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Any nail color experts out there?
No matter what I do, my nail polish doesn't last more than a day! I've tried every trick in the book. Does anyone else have this problem or some advice?
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When I get my nails done (which isn't very often), the lady there puts "Sticky" on my nails before she paints them. In the bottle, the stuff look like its tinted green, but it goes on clear.
I know they sell it at Ulta. Maybe you can get anywhere they sell OPI or Essie. Anyway, it works.

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Um, do you mean it doesn't last long on your nails? Do you put on 2 clear base coats on before the polish? I keep my nail polish in the fridge....And I put on 2 top coats after the coloured polish. I painted my toenails, and so far it has been fine for over 2 weeks! I also recommened trying different brands of nail polish. One of my favorites is "Lizz 2000 Nail Lacquer". My toes are "Lizz 2000 Nail Lacquer in color (I almost said colorway! ) Presumed Innocent", which is a bright pink. Hot pink, bright pink, whatever. Hope this helped!

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When you go to do your nails, make sure they are clean and use nailpolish remover even on bare nails. This gets any oil off. Do this AFTER you file them so there's nothing to get stuck in the nail polish. You should definitely do a base coat and at least 2 coats of the colour. Make sure you let each coat dry completely before putting the second on. Then apply your topcoat. The topcoat is a major helper for chips.
Also, try using some of the better quality polishes, like OPI. They really do last longer.

Oh- and a side note- you shouldn't put your nailpolish in the fridge. It makes it separate.

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I haven't worn polish for years for the same reason. My nails are naturally hard, but polish makes them break and crack. The polish itself is only good for about an hour and a half unless I literally do not touch anything, which makes it last, oh, another half-hour or so. I gave up polish and just buff my nails to a hard shine.

When I worked at the bank and we were required to wear polish, I did find that Shell Pink fabric paint would stay on all day without causing any damage or smelling bad, but it's hard to find these days.
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My mom always told me to first paint the nails the color that you want, then take a cotton swab or whatever you put your remover on and run the swab along the edge of the nail to take off a teeny, tiny bit along the edge and then put on the protective top coat. That makes it so the polish won't chip from doing everyday things like typing.

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Always give your nails a quick swipe with alcohol or polish remover to clean off the oils before you polish. the 'Sticky" basecoat is really good stuff, you can buy that at salons. If you can, put a layer of topcoat on every day - this will help too.

An overlay of some sort - acrylic, linen or silk wraps, etc. - is the only surefire way to keep the polish from chipping. I could never keep polish on my natural nails either...I've worn acryilics for years and the polish never moves until I take it off.
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On a side note - i always keep my nail polish in the fridge, i just shake it before use. I, my mom and my sister use only Orly polish. I always put a coat of "bonder", that keeps the polish on the nail, then i put the polish itself, wait a bit, put the "dry'n'sec" dryer and wait a few moments, then another layer of polish and another of the dryer. It keeps the polish for a week!
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oh i have the same problem. i apply about 4 coats of the colour i want to wear and it chips and looks terrible in a few hours. i always put it down rto horses animals etc. but im going out in london in a few weeks time (and sooooo looking forward to it) and would love to be able to wear nail polish and feel girly for once rather than horsey lol

i will try in the fridge and layers of clear before and after, worth a try
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My nail polish always chips, too, usually within hours of putting it on. I've never worn a top coat before. Maybe I should try that. The only time my nail polish ever lasted was when I got acrylic nails. I haven't had those in a long time!

Thanks for this post!
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