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We've owned a Super Nintendo (still have it - it looks brand new), a PS1 (it's sitting in a closet), a PS2 (my son uses it to watch DVDs in his room), and a Game Cube (looks brand new - hasn't been touched in a year). I guess I should be proud of my kids for NOT being game addicts (I knew one kid who spent his entire summer in front of his TV and refused all requests to come out and play with anyone!). Still, from time to time they have expressed interest in these things, so they got them for Christmas gifts and then rarely used them. Oh, DD also has Nintendo DS. She plays that in spurts. One day it will be what she does all day long and then she will go literally months without even touching it.
So now they want a Wii. They say it's different from the others because you have to be more "active." I looked at them. It's $250. Does anyone know if that comes with everything I need? Does it came with any preinstalled games or included games? I can just see me spending $500 in one shot and my kids not touching the thing and that would just make me irate. I'm willing to pay $250 if that's going to be all I (originally) need (I know they'll want other games later...which they will have to earn!)

Incidentally, I played it myself at a friend's house the other day. We played bowling. It was great. I could actually see me playing with the Wii...
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First, I'd recommend selling the other game systems to get some of the $ towards the Wii if the others aren't being played. Wii comes with one controller and a set of games do come with. It's much more physical and there isn't the "zoning out" factor as much with the Wii, so the kiddos will still get the physical activity while playing video games.

Then there's the Wii Fit, which looks fun to me! yoga and all sorts of fun stuff! It's fun for adults too.

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Ronda (06-17-2008)
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Yea, I figured it might be fun for me. I played the Super Nintendo when we first got it because my son was only 4 or 5 and so it was something we did together. I never got into the other systems.

I asked last night at Game Stop if they bought used systems. They do, but they won't take my PS1. DS will keep his PS2 for watching DVDs in his room. They said they'd give me about $15 or $30 for the Game Cube, and that's it. DD wasn't too sure she wanted to get rid of it, and I figure at only $15, it's not worth it.

Yoga, huh? Now THAT sounds like fun. I might have to get the Wii just for me! ;-)
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I am getting dh a wii for his birthday in July!!
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I have to say I love our Wii its just me and the bf we have no kids lol..I like it due to the fact you can be more interactive with the Wii then you can with the other systems(which I suck at anyways) I enjoy playing bowling on the Wii tennis can really kick you butt when you get going but its fun none the less the Wii Fit looks fairly cool too
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I'd say buy the Wii. From a technological point of view, it's fantastic. Your kids can grow with the game...there's a lot offered...for them and for the adults.

As far as selling the other items, sell them on Ebay around Thanksgiving. You'll get more money for them. I hold on to things and do that, and I make a lot of money. The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as "Black Monday." It's the day when online retailers make the most money. From experience, I know this is true.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Raeknitsnwa View Post
the Wii Fit looks fairly cool too
That's what I want!
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When we bought our Wii, we bought the sports pack. It came with a disc that contains the sports games such as bowling, golf, tennis, etc. It also came with one controller. There's a boxing game on the disc that you need the nunchucks for and those are sold separately. You don't need the nunchucks for a whole lot of games, but, you must have them to play the games that require them. Also, in order for more than one person to play, you'll definitely need to buy at least one additional controller. The total for us for an additional controller and 2 nunchucks, plus the system with the sports pack was a total of about $300.

I absolutely love the Wii! I love the games the sports pack came with, and, my hubby was lucky enough to find a Wii Fit that he bought me for my birthday. The Wii Fit is AWESOME!! I have a lot of back problems and after I started doing the Fit, my back has been pain free! The Fit really shows you how off balance you may be and helps you correct your posture so your weight is evenly distributed. The kids love doing the Fit as well

What also makes the Wii such an awesome system is the games are more family oriented; everyone can get involved in them, and, they really help keep you off your, you can sit down and do many of the games, but, I choose not to because every bit of exercise helps

The Wii has been a great investment for us (hubby is also addicted to Guitar and I play the Wii a ton. I never really got into the Playstation or anything like that (I was all about the old school systems: Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega...haha) but the Wii has replaced all those for me...though I still can't part with those old

I say get it...I agree with the others, if the other systems aren't being used, sell those and replace them with the Wii. Even if the kids lose interest, I guarantee YOU will love playing the games!
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Ditto with everything that Demonica said!

It's just me and DH and we the Wii!!!!! All our friends love it, too, and they come over and play. Some games (like Mario Kart) have online play. As long as it is hooked up online you can play with people all over the world, and even friends you know.

We also have WiiFit. The only word to describe it - AWESOME! And it was worth every penny!

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I would buy it for you then let the kids play on it. that way you won't be disappointed when they stop using it. We have had the Wii since it came out and my kids (13, 7) are not that bothered with it. have learnt to use the controllers with just a flick of the wrist so they definitely don't benefit as far a being active with it. They prefer the 360 and the PS3.

I might just steal the Wii back for me and get the Wii fit. So I would say treat your self if you would like to use the Wii fit.
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