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Just for Fun: What do you do while knitting?
A little "just for fun" question: What do you do while knitting? Is there a favorite tv show or movie you watch? I know some people can knit and read - are you reading a good book while knitting?

While I will watch anything on my Tivo, my knitting time is spent in the company of Grace Brothers Department Store, Miss Brahms, Mrs. Slocombe, and Mr. Humphries - yes, I am a fan of Are You Being Served? and proud of it! :-D Our local PBS station airs eps on Tuesday nights and I have rediscovered my love of the program (old boyfriend introduced me to it a few years ago).

I have also been watching CNBC and other cable business channels while knitting. Rather than lament the slow economy we have here in the US, I am using these stringent and tough times as a form of education in economic fundamentals, investing, and commodities. It helps me cut through the hype one sees in mainstream media. Thus far, Jim Cramer is my favorite, though sometimes he drives me nuts and I want to haul my Susan Bates size 8 needles at the tv. (Man needs to cut down on caffeine NOW. If you watch you know what I speak of here.)

What accompanies your knitting?
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It depends what I'm knitting. If its a sock, I watch the ball game, wait for a plane, you name it. If its lace, absolutely nothing else. I've tempted fate more often than I should have on that score.
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I watch pretty much anything while knitting, but I HAVE to have the TV on for some reason while knitting. If I'm knitting something more intense, I watch something boring that I don't pay much attention to, but if I'm knitting something monotonous, then I watch something good on TV. My favorite is reality shows - ANY reality show.
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I generally just stick the tv on and find something that won't interfere with my concentration too much, e.g. Springwatch or the news. I can't knit when House or Desperate Housewives is on. If there is nothing on tv I stick on a DVD, usually the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. I know it so well that I can recite bits of it word for word. I never get tired of watching it if the project is easy but if I'm having to concentrate a bit more I can do something complicated and when I look back at the tv I know exactly where I am and what has happened on the DVD. I have been known to knit in front of Harry Potter DVDs but generally only Hogwarts scarves.
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Firey Vixxen
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I Need noise when I knit, whether it's watching TV or listening to music. Avril Lavinge has a particully good beat to knit to.
Firey Vixxen
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I like to talk to my daughter who is stationed in Japan, Okinowa, on the phone while I knit. It has to be a mindless part of the knitting project though, I can not count when talking!
I like doing that because, 1) she is usually talking to me and my 3 grandchildren at the same time or running after one of them! So I don't mind at all when she goes away from the phone, I just keep on knitting! 2) Doing that makes me feel like she's in the same room and we are knitting together again! They have 2 more YEARS over there! Boo Hoo! , But at least my son in law supposedly will not have to go to Iraq for a 4rh time!

Which reminds me..she was suppose to call this morning


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Right now I'm going back through Lost from season one, looking for things I missed the first time around. I like to have the TV on in the background (or watch on my computer), or I listen to audiobooks on the ipod. If it's something I really need to focus on, I have the TV on, because if I'm listening to a book I'll either miss something important, or pay too much attention and mess up the knitting.
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That's a great idea.!! I love Lost and I KNOW I've missed stuff by knitting!

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I watch TV. That's what I look forward to every evening. A lot of History Channel stuff when I don't like what's on regular TV.

I also take my knitting to a ton of soccer games. My daughter plays competitively, so there's tons of time there, although I try not to knit during the games themselves...usually before and during halftime and water breaks.
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I also watch tv while knitting. cant' seem to do much else. I actually really look forward to my tv/knitting time. I have a brand new flat lcd and dvd player in my knitting room, I recently re-did the whole room, so it's such a pleasure to sit up there by myself and knit. I am currently watching Ghost whisperer season 1 on dvd. gotta love netflix!
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