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While I would never knit at a work meeting, funeral, wedding.... I do knit at just about all other gatherings. If we have a cookout at the house and sit down to watch a movie - I knit, if we are at the river and everyone sits down in lawn chairs to have a beer - I knit, if we are at someones house for Thanksgiving or Christmas and everyone adjorns the table for the TV - I knit. I still manage to participate in conversation and will put it down if someone talks to me. I find that in more situations people will ask what I'm knitting and share their own stories about knitted items etc.
The hubby is a non-knitter so he doesn't hesitate to tell me if he thinks I should leave the knitting in the car.
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Well, I definitely think it depends, but personally I think it's important to realize that communication is not only about YOU. Some people will be uncomfortable to communicate with someone who is knitting, and we have to respect that, in my opinion. Personally when I feel someone is busy doing something while I talk to them, I just stop talking. In fact, I hate that! The person might "listen" or "be focused", but my perception is that this person isn't listening to me. Whether it's true or not doesn't really change anything - I might interpret it as rude, even if it's not what the person intends.

So unless I know for a fact that nobody mind me knitting in a gathering, it's not something I will do. And I agree there is a place/time for everything, even if I'd love to be able to knit instead of work!
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We go to a weekly Bible study, or 'Small Group' in a private home. No one minds that I knit, because I participate fully.

To me, this is kind of like the breast feeding issue, which I thought had been put to rest years ago, but no. If it feels right for you to knit in public (or breast feed your baby, modestly) than by all means, IMO, do it.
Guess you just have to choose your venue wisely.

"All good things and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights who cannot change."
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Gota agree with everyone else (just about everyone i think) that it depends totally on the situation you are in.

i know it drives my da mad that i knit whilst talking to him so i deliberatly do it, and even say hang on a sec even though i dont need to . but thats to get my own back on him hehe.

I wouldnt knit in a work inviroment as i do think thats bad manners, but i think lunch break in the caffee is just fine. if people dont like it then tough, its YOUR time not theirs, but hey im getting stroppy in my old age hehe
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Agree, agree, agree!
I think that there is, indeed, a time and place for everything. I am lucky enough that, although I do work full-time, I am part of a virtual team, so all of our meetings are by telephone and/or document sharing applications. I have one 60-90 minute meeting each week in which I need to participate (speak/respond) for about 3-4 minutes. I generally knit during the rest of the meeting, because if I try to actually do work, I lose track of the conversation. If I knit, I hear and understand what's going on. Now, I would certainly hesitate to bring the knitting into an in-person meeting, conference or training, no doubt. But I really mean I would hesitate - it depends on the situation...

I do knit when the family eats out, but I also participate in the conversation (if there is one) or comment about the sports news being watched on the big screen, etc. I would *not* knit at a religious function, be it services or study. I might knit at a homeowner's association meeting, though, because I really can listen and knit. And I *might* tuck a simple, small project into my purse when off to a wedding or something similar, but judge whether it's "ok" to knit once the reception starts. Most of the weddings in my area are "cake & punch" receptions or perhaps "finger foods & punch", so generally pretty casual, but I'd still have to know the people around me *really* well to have the nerve to bring the needles out.

But that's about the only time I can think of that I wouldn't... oh, and I wouldn't knit anytime I'm in the dark, like at a movie, play or concert, just because I am night-blind and wouldn't be able to see my stitches at all.
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Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
While I would never knit at a work meeting, funeral, wedding....
hahahaha, my first thought when I read this post was that the only place I would not knit is a wedding or funeral. I DO knit during work staff meetings and no one complains. I knit just about everywhere else as well.

I am involved in several community organizations, Fire Company, Ambulance Squad, Search and Rescue Team, Community Hall etc. Each one has a monthly meeting and I take my knitting to every meeting. I don't think people would know what to think if I showed up empty handed. I think the key is CAN YOU KNIT AND PAY ATTENTION. I only knit things that I can do without alot of effort and I always pay close attention, making eye contact with the speaker, speaking when appropriate and participating in discussions.

I take knitting to social events, picnics , dinners, in restaurants, at the movies etc but as I stated above I make sure that I am social and pay attention to those around me. I think there is a huge difference in burying yourself in your knitting to avoid those around you and knitting just to keep your hands busy while still paying attention to what is going on around you. I take small projects and don't draw attention to what I am doing. Usually a small item tucked in a project bag, I don't haul my big knitting bag overflowing with a yarn and tools around.

A lady in my knitting class said she takes her knitting to church.......... I'm on ambulance duty every Sunday so haven't been to church in awhile but I think I might hesitate to do that.

As far as I am concerned it is far less rude to sit and knit than to carry a cell phone and answer it ever time it rings!!
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Ginny, don't even get me going on cell phones! A year ago April I was rear ended by a teenie with a cell phone to her ear.

Yesterday, it almost happened again, only this time I was on foot. This woman was smoking and holding a cell phone to her ear. Try holding a steering wheel straight while doing that, she came up really close to the curb just as I was stepping off, with the light.

Once again, I think you just have to choose the right place to knit or crochet,but you should never be talking on a cell and driving.

"All good things and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights who cannot change."
James 1:17
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This summer while driving to SC I saw a man, old enough to KNOW BETTER, driving down 81 going AT LEAST 70 miles an hour holding a cup of coffee in one hand, a cell phone in the other, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and using his elbows to hold the steering wheel!!
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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
Ginny, don't even get me going on cell phones!
Hear hear!

I recently worked in a box office...(for 10 long years) and the pic below was taken on the last day....

I can't tell you how many times I had ppl at my window on cellphones.

To a certain degree, it was preferable to have someone deal with someone quickly on the phone, rather than have them come back several times trying to exchange tix, but we got along without them fine in the past....come with a few "for sure good" dates, and then pick the best of them!

I actually had someone come up to me on the phone, and talk for the ENTIRE transaction!...The whole thing...I wish I had the guts to just get up and walk away when ppl did that...

And the only ppl that noticed the sign...were those who wouldn't dream of using a cell phone at the window!
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I knit when I got to a girlfriends house to visit. I don't take difficult knitting, just something simple that I don't have to concentrate on. Family gatherings, I think it's ok, though my mom was angry at me because she felt I didn't give her my utmost attention. (Long story)
I DO maintain eye contact, will put down the knitting and give more than a 110% concentration when warranted.
To knit in meetings, concerts that are formal, things like that, no. I would not.
OTN: Not a thing. I'm supposed to be studying.....

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