washing method they used naming in detergents they used, incase they have done or used somthing unusual (for example they may have inadvertantly used a particualrly strong soap).

i assume you used a method of dying you have used before. Do you have any of that batch left or could you do another batch in the same way, using the same dyes etc? then do a test wash to see if you can figure out what the problem was. Explain to the customer that you are doing this to make sure that any future purchases from you or the exchange piece will not have the same problem. If you can not find any problem with the batch and the customer wishes to exchange then go ahead but make sure the care instructions are clear and offer to pay for any postage incurred.
If the customer does not go ahead then again apologise and give full refund including postage and perhaps an extra incentive to (another $10 on top or a small gift perhaps).

This would be the case no matter how well you know the person who has baught the yarn, just how formal you are may vary. Throughout, being polite, honest and communicative is the key.

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That stinks. But, as we all know when it comes to customer service, if you are at least being communicated to and a solution is attempting to be resolved, it goes a long way to good relations.

Tell your customer what steps you are taking. What would he/she like to see happen. If they want the sweater re-dyed, tell them that you must first speak with the dye manufacturer to find out what went wrong because you don't want to dye the sweater or give new yarn if it will just do it again. If they just want their money back, then do that, with apologies and a thank you for contacting you about the problem which you are attempting to fix, and a coupon for money off their next purchase. Try to keep the customer.

I know you can do it. It wasn't your fault and your willing to make it right. You're the kind of supplier everyone loves to know.
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A little customer service goes a long way...many sellers wouldn't even think the way you are, so good for you for caring and wanting to make things right.

It's a gutsy thing to do, but you could ask them 'what can I do to make this right?' and see what they say. Of course, if they ask for world peace or $1000, that is extreme...but they might suggest something reasonable like what you had in mind OR they may say they don't know, what are you willing to do and you can suggest a remedy.

It was a honest 'mistake', so it is nothing to feel badly about. I mean, the person you sold it to is understandably upset, but as long as you care enough to make amends as best you can, it's all you can do.
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