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It's such a short letter that it's hard to decipher what the person meant. I'm sure she didn't want to ask if it was rude to knit or crochet while alone in public, but rather while with others.

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Working the Gusset
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I used to knit at work to purposely avoid certain co-workers (likely the reason my boss let me do it!)

I could hear them and participate fine, I just chose to let them believe I was concentraiting. *smiles* It also allowed me to keep my eyes buried deep in my knitting rather than them having to make eye contact. Although I know I can knit stocking st endlessly without looking at it...they didn't know that!

So I guess that was the opposite of what you wanted to that scenario, I was knitting purposely to be rude....(if you knew these two - out of four - co workers, you wouldn't dissagree) **I would also like to qualify that with I had to sit 8+ hours no more than 2-3 ft away from them, it wasn't a walk around and avoid situation...**

I would say as long as the meeting or situation warrented it...I mean, a work board meeting...yes rude, a social gathering with friends who knit, not rude. Could it be portrayed as rude with non knitters? Perhaps....but more likely only with ppl that need constant eyecontact, or don't understand that you can listen and knit at the same time...

To that end, I would only have a mindless project on me at the time, even when I was trying to be rude, my projects were always very simple....(socks for the most part)
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I think it totally depends on the situation. If you can make eye contact while knitting, then go for it. Part of having a conversation is eye contact and if you're looking at something else, you're not participating to the full extent. If it's a big huge meeting that you don't care about all of the other things there (you know the type where you want to listen to Person D talk, but not A, B, & C, but you have to sit through them anyway!) why not? You're not disrupting them. If you're loud and clicking in a perfectly silent room, maybe. If others find you distracting, what the heck are they looking at? Why are they watching you and not the person they are supposed to be. It's their own darn fault!


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Wanda Witch
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I am not certain it would be 'rude' but rather inconsiderate. As a few of you have stated: there is a time and a place for everything. I mean, one would not manicure their nails, look at photos in a magazine, etc., during a social or business gathering. I envy those of you who can knit without looking at the work but am wondering how many can. People who don't knit would not understand you can talk and listen and still not look at them. We are strange creatures sometimes.
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I think that if the reason you are going to a meeting or social gathering is to listen to a speaker or participate in a discussion then it would be just as rude and talking on the phone or texting.. but I think if it's a casual gathering where people are mingling, swimming, playing games, and other various activities - it would be fine. If I go to a WW mtg or to a medical assisting conference, I do not knit during those meetings. But if I go to a lawn party where there are various activites and the party doesn't require everyone's personal attention, then I think knitting is fine. I think it just depends on the situation. It's the same with cellphone ettiquete.
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Jan in CA
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I have to agree with what many others said. It depends.

If it's a serious meeting where people have out their notebooks, are supposed to be looking at a presentation or interacting with with others then it's inappropriate. If it's one of those casual meetings where you are mostly just listening then I don't see a problem. I think one should always ask the head/boss in the situation of they mind first, too.

As for casual gatherings of friends let the situation and friends be the guide. You can probably help them feel more comfortable with your knitting if you do talk and respond appropriately so they know you're listening and can knit and keep up at the same time.

And always, always keep the project simple so you don't have to stop and count 300 stitches at intervals.

ETA: Texting, playing games on the cell phone, or chatting is entirely different. Those require your brain to be elsewhere. Most of us can listen and knit. If you haven't reached that point then you probably shouldn't.

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Instepping Out
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I TOTALLY agree that it depends on the situation and your knitting. I usually have at least two projects OTN. One is mindless, no-looking knitting. That's my take-along project for appropriate places. My at-home knitting is usually more complicated.

Situations differ, too. I went to a conference DH was hosting. I asked the keynote speaker if he minded if we knit during his sessions and he was all for it. In fact, he said he doodles, and he didn't see a difference. I have no problems knitting during a concert if I am not visible by the performers and not distracting anyone--including those around me. If I'm with my family, I sit in the middle, and if not, I'll ask the person I'm seated next to if they're okay with it. No one has ever objected.
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Working the Gusset
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Knitting in a public place is definately not rude but I can see where folks would think it is at a gathering where you are expected to mingle or talk or pay attention to something. I love the St. Louis Knitters Guild meetings! Everyone is knitting while we listen to our speakers. AWESOME!!!

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Knitting the Flap
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I agree with the others - it depends entirely on the situation. I wouldn't knit during a church service, a wedding, formal meeting, etc. However I knit at family get togethers all the time. I take an easy project and continue to participate in the conversation. People are actually suprised when I don't knit at such events.
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I KIP quite often, at conferences and meetings, and have gotten nothing but positive comments.

As others have said it is highly situational. For me, having busy hands frees my mind to focus on the discussion or lecture.

That being said, I stick to simple patterns that don't require counting, use my Harmonies (so no clack, clack) and always maintain eye contact with the speaker.
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