View Poll Results: Anybody Care About Messy Houses/Rooms?
Yes! Yes yes yes yes! I am an absolute neat freak! 15 20.83%
I'm in between. I doesn't matter as long as it's not horrible. 39 54.17%
Not at all! My house/room is a mess! 19 26.39%
Hmmmm....I dunno.... 2 2.78%
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I don't like a messy house, but I'm not a neat freak either. There's a difference between being messy and dirty. There are dishes soaking in my sink right now, and that's ok. I'll wash them tomorrow. But the garbage doesn't stink, the cat box is clean, and there are no old moldy plates of food on the counters.

I don't make the kids have impeccable rooms, their rooms are theirs and they can make them homey, but they need to be clean enough to vacuum the floors and not have garbage laying around.

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Turning the Heel
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I'd like my house to be neater than what it is (MUCH neater), but working 66 hour weeks 51 weeks out of the year doesn't leave much time. And, once you get behind, you never catch up.
Also, I gained/lost/gained weight (and after my reunion next weekend will have at least the time I'm spending on it to spend on exercise) and am going for the loss again - therefore I have several "decreasing" sizes of clothes that I can't get rid of right at the moment. And we have too little space for it all. Sigh...... I need at least a week (or two) to have nothing to do but go through stuff and pitch. I'm an avid reader, so there are books everywhere. I'm sure there are some I could donate to a local "friends of the library" sale so they could resell them and raise money for much needed equipment....but again, no time.
So, while my house is not unhealthy, it literally looks like a tornado has gone through it. UGH.
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I'm a neat freak. DS says I like my house to look like a picture in a magazine. People come in to my house and make comments. One woman just recently told me that cleaning must be my hobby. Actually, they aren't looking everywhere to see that there are some things (like the front windows) that I haven't gotten to yet! Honestly, I hate cleaning, but I hate a messy house more. I work full time and my kids have activities in the evenings during the school year so it's hard to find time to clean unless it's a weekend, and then I want to knit or read or do something fun! Plus I'm married to a man who can't throw anything away, which drives me absolutely buggy. I'm with Silver on the kids' rooms. I stay out of those, and they are pretty messy!
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I'm a complete neat freak. My house looks like a model home. I've had neighbors say things like my house looks like a museum (not to my face, to other neighbors which is worse) and one insurance salesman asked me who cleans my house. In all fairness, it's just me and DH and one tiny little cat so it's not like I clean all the time. I think it must be a psychological thing to compensate for all the other things I don't have control of in my life, seriously. I kind of wish I could let loose and let my house get dirty and messed up, I won't even have a party for fear of people dirtying it up and stuff getting moved around.
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I'm also in-between. I love a clean house and every week I do what I think is a good job of cleaning. I don't have any kids which helps a lot. I do have a boyfriend who loves sports, so his sports stuff takes up a lot of room. I am not a neat freak, but mess does bother me a lot. It irritates me I think.
Our old apartment had too much stuff in it, which was the main problem, it was clean, but cluttered. Now we have less stuff and therefore less clutter.

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I'm an "in between" as well. There is some clutter but through the years, I've learned that if it's not storage for a project and stays undisturbed or in a box for more than 6 months, you don't need it. So, I either throw it or give it away... one man's junk is another man's treasure. Like others, clutter is okay but I hate nasty! I clean the catbox twice daily, empty the trash daily, sweep daily, vacuum cat hair daily, wash the dishes daily, scrub the tubs/showers and toilets daily and keep the kitchen pretty much spotless. This assures a healthy environment for the three of us, the 5 cats and our house dog.

I have a methodical way of keeping the house clean.... A different room, each week is concentrated on with complete wipe-down and complete and thorough cleaning. This keeps me from having to waste my days off cleaning and I get to knit or garden. About the only thing I have to do on my days off is wash and fold clothes. Flat surfaces are constantly getting piled upon and GRRRRR! my husband and son do NOT help but I am resigned to the fact that I am the housekeeper.

My son(25) doesn't clean his room enough to suit me but it's pretty much off limits for me except for picking up dirty clothes, emptying the trash, collecting dirty dishes and making the bed. Duh! Isn't that supposed to keep it clean??? NOT! He works on the computer alot and there are always papers, dust and areas that he doesn't want me to touch or I might lose something important.

Hubby will not put a dish in the dishfairy or throw away an empty drink bottle to save his life!!! His mother is and always has been a "white glove" housekeeper...wonder what the heck happened??? Now, if I'm gone for a day or more, they will both clean up and I come home to a spotless house. Wonder what that's about???
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I feel like I should clarify on my messy home It's cluttered but not dirty. I used to try to keep up on the clutter but it's always back in a day so I gave up. But the dishes are clean and laundry's (almost always) done, and there's no critters making their home here (except dust bunnies under the furniture, but I hope those don't count).

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Instepping Out
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I voted "yes" though my house is not as clean as I'd like it to be.........I have definite Monk-like tendencies and I tend to go a little crazy altogether when my house is a mess, as it has been since mom moved in and we're getting rid of all our excesses!
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I like clean, neat and organized - tho my studio has a few stacks of music on the floor right now. I grew up with clutter everywhere and don't want to live in surroundings like that because it makes me feel unsettled and irritable.

It does help that my DH is a neatnick and he does a lot of the housekeeping and cleaning right along with me. He dusts and I do batherooms. He vaccuums and I wash floors. He washes dishes and I cook. We both do laundry. We have found a good good balance.

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My 2 bedroom duplex is way too small for myself and my 2 teenagers (my DD lives here part time after she graduated) I would love to have a clean house, but between the size of my house, having a teenage son, working full time and going to school now I can never have it the way I would like it. Drives me crazy though!!!!

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