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My house is a total wreck and I hate it but I'm so not a clean freak. I have 600 square feet and just can't keep it neat or clean. You just shift things around all the time. I do have a couple of weird cleaning things, though. I never use a mop head twice, never flush with the lid up, and throw away the dish-washing sponge after a couple of uses. That is the full extent of any germ-freakness for me. I think germs are good for you--strengthen your immune system.

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Originally Posted by SBG View Post
My house is very cluttered, but it drives me crazy. Yet I can't keep it picked up. Did I mention I have 2 small children? I'm not a neat freak though
Mine is the same way even though there are no children anymore. However, we do have 3 dogs and a bird. I haven't been able to train my dogs to put their toys away, LOL. In any case, when I see the homes of pet hoarders on Animal cops, I feel like my house isn't so bad...might even be considered immaculate. I only insist that my kitchen sink, stove, and bathroom fixtures be clean.
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My house is messy (cluttered) but not dirty. No dirty dishes moldering away -- except for that time dd put her sippy cup of milk behind the tv. Ewww.

I am terrible about vacuuming or sweeping under things, like the beds and bureaus, behind things like the wall unit and bureaus. Something that I should do more often but don't (not longer than a week, usually) is around the bottom of the toilet. I hate doing that and put it off as long as possible. That and windows. I'll do the inside but not the outside, so they always look dirty. I live on the second floor, and I can't get the windows out, so not much choice there.
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My room is a mess, not dirty just too much stuff all over the place. I have accumulated 20 years worth of junk that I need to find the motivation to sort through, I do sort through it periodically but I still don't have enough room to get it all in my wardrobe/drawers/bookshelf/etc. I am also at University so spend half my time living away from home, I buy new things when I'm at home and new things when I'm at Uni and then when it comes time to move everything back home for the holidays I can't get it all in my room. I literally have enough stuff to fill two bedrooms (mainly clothes and shoes)! I do intend to go through and throw out anything I haven't used in the last six months, just as soon as I have recovered from last semester.
As for the rest of the house...well at Uni we like to keep it relatively tidy, I live in a house with 3 other girls. I'm not bothered about my room because it's my own personal space and I can put up with the mess (unless someone is coming to visit!). But with the rest of the house other people have to live there too so I try to make sure the mess doesn't spread too much - my mom would probably refute that comment but I'm not as bad as my brother, or my dad for that matter!
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I am far from a neat freak and clutter doesn't bother me. Until I absoluetly can't find something I know I just set down. Then I have to straighten up...
Dirt on the other hand, can't stand dirt.

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I care a great deal about a messy house or room. If it isn't messy it just sucks.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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My house is in a constant state of messy (cluttered and dusty) tho' not filthy. I'm a very disorganized person and would rather do anything but clean most of the time.

A big hairy chow, a german shepherd that makes the chow look small, and a big bright orange cat contribute HUGE amount of shed hair...seriously, in just a few days time so much of it gathers on the wood floors that you would think I had been brushing them out and leaving the hair.

I could really spend more time cleaning.....but I'd much rather be here talking to y'all or knitting.
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I live in the country with dogs, horses and a packrat husband. I'm sort in inbetween on cleaning.
I hate clutter, My dream is to be able to vacuum without having to pick up or move anything. I have limited furniture because hubby sees it as someplace to put something down.
I'm not willing to put in enough time to have an immaculate house, but my kitchen and bathrooms are clean and depending on the time of year my floors are more or less clean.
Did you know that short haired dogs shed year round? I have black dustbunnies sometimes from my 2 lab crosses.
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Originally Posted by CountryKitty View Post
My house is in a constant state of messy (cluttered and dusty) tho' not filthy. I'm a very disorganized person and would rather do anything but clean most of the time.

I could really spend more time cleaning.....but I'd much rather be here talking to y'all or knitting.
I have spent tons of money on therapy to make myself "healthy" enough to be capable of keeping my home clean and organized. Now I spend about half that on a woman who comes in and cleans for 2 hours a week, and gives me a To Do list when she leaves
Honestly, I believe that does a lot more for my mental health. I have yet to do my budget and say I cannot afford food, let me cancel her this week. I have skipped dinners out, even a nice skein of yarn, but not Tran.

Now, my house is still cluttered, but the clutter is reducing, I make semi regular trips to good will, and the pet shelter (with cat carriers, or toys, or blankets, or torn towels) and i look for fund-raising auctions to donate things to
I have purged almost 100 DVDs, and a few religion books, and a couple knitting books I have no more interest in.
I am way more on top of the kids and their chores. I am also more conscious of how much they DO do, and make sure to not pile on more than they can do. However, I M also better about following up if they blow something off (like my daughter and the lawn today).
at its worst, my house has met the level of chaos, and almost bad enough to qualify for DHS intervention (however, I was one of the few people a friend of mine called to come in and help when DHS was called on her about her house [oh, there goes the lawn - mower] Seems I am one of the best "slash and burn" cleaners she knows

more than you wanted to know?
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