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How rude!! that is terrible behaviour not to mention slightly creepy. I can't believe you didn't say anything although i can beleive you would have been shocked speachless!

I would get yourself a couple of deckchairs and some toys for your kids and stroll on over to his house, park your bums on his lawn and start playing ... after all thats how it's done round there isn't it.

OK i'm only kidding, that probably wouldnt be a good idea! It might be worth writing him a note which says that whilst you don't want to deny his daughter any fun, you do not apeciate him coming over un-invited and intruding on both your property and your time with your kids. Explain to him that you would have had no issue had he first asked quietly if his daughter might be able to play, but that to make the assumption was both disrespectful and inapropriate. I would avoid mentioning the 'setting and example for your daughter' though as he could take it as a direct insult of his parenting skills and it could realy blow up!

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Wow - can't even imagine how freaked out you were ! When I first bought my house there was a little boy (maybe 6) that used to come over everytime he saw me in the yard and want to talk or help. I was always caught off guard b/c I didn't know where he lived and would tell him that since I didn't know his parents he should probably go home.....
I second the tarp idea !!
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Yeah, it really was weird, one of those things where you're just so shocked you're at a loss for words! I guess he thinks it's ok because the people across the street gave him the ok to use the swing they have for their child so I suppose that means he has the ok to use all of the neighbors

I'm still shocked by his audacity, but, if he thinks he's going to pull that again, I'm totally prepared now...It was so unexpected the other day...I have no problem telling people how it is or calling them on certain things but I was just so completely unprepared that I had no idea what to say!

I felt badly for the little girl because she doesn't know any better but really, he's setting a terrible example for her! He hit me as the type of person who would spoil his child rotten. Pretty much that he'll just give her whatever she wants, even if she doesn't ask for it. I mean the girl couldn't really talk yet, just little mumbles so I know there was no way she said she wanted to go swimming, but, I suppose HE wanted her to go swimming.

Man, what happened to manners???
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this might be why I get called names...
this is one of those times I would explain to my kids that when they grow up they should never behave this way, see how uncomfortable you feel, would you (my child) want to be someone making their new neighbors feel so uncomfortable, and it is MUCH better to have and use good manners. then thank him for the excellent example, and start introductions with the kids

maybe I deserve to be called a "Mother"

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Maybe next time you see him you could mention how much his little girl seemed to enjoy the pool and tell him where you bought yours!
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From a man's viewpoint (my hubby's)...."he probably thinks she's hot and used the kid as a way to get close to her and strike up a conversation. The pool and kid was a good way to interject himself over there. "
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One summer my DD and her friend were playing in the back yard. We have a 6-foot-high privacy fence. The lady 3 doors down "heard" the girls playing, so she brought her DD down to play with them. Her DD is 6 years YOUNGER than my daughter and her friend! The mother just opened my gate and put her daughter in. Then she went to my front door and rang my bell and INFORMED me that her kid was now going to play in my back yard with "the big girls." I was floored.

Guess there are nuts everywhere.
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Sunshine's Mom
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Originally Posted by stitchwitch View Post
From a man's viewpoint (my hubby's)...."he probably thinks she's hot and used the kid as a way to get close to her and strike up a conversation. The pool and kid was a good way to interject himself over there. "
This is EXACTLY what I thought upon reading the scenario, Demonica. This had NOTHING to do with his daughter and EVERYTHING to do with you and his wanting to get closer to you. I would have freaked out on him and told him to get out of the pool and take his daughter home. What a freak! Watch out for him. Seriously. That's not the way to approach a woman you don't know - even if you are harmless. Does your DH know about what this guy did? My husband would have gone right to his house and punched him dead in the face.
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That is weird. Very weird and creepy! I guess he's just not very competent at social skills, but still.

It's an interesting point of view, stitchwitch, I didn't think of that. Not sure how effective it would be though. Is being rude supposed to be cool?
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