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Pssst... Coming soon to KH: Member contributed Videos!
Sheldon is working on a HUGE new feature for Knittinghelp: An area of the site where members like yourselves can upload your own videos! Basically, a little "YouTube" here on KH.

I am SO excited by this idea. This will allow us to expand our knitting topics and tutorials with Member Know-How!

If shooting a video sounds fun to you, consider shooting one to have ready when we launch this section! Maybe you have your own way of doing something that you'd love to share ...Or you have an idea for an unusual topic... Or you've been around here long enough to become tired of explaining a number of truly essential topics that are long over-due on this site--[ahem] Gauge [/ahem]. Heck, we could use some crochet videos while you're at it! And other crafty topics! Don't worry about covering a topic someone else is doing. My dream is to have at least a few videos on any major's all helpful.

Does shooting a video sound intimidating? Trust me, it's not that hard. My very first knitting videos are right here on this site, so you can put your first videos up here with mine. Here's my #1 secret tip for making knitting videos: put your camera on a tripod, and wrap your arms around the tripod! Tilt the camera down, and you've got a great close up on your hands. That's all I do! If you don't have a tripod, have someone hold the camera steady and zoom in over your shoulder.

We're still thinking of what to call this incredible new video section. KnitTube? Knitflix? Let us know if any other name inspirations come to mind, we're seriously considering all suggestions!
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Thanks Amy!!! Just another to say I this place!
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Sounds like a brilliant idea. can't wait to see what people come up with. Have no great inspirational idea for a name but like knitflix.
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I think that's a fantastic idea for those of us who are more visual in our learning. Sometimes things click better when I can see them.

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Originally Posted by amy View Post
Here's my #1 secret tip for making knitting videos: put your camera on a tripod, and wrap your arms around the tripod! Tilt the camera down, and you've got a great close up on your hands. That's all I do!
How smart, Amy! I would never have thought of this!

I can't wait to see the new videos! What an awesome idea!
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Pat in Ca
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Fantastic idea... I can't wait!! ....
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I was thinking about trying to make a 2 socks at a time DPN video. I guess I'll have to find out how and if that feature on my camera works and how much time I can fit on a 1GB card (or get a 4GB card).

put your camera on a tripod, and wrap your arms around the tripod!
I wondered how you did that.
I guess that means the giant VHS camera and a digitizer is out of the question
(That's OK, that camera is broken most of the time and hasn't been replaced with a digital video camera yet.)

I like Knitflix. I can't even think of the mail DVD place since I read that.
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Sounds wonderful!!! Needle & Hook Flix
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I just LOVE the way y'all are constantly working to keep this site up to date with the latest and greatest! Thank you!!!

P.S. I vote for KnitFlix as well. Very clever, my dear!
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This is REALLY exciting! I love the videos-I think I've watched every one, and without them I doubt I'd still be knitting. I never would've gotten past that first little garter stitch swatch I did when I was learning. I can't wait to see more!

I love KnitFlix! Very cute!
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