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Getting it off my chest
I usually don't share personal things, especially the bad personal things but I've had all I can take and I need to vent a little, I guess.

It all started in January. Our one and only car decided to stop working, luckily hubbie's mom had a car she wasn't using and my dad hauls car across country so he was able to pick it up and bring it to us. We borrowed money from my parents to get insurance and get it registered in this state.

In March, Hubbie's work decided they needed to do some downsizing to save money and so they let several people go, one of which was the hubster. The next month on his way to a job interview a blood clot in his leg broke loose and traveled to his lungs. He's fine now but it resulted in a long hospital stay and a lot of recovery time during which he couldn't continue to look for work. I blogged about the health issues, if you wanna look on my blog.

2 weeks ago he got a very promising job lead, had a phone interview and then a face to face interview where he found out he was the top candidate for the job. The man said he'd call us on the 23 or 24th to let us know if he got the job or not. We got a call today saying the man in charge had a family emergency and would be out of the office all this week so they'd call and let us know something next Monday.

We're out of money, our bills are behind, our rent is behind, and this man had to go on vacation for a week? I know that's selfish, he had some sort of family crisis that needed his attention, but I'm having a family crisis too! It's so extremely hard to wait to hear and to then find out that we have to wait another week to even see if he has the job!! Argh!

I know lots of people are having financial and medical problems right now but I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep us in your thoughts or say a little prayer, light a candle, or whatever it is you do.

I fell a little better having gotten it off my chest. Thanks for "listening"

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Oh wow what hard time you have been lately. thank goodness your husband is ok now. Please vent all you want. sometimes it's the only way to make yourself feel better. I will keep you in my thoughts. Good luck on the job. Please update us.
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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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What a lot to deal with at once...I'm so sorry you are going through all that. When it rains, it pours sometimes, doesn't it?

I've had similar times when it seems that all the news coming in is negative and it sure wears a person down. When that happens, all I want to do is cry and throw things...and sometimes I do! :-) But eventually, I can start to see a golden lining or at least see my way through the tough times. It sure is hard sometimes, though. I tend to feel alone and like no one has ever experienced what I am going through...which is totally silly, of course.

Is there anyone that can help you with maybe a little loan or something to tide you over? Sometimes it is so hard to ask for help, but hey, we all need a hand now and then and there is no shame in asking. It takes a brave person to admit they need some help. Or maybe you have some things you've been meaning to get rid of that you could sell to get some money? Just thinking out loud here.

In the meantime, my best advice to you is to keep your chin up - think of the little things in life that are still okay and that you still feel blessed about - sometimes that can make all the difference.

I will certainly pray for you and your husband...for prosperous, happy, peaceful times to return and stay. Big hugs to you...
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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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So much love and hugs for you.

Im sorry to hear about your troubles. Waiting can be so hard especially when youa re in such a tough situation. I have my fingers crossed that next monday will bring good news.

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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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I'm so sorry you're going through all that I can totally relate to the situation (minus the blood clot). I know what you mean about feeling selfish about the time off from the prospective employer, my hubby had gone through the same thing...He applied for a job, interviewed, they were really interested and were supposed to call back in a week, then, BOTH guys in charge had family emergencies so we waited on that, and, in the end, they never called back.

He finally got another job, but, the pay still isn't what we need. We're too all out of money, behind on all but 2 bills (house payment and 2nd mortgage), and, we don't know what we're going to do about gas so hubby can get to work the rest of the week.

I don't say this to try to compare, but, hopefully it is somewhat, somehow, sort of a relief knowing that it's NOT you guys and NOT your fault. The whole economy is such a wreck right now it's absolutely ridiculous. We were better off even only 3 years ago than we are now, it's crazy. You'd think, over time, a situation would improve, pay would increase, etc. and it's just incredible it doesn't necessarily work out that way.

I don't know that my point of view is the best, but, I've learned to just stop worrying about it. I spent so much of my time worried that I literally made myself sick. I suffered from panic attacks, stomach pains, sleeplessness, etc. then, one day, I just quit once excellent credit is now horrible and I don't care! Well, I do "care" but I just don't worry anymore. It's so much easier for me to get through my days if I just put it out of my mind. As long as I have food for my kids, a roof over our heads, and enough gas in the car for hubby to get to work and back, I say F the

I'm truly hoping things work out for you soon, I swear, I know, so many of us know how incredibly difficult it is right now and it just doesn't seem fair. You'll definitely be in my thoughts and I'm hoping for the best for you!
--The member formerly known as Demonica

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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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Wanda Witch
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You certainly have been handed a huge load. And, as Knit4Fun wrote it never rains but what it pours. I think all of us here who read about this current crisis you are experiencing will keep you and your husband in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully, next Monday will bring good news.
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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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So sorry about all the bad luck. I'll be saying a little prayer for you as soon as I finish typing, I promise! I hope things get better!
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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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Sorry to hear about all the problems. It does seem when you're there that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. When hubby and I went through similar tough times we found the way to survive being behind in the bills was to contact creditors and talk to them. We were able to work out reduced payments temporarily until we could find an income source.
It also brought us closer together as we scrambled to find anyway to make a buck.
I wish you all the best in coming throught these hard times a stronger couple.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."--Margaret Mead
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Eccie (06-25-2008)
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And lots of prayers...been there and know how you feel.
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